Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Ferret’s Nightly Ritual So She Caught THIS Unexpected Surprise!

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Ferrets like to sleep. A lot. They often nap for a good 14-20 hours each day and a few spend even more time than that nestled up in bed. They can go from running around playing one minute to passed out cold the next. Sometimes they sleep so soundly that they appear lifeless and dead. You can pick one up, gently shake it, and the disturbance won’t even wake it up.

Their impressive need for beauty sleep is what makes this video easy to understand. An adorable ferret was feeling really sleepy and found the perfect spot to doze off in; wedged up between his owner’s legs. It was there that he fell into a zen-like sleep trance, slightly tiled back and upright on his furry back paws.

He was so out of it that he didn’t stir a bit when his owner gently grasped his front paws, they just fell limply to his sides. As the seconds tick the little guy slowly starts to sink and slide downwards off his warm comfy lap-bed, before suddenly toppling over! His fall from grace was performed in the most adorable and dramatic fashion.

He appears to have seized up his arms right before falling, which makes it look like he was about to take a bow or something. It’s too stinkin’ cute! According to Yulia S, the ferrets owner who originally posted the clip on YouTube, the sleepy critter’s name is Stivinson. She wrote that he was worn out after playing with a fellow ferret friend and ended up passing out in her arms.

She added that “he is absolutely healthy and [this] did not threaten his health.” It’s clear to see how much love and adoration Yulia has for little Stivinson, and he certainly looked happy, healthy, and well taken care of. If you want to make yourself laugh and smile, check out his bedtime antics and enjoy!

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