Human Tells His Dog It’s Time To Leave The Park. Husky Refuses and Throws a Hysterical Tantrum.

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For many of our canine friends, the dog park is a place filled with fun and excitement. They are happening spots where lots of different dogs from all over the place come together to play, run around, and do whatever else it is that dogs love to do!

While many dogs eventually get tuckered out and are ready to go home after awhile, some just can’t seem to get enough playtime in at the park. The latter is exactly how this adorable Husky feels every single time he visits the dog park, which according to his owner is daily.

The handsome boy is big and energetic so he has a lot of steam to run off. It seems that no matter how long his stay at the fun park lasts, it’s always way too short for his wants and needs. Instead of being a good doggy who listens obediently whenever his mom tells him to come and that it’s time to go, he responds by throwing a temper tantrum! The disappointed Husky stands solidly in one place and just whines and moans. He cries out in anguish over the prospect of having to leave the park and it even sounds like he’s saying “nooooooo” over and over again.

After about a minute or so of crying aloud a few other dogs and people come over to where the distressed Husky is. One woman can be heard offering him a treat and that is what finally gets him moving along. This is a perfect example of classic dog behavior, aka not budging until a tasty treat is thrown their way!

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