THIS Pup Is Terrified To Walk Into His Dad’s Room. The Solution He Comes Up With Is Unexpectedly HILARIOUS!

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Dog’s personalities are as varied as those of human beings. Certain characteristics are innate to particular breeds, just as human beings are born with certain predispositions. It’s the old nature-nurture combination that makes for the complexity of our dog’s behaviors. You might choose a particular breed because they are known to be good guard dogs…but your particular pal may have other ideas.

We all know that not all dogs are brave, and some have some quirky fears, as you will see in this adorable footage of this pooch, below. Maybe something happened that traumatized this dog when he had to cross through a doorway? This seemingly irrational ‘fear of doorways’ is not uncommon in rescue dogs, according to “All Experts”.

Though they are now in a safe environment, they continue to display this phobic behavior. The pup in the footage you are about to watch, has come up with a really adorable way of coping with his fear…it will make you go Awwwww!

Watch the video below and turn your frown upside down!

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Human Wakes Her Tired Dog Up To Go For A Walk. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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If you’re not a morning person then you probably really hate having to wake up. Many of us find it very difficult to get up out of our nice, warm, soft, cozy beds and would prefer to lay in them for as long as we wish to. While having to get up for work or school is bad enough, the last thing in the world that non-morning people want to do after stumbling out of bed is take a walk.

These types of feelings are not limited to just people, quite a few of our pet animals feel the same way. One dog in particular, a seven year old Siberian Husky named Zeus, also really loathes the prospect of being rudely awakened to go on a morning walk. His reaction in the accompanying video says it all.

Zeus’s adorable temper tantrum is his way of telling his owner to leave him alone! He whines and howls up an endless storm of protest and barely stops to take in a breathe of fresh air. Zeus is an expert at throwing sass back at his owners in order to get his way. In another one of his videos which went viral prior to this one he can be seen laying in the bath tub on his side while whining and crying. However, he’s not really throwing a tantrum in the tub, he’s just begging to take a bath!

Zeus is definitely not a normal dog! He appears to either love doing the things that most dogs hate, i.e. bathing, or he hates doing the things that most dogs love, like going for walks. Even when his little brother Kaden, the German Shepherd, barks at him and tries to get him up, he doesn’t budge. He’s making one thing abundantly clear, he’s definitely not in the mood for brisk morning exercise and just wants to lay on his bed!

All of the anti-morning people out there can sympathize with him on this one so check him out for a good laugh!

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THIS Couple Went For A Morning Walk They Had No Idea THIS One Text Would Change Everything!

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On a beautiful sunny morning in March, Leslee and David Henson of St. George, Utah, decided to take a walk together.  Parents of three children and twelve grandchildren, they had moved to this lovely neighborhood to enjoy as much time with their expanding family as they could.

They had no way of knowing that their walk would change their lives forever, as a driver’s distraction would result in tragedy.  In the video below you will hear Leslee share what happened, in the hopes that her story will finally be the wake-up call about the destruction caused by texting while driving.

Carla Brennan, 52, was late for work that morning.  She didn’t wake up with the intention of hurting someone…just in a rush, she was speeding and texting.  She rear-ended another vehicle which hit the Hensons; David, 57, died on the way to the hospital, and Leslee suffered multiple fractures to her neck and lower back, as well as other injuries requiring 5,000 stitches.

Shockingly, Brennan only received a 240 day jail sentence with a plea deal.  Her car was unregistered and uninsured, and she was driving 20 miles over the speed limit when she crashed. ABC 4 UTAH reported the Henson’s daughter, Haley’s, anguished recall; because a woman had to text that she was late to work, she lost her father and her children their grandpa.

In order to raise awareness, and to help ease the overwhelming pain over the tragedy that befell her family, Haley founded “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks.”  Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the Henson family, the state laws of Utah were changed in 2014, strictly prohibiting texting while driving.

Despite the fact that so many states have these strict laws, texting while driving still persists.  Watching Leslee’s story in the footage below, provides more information that brings home the consequences of distracted driving.

The Henson’s are one out of thousands and thousands of families whose lives are ruined, because people still believe nothing will happen if they look away from the road for a moment.

Help spread their story and stop tragedies like this happening in the future.

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described This Gorilla’s Afternoon Ritual. So They Caught THIS

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I have always been fascinated by apes of all kinds. As they are our evolutionary cousins, watching their behavior and intelligence is particularly intriguing. Gorillas share 95% of our DNA; that fact and their enormity make them so captivating. They are beautiful and amazing creatures that should always be protected.

The video you are about to watch below, shows Amba the gorilla, who resides at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, in Kent, UK. Today he is 24 years old and weighs 485 pounds. The footage reveals very unusual behavior because most gorillas never walk like this. The video is quite a rare sight that has rarely been witnessed before.

One does not expect to see a Western lowland gorilla, like Amba, walking like a human! Normally they navigate on all fours, but it seems Ambam had modeled the behavior of the humans around him, and achieved perfect balance on his hind quarters. His posture and swagger took my breath away, as it was so like a muscular human male’s.

His remarkable achievement stirred debate and further study of how man evolved to walk on two legs.

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Woman Takes A Morning Walk With Her 2 Pups. But She Never Expected THESE Surprise Visitors To Join!

Ahhh the tranquility of country life…a quiet morning walk on the farm with your two dogs and sunshine warming your back.  Sound good?  City life offers excitement and culture, while country living allows human beings a chance for quiet and serenity.

Sure there are benefits to both environments, but watching this unexpected moment caught on the video you are about to watch below, gives you a glimpse of rural charm.  As you will see in this surprising footage, country life is anything but lonely!

On a morning walk with her two dogs, you can imagine this woman is lost in thought as sheenjoys the fresh air and companionship of her “best friends”.  What she doesn’t realize is she is being watched by others, who are not about to be left out!  Be sure to watch this hilarious video to the end…you’ve heard of the “Pied Piper’?  This may inspire you to get away from it all in a different way, the next time you plan a vacation.

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This Pup Steps Into His Human’s Pair Of Crocs. His Next Move Is HILARIOUS!

With so much happening in our world and in our lives each day that is painful, you sometimes just need a moment of lightness, silliness, a giggle… The dog in this video you are about to watch, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We all love our dogs, regardless of the fact that they can be a mess, get into mischief and cause us to lose our patience.  Regardless, the love we feel and get from them is indescribable.  Some dogs need outerwear in the cold, and city dogs need footwear to protect their paws from salt on sidewalks.

Most dogs hate being put into clothing and footwear; it is just an unnatural state for them. But not Watson!  This adorable boxer has a thing for people shoes, and I don’t mean chewing on them.

This hilarious footage, posted by his owner Enid Lemley, shows him walking in Crocs with a clunky stride that cracked me up!  Apparently this talent isn’t limited to Crocs, he can do it with work boot too!

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