If You Have a Pair of Crocs You Should Toss Them In The Trash Now But Not Because They Are Ugly!

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Here we are in the heat of summer in many parts of the world, trying to stay cool and comfortable.  As we navigate the imposing heat outside we not only wear more breathable clothes, but our footwear needs to allow our feet to breathe.  Sandals have been the answer for hundreds, if not thousands of years…but they have evolved in modern times.

“Flip flops” have been around for many years, as well as the infamous “Crocs” that became the summer “go-to” more recently.  For quite some time, the medical profession has warned about the dangers of flip flops, for the very reason people love them…ease of putting them on and slipping them off.  They have now issued a serious safety warning about wearing Crocs as well, as an all day replacement for shoes.

When Crocs were introduced to the public, the company promoted them as not only comfortable, but actually possessing benefits for the feet that were therapeutic.  They made these claims without any research to back them up.  The problem lies in wearing these footwear all day, according to podiatrist Dr. Tom Beasley, because without containing a shank they provide no support for the foot.

For children, who are still growing, the instability of Crocs can cause bone deformities and splayed feet.  As children grow, so do their bones and tendons in their feet, requiring footwear that is supportive.

As you will hear in the VIDEO you are about to watch below,  Crocs can pose the safety hazard of getting caught on ESCALATORS, causing serious injuries.  There have been multiple reports of such injuries, resulting in law suits against the Crocs company.  Unstable shoes like Crocs and flip flops have been known to get caught on gas pedals and brakes in cars as well, resulting in automobile accidents.

After watching the footage below, let us know what you think about wearing this footwear out in the world.

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This Pup Steps Into His Human’s Pair Of Crocs. His Next Move Is HILARIOUS!

With so much happening in our world and in our lives each day that is painful, you sometimes just need a moment of lightness, silliness, a giggle… The dog in this video you are about to watch, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We all love our dogs, regardless of the fact that they can be a mess, get into mischief and cause us to lose our patience.  Regardless, the love we feel and get from them is indescribable.  Some dogs need outerwear in the cold, and city dogs need footwear to protect their paws from salt on sidewalks.

Most dogs hate being put into clothing and footwear; it is just an unnatural state for them. But not Watson!  This adorable boxer has a thing for people shoes, and I don’t mean chewing on them.

This hilarious footage, posted by his owner Enid Lemley, shows him walking in Crocs with a clunky stride that cracked me up!  Apparently this talent isn’t limited to Crocs, he can do it with work boot too!

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