Koko The Gorilla Has An Alarming Message For Humanity! This Gave Me Chills..

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Koko, the world famous western lowland gorilla, is weighing in on the state of Mother Earth in a message for all of humanity. In the heartbreaking clip she uses sign language to communicate her thoughts and feelings on climate change and mankind’s harmful effect on biodiversity and the environment.

The sixty second video starts off with her signing “I am gorilla… I am flowers, animals… I am Nature. Man Koko love. Earth Koko love. She continues on, changing her tone from one of love to one of urgency saying, “But man stupid… stupid! Koko sorry… Koko cry.  Time hurry! Fix Earth! Help Earth! Hurry… Protect Earth… Nature see you. Thank you.”

Koko, who is now 44 years old, has been learning sign language since the age of one. She is said to be able to understand over 1,000 signs of what her trainer, Francine Patterson, calls Gorilla Sign Language (GSL).

In addition, she was simultaneously introduced to spoken English at an early age and understands about 2,000 English words because of this. To truly understand Koko’s message, you have to know the backstory to this video and that it was scripted in part by both The Gorilla Foundation and NOE Conservation.

The French conservation association is primarily focused on preserving biodiversity, while the foundation supports Koko and is where she has lived for many, many years. They worked together to help promote and increase awareness of their message of conservation ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) that was held in Paris this past November 30 – December 12.

Her iconic status and extremely rare ability to communicate directly with people is why Koko was chosen by the two groups to act as an ambassador on behalf of endangered species everywhere. She was told about the events and informed of the issues surrounding the Paris discussions and then her reaction to it was captured.

According to a spokesman for The Gorilla Foundation, “We presented her with a script drafted by NOE and allowed her to improvise during a series of brief daily video discussion sessions. The result was edited from a number of separate takes, for brevity and continuity.”

In the end, it offers an eye-opening, powerfully symbolic take on all of the damage to the environment and the harmful effects that man has inflicted on the planet. Take a moment to listen and check it out.

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described This Gorilla’s Afternoon Ritual. So They Caught THIS

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I have always been fascinated by apes of all kinds. As they are our evolutionary cousins, watching their behavior and intelligence is particularly intriguing. Gorillas share 95% of our DNA; that fact and their enormity make them so captivating. They are beautiful and amazing creatures that should always be protected.

The video you are about to watch below, shows Amba the gorilla, who resides at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, in Kent, UK. Today he is 24 years old and weighs 485 pounds. The footage reveals very unusual behavior because most gorillas never walk like this. The video is quite a rare sight that has rarely been witnessed before.

One does not expect to see a Western lowland gorilla, like Amba, walking like a human! Normally they navigate on all fours, but it seems Ambam had modeled the behavior of the humans around him, and achieved perfect balance on his hind quarters. His posture and swagger took my breath away, as it was so like a muscular human male’s.

His remarkable achievement stirred debate and further study of how man evolved to walk on two legs.

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A Gorilla Sneaks Up Behind This Pup. How The Dog Reacts Is Hysterical.

Lots of dogs absolutely love playing and cuddling up with stuffed animals and little Maymo happens to be one of them. The sweet lemon beagle was gifted a large stuffed animal gorilla by his owners and it was game over the minute he laid his cute puppy eyes on it.

As the video shows, Maymo was relaxing on the couch lost in thought when the plushy gorilla first came into his life. The giant black furry animal suddenly peeked around the corner and drew the dog’s attention to it. His tail wagging quickly back and forth, Maymo immediately jumped up to sniff out his new best friend and give it sloppy dog kisses, it’s the cutest thing ever!

One thing leads to another and we get to watch as the friendly beagle courts the object of his affections. For their first date the dynamic duo sit down to a thoughtful, romantic meal of freshly prepared bananas accompanied by a refreshing white wine. The dinner must have gone well because the next thing we see is Maymo out with his gorilla friend at the park enjoying a nice relaxing walk together. They end up back at his place and not wanting the date to ever end, he challenges the primate to a long game of Scrabble.

Soon afterwards the unlikely pair are spending all of their free time together. They do everything from watching movies and napping to cuddling up and grooming one another. Things move super fast and before they know it they’re living together! You can just feel the love they share and their storybook romance comes to a head with the two furry soulmates celebrating their undying love by tying the knot. This is one love story that’s truly a timeless classic!

You may be familiar with the star of the clip because Maymo is a very popular dog who brings happiness to millions of people across the world. His clever and endearing antics are shared on his Maymo YouTube channel and after viewing several videos it’s easy to see why so many people love him. He’s always up to something and no matter what he does, whether it’s chowing down on carrots or fleeing in fear of Richard Simmons, he manages to be hilarious, adorable, and cute all at once! Check him out here and now and watch his love story unfold right before your eyes!

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THIS Little Girl Tries To Pet The Gorilla. Moments Later The Unexpected Tore My Heart Up!

For the past fifteen years The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild. The gorillas are brought to the foundation’s million acre reserves in West Africa from England’s Howletts Wild Animal Park. There they are set free back into the wild jungles so they have a chance to live out their lives as nature intended. In the following video conservationist Damien Aspinall, and his daughter Tansy, set out on a trip to Gabon to find two old friends, gorillas Djalta and Bimms.

The Aspinall family had grown up with the young gorillas, and helped raise them back in England, up until they were released back into the wild in 2003. It has been 12 years since Tansy has seen them, and 3 or 4 since Damian last visited, and they’ve traveled half way around the world to find them.

They traveled the easiest way possible, down a river that cut through the jungle for a few hours, calling out for Djalta and Bimms along the way. Suddenly two figures appeared at the edge of the river, looking full grown and healthy as ever, the gorillas had heard Damian’s calls.

At first he was a little apprehensive to approach them, but once they let out deep, rumbling, gurgle sounds, he knew he had nothing to worry about. The “sweet noises” signified the love the gorillas still had for their old friend, even though they were home free in the wild, they hadn’t forgotten the man who helped get them there.

The gorillas and man sat close together, looking into each others eyes, silently sharing a moment and appreciating all that they’d experienced together. One pulled Damian in for a hug and soon after he noticed Djalta looking closely at Tansy.

Feeling that it was safe, Tansy went forward to greet her old friends, who still remembered her after 12 long years apart. The two full grown adult gorillas were incredibly gentle, sweet, and loving towards her. They just wanted to play, be tickled and held, and they didn’t want them to leave.

The next morning when Tansy and David woke up the gorillas were at the edge of the other side of the river, waiting and wanting to visit with them again. The love between the two wild animals and the father and daughter is beyond words or belief. They all truly shared an unbreakable bond, and will hold each other in their hearts forever.

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He Reunites With A Gorilla He Saved and Raised For 5 Years. The Ape’s Reaction Is An Unexpected Surprise!

The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild over the past 10 years. The gorillas are brought to the foundation’s million acre reserves in West Africa from England’s Howletts Wild Animal Park. There they are set free back into the wild jungles so they have a chance to live their lives as nature intended.

Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, had been brought up at the park by a conservationist named Damian Aspinall. After 5 years in England the gorilla was brought to the West African country of Gabon where he could live the rest of his life in the wild.

Since Kwibi’s release five years ago he had only come into contact with several humans, and each time he acted aggressive towards them. With that in mind, Damian set out with his brother, determined to find his old friend.

They traveled up and down a river that cut through the jungle for a few hours, calling out for him along the way. When they rounded a river bend, Kwibi appeared at the edge of the river, full grown and healthy as ever.

Damian’s crew were prepared for the worst and had food ready to throw if anything went bad. But they wouldn’t need to use it because as soon as Damian approached him, Kwibi let out a deep rumbling gurgle that signified his love for his old friend.

The two sat close together, looking deep into each others eyes, silently sharing a moment and appreciating all that they’d experienced together. Kwibi pulled Damian in for a hug and after that his girlfriend and family started to come forth, feeling safe enough to meet the strange new man.

There was much love and affection shown between them and Kwibi held his old friend close in his arms, not wanting to let go. Once Damian managed to get back into the boat so the crew could leave for camp, Kwibi followed them the whole way back, and set up his own camp on the opposite side of the river. All night long he called out for his old friend.

Early the next morning Damian went for a swim in the river and Kwibi immediately appeared on the bank. The love between the two is beyond words or belief. They truly shared an unbreakable bond and will hold each other in their hearts forever.

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