Koko The Gorilla Has An Alarming Message For Humanity! This Gave Me Chills..

image via – youtube.com

Koko, the world famous western lowland gorilla, is weighing in on the state of Mother Earth in a message for all of humanity. In the heartbreaking clip she uses sign language to communicate her thoughts and feelings on climate change and mankind’s harmful effect on biodiversity and the environment.

The sixty second video starts off with her signing “I am gorilla… I am flowers, animals… I am Nature. Man Koko love. Earth Koko love. She continues on, changing her tone from one of love to one of urgency saying, “But man stupid… stupid! Koko sorry… Koko cry.  Time hurry! Fix Earth! Help Earth! Hurry… Protect Earth… Nature see you. Thank you.”

Koko, who is now 44 years old, has been learning sign language since the age of one. She is said to be able to understand over 1,000 signs of what her trainer, Francine Patterson, calls Gorilla Sign Language (GSL).

In addition, she was simultaneously introduced to spoken English at an early age and understands about 2,000 English words because of this. To truly understand Koko’s message, you have to know the backstory to this video and that it was scripted in part by both The Gorilla Foundation and NOE Conservation.

The French conservation association is primarily focused on preserving biodiversity, while the foundation supports Koko and is where she has lived for many, many years. They worked together to help promote and increase awareness of their message of conservation ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) that was held in Paris this past November 30 – December 12.

Her iconic status and extremely rare ability to communicate directly with people is why Koko was chosen by the two groups to act as an ambassador on behalf of endangered species everywhere. She was told about the events and informed of the issues surrounding the Paris discussions and then her reaction to it was captured.

According to a spokesman for The Gorilla Foundation, “We presented her with a script drafted by NOE and allowed her to improvise during a series of brief daily video discussion sessions. The result was edited from a number of separate takes, for brevity and continuity.”

In the end, it offers an eye-opening, powerfully symbolic take on all of the damage to the environment and the harmful effects that man has inflicted on the planet. Take a moment to listen and check it out.

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