This Woman Was Scared That The Chimp She Raised Wouldn’t Remember Her After 18 Years. Seconds Later WOW!

The video you are about to watch below is a story of resilience, forgiveness and courage. Linda Koebner, today a famous animal behavior researcher, rescued two laboratory chimps when she was just a graduate student 18 years ago. The video is a clip from the documentary on PBS, “Wisdom of the Wild”, which shows her reunion with the two chimps she had loved and nurtured so many years before, to see if she could help these terrified animals transition to a life in the wild where they belonged!

You will see footage of their moment of release into freedom, having endured years feeling nothing beneath their feet, but the cold metal of their tiny cages. Seeing sunlight for the first time, and grass beneath their feet, was actually frightening at first, for these traumatized chimps. Seeing Linda coax them out of their cages, Doll and Swing (as she named them), began a four year journey in which Linda hoped with all her heart, that they would eventually be able to live out normal lives in the wild.

Eighteen years later she returns to where she left them, not knowing if they would be alive or if they would remember her as a friend. They were alive, and as she begins to call their names from the boat where she is nearing them, Linda sees a look of acknowledgement. What happens when she gets to land and approaches her old friends, is truly a testament to the uniqueness of each individual animal, and to what miracles love and nurturance can render. Have some tissues ready for this unbelievable reunion!

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Soldier Became Best Friends With 3 Strays But After A Bomb Went Off No One Expected THIS! I Have Chills!

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It is hard to imagine what it is like to be a soldier serving our country in Afghanistan.  The daily anxiety of whether you will make it through each day, in an area where your life is constantly under threat, is truly unimaginable.

Although the men and women who serve are at another level of bravery, anything that can give them comfort to say sane and balanced is most welcome.  For Sgt. Chris Duke this comfort came in the form of three stray dogs who provided company and the warm feeling of home.

Sgt. Duke befriended these dogs, whom he named Sacha, Rufus and Target.  One night as he and the other 50 soldiers in the barrack were asleep, they were awakened by the three dogs barking loudly.  A suicide bomber had made his way into the camp, with the intention of setting off a bomb and killing all the men.

The dogs heard the intruder and then attacked him before he could enter the barracks, saving all 50 men.  Sadly, he set off the bomb, and Sacha was so badly hurt that he had to be put to sleep; Rufus and Target survived. After his tour was over Sgt. Duke returned home but couldn’t stop thinking about his pals Rufus and Target.

The video below tells the rest of this incredibly heartwarming story. Let us know what you think about this incredible story!

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Mama Cow Couldn’t Stop Crying All Night Over Her Missing Baby. But When They Reunite It’s INCREDIBLE

This is Karma the cow’s story. Her rescue stemmed from an animal cruelty case in which her owner failed to provide her with any food, water, or shelter. She arrived extremely stressed out and malnourished to Gentle Barn and kept crying out, mooing all night long.

At first rescuers couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but they soon noticed she was dripping milk and then found out she’d recently had a baby, something her cruel owner had failed to mention. The volunteers set to work, eventually located Karma’s baby, and rushed out to pick him up. As soon as the trailer pulled up Karma instinctively sensed and knew that her newborn was inside of it.

Her reaction is both heart-warming and heart-breaking all at once. At first her poor calf stumbled and fell over from weakness, stress, and being away from his mother and her milk for so long. But he finally gets to her and as she checks him over he starts nursing right away, which is exactly what he needs.

You have to see the video to truly understand how heart wrenching and awesome it is to see mother and son reunited and safe. According to the Gentle Barn website, Karma is a great mother and the foundation managed to save 2 of her sons, the one you see in the video is one of them!

The Gentle Barn Foundation is dedicated to saving animals and educating children. Their staff and volunteers work tirelessly to help rescue and rehabilitate animals who have been severely abused, neglected, or abandoned. It started out as one woman’s dream and has since grown into a sanctuary program with two locations in the United States.

The original one is in Santa Clarita, California and the second opened in Knoxville, Tennessee. There are currently over 170 animals including horses, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, and more, who call Gentle Barn home.

Every animal they rescue gets a second chance at life. They often take in some of the most severely abused ones and many of the animals living there suffer from sickness, deformity, old age, and blindness. They arrive scared and mistrusting of all humans and their rehabilitation immediately begins.

It involves both traditional and non-traditional medicine, physical therapy, and volunteers provide them with ongoing emotional support. Over time they slowly start to regain their trust in people and come out of their protective shells. Once an animal has been fully rehabilitated it becomes an animal ambassador.

At risk children from foster care, mental health facilities, group homes, the inner city, and schools come to visit the farm and interact with the animals. They’re told about the animals stories and get to see first-hand how they overcame horrendous odds to become kind, gentle and trusting despite their past treatment.

The children often take away valuable lessons of compassion and courage, and for many it is a form of therapy in and of itself. Pass on Karma’s story and help spread the word about the incredible work Gentle Barn does!

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Mama Dog Thought Her Pups Were Gone For Good. But Watch Her Reaction When They Are Reunited

The ties that bind mother’s and their offspring are universally found throughout the animal kingdom.  Sometimes, as humans, we think we corner the market on the extent of that bond and and the power that it invokes in how far we will go to protect and nurture our children.

It is true that humans have a far more prolonged duration of care taking than other species.  This, however, does not in any way diminish the pain experienced by mothers in other species, when their young are prematurely separated from them.

There is an innate attachment between mother’s and their children that is so powerful that it can cause a mother to do things beyond her natural physical power to protect her young.  We often hear tales of human mothers able to lift a car to save her child.  Within the animal kingdom, less powerful creatures find the capability to save their offspring from more dominant animals.  This power of love is truly one of the most amazing qualities found throughout nature.

The following video which shows a mother dog shedding tears after being reunited with her lost pups.  Some may see this as particularly human.  The pain of loss and separation is not, however, unique to the human species.  The relief shown by this mother dog is something that we can totally identify with as humans.  The love and protection of our offspring is probably the most potent emotion found in nature.

It would truly be wonderful if the universality of this kind of love could be spread beyond our offspring to make our world a place where love, rather than selfishness and hatred is so dominant. Enjoy the poignancy of this mother’s relief when reunited with the pups she loves with all her heart.

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THIS Cat Was Separated From His Human For Days. Now Watch Unexpected Reaction When He Gets up!

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus which posits the belief that cats are not affectionate towards humans. This false notion is absolutely absurd and nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are incredibly loving, warm, caring, and affectionate all the time towards their human companions, other animals, and each other.

If you need proof of feline affection then look no further than this video. In it a sweet cat named Dorian can be seen snuggling up to his best friend, a little boy named Cadyn. The cat’s owner filmed the overwhelming and adorable display of affection and explained that Cadyn is his nephew and had been gone for a few days when he went to stay at his mom’s house.

The kitty missed his best friend a lot and couldn’t wait for him to return. When Cadyn finally arrived home he was already asleep, but that didn’t stop Dorian from trying to hang out with him. The cat just cannot get enough of the kid and shows his love by trying to get as close as he possibly can to the sleeping boy. If that isn’t love then what is!?

Cats are truly full of positive energy, life, happiness, and more. They often extend these vibes and feelings toward their human counterparts. A lot of the ways in which they show their affection are simply misunderstood and not recognized by people. In a way, the signs and behaviors that cats use to communicate their love and affection are often lost in translation.

A cat holding it’s tail straight up with a curl at the end is showing happiness. If a cat blinks his eyes slowly at you that means he is likely comfortable, relaxed, and loves you. There are many more signals that indicate different feline feelings, and then there are the behaviors similar to the ones on display in this video. These overt and clear moments of affection between a boy and his cat can only mean one thing ~ love!

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He Reunites With A Gorilla He Saved and Raised For 5 Years. The Ape’s Reaction Is An Unexpected Surprise!

The Aspinall Foundation has been reintroducing captive gorillas back into the wild over the past 10 years. The gorillas are brought to the foundation’s million acre reserves in West Africa from England’s Howletts Wild Animal Park. There they are set free back into the wild jungles so they have a chance to live their lives as nature intended.

Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, had been brought up at the park by a conservationist named Damian Aspinall. After 5 years in England the gorilla was brought to the West African country of Gabon where he could live the rest of his life in the wild.

Since Kwibi’s release five years ago he had only come into contact with several humans, and each time he acted aggressive towards them. With that in mind, Damian set out with his brother, determined to find his old friend.

They traveled up and down a river that cut through the jungle for a few hours, calling out for him along the way. When they rounded a river bend, Kwibi appeared at the edge of the river, full grown and healthy as ever.

Damian’s crew were prepared for the worst and had food ready to throw if anything went bad. But they wouldn’t need to use it because as soon as Damian approached him, Kwibi let out a deep rumbling gurgle that signified his love for his old friend.

The two sat close together, looking deep into each others eyes, silently sharing a moment and appreciating all that they’d experienced together. Kwibi pulled Damian in for a hug and after that his girlfriend and family started to come forth, feeling safe enough to meet the strange new man.

There was much love and affection shown between them and Kwibi held his old friend close in his arms, not wanting to let go. Once Damian managed to get back into the boat so the crew could leave for camp, Kwibi followed them the whole way back, and set up his own camp on the opposite side of the river. All night long he called out for his old friend.

Early the next morning Damian went for a swim in the river and Kwibi immediately appeared on the bank. The love between the two is beyond words or belief. They truly shared an unbreakable bond and will hold each other in their hearts forever.

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