This Woman Was Scared That The Chimp She Raised Wouldn’t Remember Her After 18 Years. Seconds Later WOW!

The video you are about to watch below is a story of resilience, forgiveness and courage. Linda Koebner, today a famous animal behavior researcher, rescued two laboratory chimps when she was just a graduate student 18 years ago. The video is a clip from the documentary on PBS, “Wisdom of the Wild”, which shows her reunion with the two chimps she had loved and nurtured so many years before, to see if she could help these terrified animals transition to a life in the wild where they belonged!

You will see footage of their moment of release into freedom, having endured years feeling nothing beneath their feet, but the cold metal of their tiny cages. Seeing sunlight for the first time, and grass beneath their feet, was actually frightening at first, for these traumatized chimps. Seeing Linda coax them out of their cages, Doll and Swing (as she named them), began a four year journey in which Linda hoped with all her heart, that they would eventually be able to live out normal lives in the wild.

Eighteen years later she returns to where she left them, not knowing if they would be alive or if they would remember her as a friend. They were alive, and as she begins to call their names from the boat where she is nearing them, Linda sees a look of acknowledgement. What happens when she gets to land and approaches her old friends, is truly a testament to the uniqueness of each individual animal, and to what miracles love and nurturance can render. Have some tissues ready for this unbelievable reunion!

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14 Warning Signs Of Emotional Abuse In Your Relationship. Don’t Ignore These Signs.

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Not every scar is physically visible. Sometimes we suffer emotional abuse which leaves us with deep wounds beneath the surface. Whereas physical abuse tends to be immediately recognizable by the outward tell-tale signs of cuts and bruises, emotional abuse is not so glaring. It’s much more subtle, which makes it hard to detect and yet easy to cover up and hide.

The emotional trauma brought on by repeated psychological, verbal, and emotional manipulation often gets repressed in our thoughts and written off by our minds. We cope with it by denying and internalizing the effect it has on us. That’s because emotional abusers use a range of tactics to deceive and break us down over time.

While abuse at any level should never be tolerated, psychological abuse often goes undetected so it’s hard to pin down. In order to end emotional abuse, you first need to be able to recognize the behaviors most commonly associated with it. Below are the main signs that point towards your partner being psychologically abusive to you:

1. They don’t view your hopes, dreams, wishes, or desires as meaningful or realistic. They don’t help you reach your goals and may actually try to get in your way so as to make you fail.

2. When it comes down to who is right and who is wrong, they are always in the right. If and when you try to fight them on this point you either lose or they make you feel super uncomfortable and weird about it.

3. They control who you can see and be friends with and what family members you’re allowed to be around. They also dictate how long you’re allowed to visit with them and so you likely don’t see them nearly as often as you’d like to.

4. You feel guilty when you’re having fun or doing things without them.

5. You tell them everything, even your deepest and most darkest secrets. They do not tell you theirs, nor do they keep your secrets solely between the two of you. Instead, they tell whomever they choose and oftentimes it’s done in such a way that’s calculated to hurt and embarrass you.

6. Your opinion is theirs. If it wasn’t originally it will be very soon because they expect you to adopt their way of thinking without questioning it.

7. In their eyes you are not your own, individual person. Instead, they see you as more of an extension of them and as such you need to stay and be a part of them to be complete.

8. They throw temper tantrums, pout like a baby, or run away whenever they want to get either their way or your attention.

9. You are the source of their unhappiness, misery, problems, troubles or worries. At least that’s what they tell you and where they place all the blame.

10. You are not able to decide what you want. Your partner starts to control aspects of your life including who you hang out with, what you wear, when and how you spend your free time, and more.

11. Everything is always your fault, even if it clearly is not, you end up getting blamed for whatever it may be irregardless of the facts. This especially rings true when they get upset.

12. Your partner is fully in control of your money and finances. You’re not free or able to spend it as you wish to.

13. They constantly tease you and make you feel horrible about yourself. Then when you speak up or try to defend yourself they play it off by claiming all the mean things they said about you were just them being sarcastic.

14. They make it seem like you’re blessed just to be with them in the first place. They may say things like you got lucky when you met them or that they are above you and too good for you. Stuff that falls along those lines is them being flat out emotionally abusive and manipulative.

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When Her Fiancé Lays His Eyes On Her Make-Up Transformation He Can’t Hold Back the Tears!

What started as an interesting experiment turned out to be an incredibly moving and emotional experience for this young couple, engaged to be married in a month. Through the magic of professional make up artists, this couple received a rare opportunity to glimpse into the future. At less than thirty years of age, each of these two were able to see what the other might look like in their fifties, seventies and nineties.

I wonder if these two were nervous before they embarked on this journey? I know I was when I first started watching. What if they didn’t like what the other might one day look like? What if they hadn’t thought it all the way through, or when they had thought about it, they underestimated the changes that would take place?

Far from increasing my trepidation, the results made me more confident in my own relationship and ability to see the beauty in my loved ones even as time changes things in ways we cannot control. Their touching words in response to each other’s changing appearance left everyone watching with wet cheeks.

Instead of being appalled by the physical side effects of the aging process, the experience brought them even closer. Each gray hair, every spot and wrinkle told a story. What deep experiences are written into the superficial changes that form each face?

What memories have been created, what joys and sorrows have brought them closer together and strengthened their bond of love beyond what any superficial change could possibly restrain? By the end of the experiment, they were more in love than ever, and even more ready to get married and start creating the memories that would form their shared life.

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Fathers and Their Children Ask Each Other A Simple Question. The Result I Can’t Hold Back The Tears.

Have you ever wanted to ask your father if he is proud of you, or tell him how grateful you are that he’s in your life? Fathers tend to have a hard time expressing their emotions and often have difficulty opening up to their children. A lot of what they are feeling is never said out loud and communicated, which leaves kids feeling distant and left to guess as to what their dad may really be thinking. This can be unhealthy and lead to a lot of mistaken assumptions that may hurt kids feelings and go un-addressed for years.

It is society which as taught and come to expect fathers to behave in this emotionally distant manner, while mothers are expected take on the primary emotional support role in their kid’s and families lives. That is the motivation behind this video about the #TellThemNow campaign, which encourages more open and direct lines of communication between fathers and their children, regardless of how old they may be.

The people in the clip were only asked to participate in a short video and weren’t told anything else about what it entailed. A father and child pair were directed to stand closely facing one another, and the son or daughter began by asking the question, ‘What about me makes you proud?’ to their dad.

All the responses that followed were genuine, and from the heart, being said on the spot. Some dad’s answered saying, “everything,” “you’re loving,” “funny,” “you helped me,” and so on, elaborating from there and opening up much further. The pairs were surprised by how powerful and emotional the simple exercise was and some even cried, others laughed and hugged, but they all felt a deeper connection.

What made this so raw and true was that it was sudden and unrehearsed. These people all finally spoke out loud what had been on their minds and in their thoughts for so long. Finally, they felt safe to express, and hear, what they should have shared with each other all along.

We never know how much more time we have here on Earth or how long our loved ones will be with us, so before they are gone you should tell them how you feel. Hopefully you were inspired to reach out to your father to connect with him and open up. Father’s day is a week away, so now is the perfect time to call him up and tell him you love him if you haven’t done so already lately.

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7 Kinds Of Chronic Body Pains Which Could Be Caused By Your Psychological/Emotional States

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Pain is our bodies way of letting us know that we are either hurting or healing. It’s a part of life that everyone has to experience at some point in time. We’ve all had cuts, bumps, and bruises from banging into stuff or falling down, not to mention the occasional aches and stiffness that come from overdoing things. However, there are some types of bodily pain that are not caused by direct physical trauma, rather they stem from our emotional states. They can persist and affect the quality of our life, and just like any other pain, they should not be ignored. Below are the seven main types of bodily pain that are directly linked to our human emotions:

1. Upper Back Pain. Back pain is one of the most common types of pain reported by people across the world. In some cases pain in the upper back area stems from loneliness, confusion, and feelings of being undesired or not loved. In a sense, you may need a stronger emotional backbone. You can find the support you need by turning to friends, family, and other loved ones to help you cheer up and get more social.

2. Lower Back Pain. When you are stressed out about financial issues, it can manifest as pain in your lower back area. Instead of ignoring it or letting money problems drag on, do something towards getting your finances in order. Balance your accounts, make a budget and stick with it, set an appointment with a money manager, see a financial adviser, ask for a raise or promotion, and just go for it!

3. Head Pain. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out to the max it can take a toll on your health. Oftentimes headaches, migraines, mental strain, and other types of pain in your head area stem from all that built up tension and stress. To help alleviate it, give yourself a break and step back from all the worries. Set aside a moment for yourself to decompress and relax.

4. Elbow Pain. Didn’t bump your elbow, yet it hurts just as bad as if you did? It could be from you being resistant to any recent changes that have taken place in your life. When you rigidly stick with how things once were, you’re more likely to experience stiff arms and elbow joints. Instead of being so anti-change, embrace the shift, you’ll feel a lot better from it!

5. Hip Pain. Just as elbow pain signifies you’re resistant to changes, hip pain means you’re scared of moving on and what may come of the future. You need to throw caution to the wind and go with the flow. Change is inevitable so why not take control of your life. Get up and get moving!

6. Neck Pain. If you’re the type of person who holds onto grudges and harbors animosity towards both the ones you love and even yourself, then you may often find yourself with a stiff, painful feeling in your neck. When you focus on all the things you like and enjoy about them instead, and work towards forgiveness, then you can move on and your neck pain will subside.

7. Shoulder Pain. Ever feel like the weight of the world is riding on your shoulders? That heavy, tiresome load is the emotional burden you’ve taken on and are now lugging around with you everywhere you go. It’s a nagging type of pain that’s hard to ignore, but for it to go away you’ll need to do something that takes your mind off your problems and worries. In addition, we often take on other people’s problems on top of our own, when you stop doing that it’s like some of the weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

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