If You Are Suffering From a Stiff Neck THIS 90 Second Trick Will Bring You Instant Relief

Many of us suffer regularly from stiff necks, as a result of constantly being on computers, phones, tablets and often just getting into a position while sleeping that causes a muscle spasm. Muscles and joints that are a “pain in the neck” can really cause both physical and psychological stress as we go through our day.

The video you are about to watch below, does a great job of not only explaining the mechanism of how stiff necks occur, but several great stretches and ways of pushing on trigger points on your own, that will greatly alleviate a stiff neck within 90 SECONDS!

It was actually fascinating to hear that what causes the pain is actually a shortening of the muscle, when we are unaware that we have contorted our neck in an unnatural way, while awake or asleep. When the muscle shortens it aggravates the nerve which makes it very painful to turn the neck.

What is great about his demonstration is that he demonstrates how to target the exact place where the muscle has contracted, and how by turning the neck and using the opposite hand it can be released. Cross fiber massage, placing knuckles into the muscle and several different stretches are easy to follow.

His tutorial will give you the ability to fix your stiff neck on your own, by stimulating nerves that will signal your brain to reset the shortened muscle. This was one of the most helpful videos I have seen on alleviating your own pain naturally and quickly.

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She Goes To Her Doc With Pain and Swelling On Her Forehead. He Looks At It and Is Stunned By What He Finds!

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This is the story of a very rare ordeal that a 55 year old woman from York, UK went through after returning from a trip she’d taken to Uganda, Africa.  Shortly after getting back she noticed red swelling on her hairline. She ignored it at first but when it steadily got worse, she went to the hospital to have it checked out.  The doctors who examined her thought it was just an infected insect bite, so they sent her home with antibiotics. Three days later the woman returned to the hospital, this time complaining of shooting pains around her face.  In addition, the swelling had spread from her forehead to her eyes which was troubling.

The doctors ordered tests and soon found out that maggots had somehow dug their way into her forehead!  As disgusting as the diagnosis was, it was thankfully caught early on and the maggots were easily removed.  According to a British Medical Journal case report, the first maggot came out when petroleum jelly was applied to her forehead.  However, an ultrasound revealed that a second one was still inside, so doctors cut open her skin, removed it, and cleaned out the area.  After spending four days in the hospital the woman fully recovered and was free to go home.    

The maggots were sent off to the London School of Tropical Medicine where they were identified as lungs fly offspring, a rare species found only in African rainforests.  This made sense because while visiting Uganda the woman had gone on a tour through a rainforest in Kibale National Park. Upon investigating her story further, doctors concluded that she must have wrapped a towel around her head which contained fly eggs.  The eggs made their way inside her forehead via a small wound and developed into maggots, at which point they caused her pain and discomfort and were found.  

The medical term for this strange phenomenon is called myiasis, which is an infection of fly larvae whereby the eggs get under a person’s skin via a surface wound.  The eggs then develop into maggots before eventually dropping off on their own. Myiasis most often occurs in tropical and subtropical areas, like the rainforest the woman had trekked through on her trip.  

As if the story wasn’t horrible enough, according to the woman, her son’s friend who had accompanied them was also infected on the trip.  He had a large lump on his back which he sought treatment for, but different doctors in London had dismissed it as an infected insect bite as well and bandaged him up.  When he took the bandage off his skin the maggot ended up coming out on its own. In the end both patients fully recovered and now, at the very least, more awareness of the possible issue has been raised.

Watch The Video Below For The Full Story:

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5 Pains You Should Never Ignore..

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Pain is a part of life, it’s our bodies way of telling us that we are hurt or are healing. We all experience aches and stiffness at some point in life and while most of the time it’s not serious, there are some types of pain that should never be ignored.

Below are the main types of bodily pain that medical experts agree should be checked out immediately if they significantly impact your quality of life or continue to persist.

1) A sharp ache between the shoulder blades may be a sign of a heart attack. Many people, especially women, don’t experience the classic symptoms of a heart attack, like chest pressure or numbness in the arm.

Instead, they may experience dizziness, shortness of breath, jaw pain, nausea, and a very sharp, stabbing type of pain in the upper back area. It’s best to seek medical attention when you feel this.

2) A thunderclap headache, the likes of which you have never felt before, and it’s far worse beyond the average type of migraine or headache pain. Instead, the headache will come on extremely quickly, like a clap of thunder, hence the name.

Severe head pain may be a sign of an aneurysm, which is when a blood vessel develops a blood filled bulge in its wall that can burst at any moment. These are extremely dangerous and need to be dealt with immediately and aggressively.

3) Dull stomach pain that gets increasingly sharper over the course of a day or so. This could be appendicitis, which feels like you’re being stabbed in the lower right side of your abdomen. If the pain is accompanied by feelings of nausea or a fever, you should go to the emergency room immediately or risk having it burst.

4) Mid back pain accompanied by a fever could potentially be a dangerous kidney infection that stems from an untreated urinary tract infection. When you touch your lower back it will feel extremely tender and sore. If ignored and left untreated, the toxins in your body might stop being filtered, as the kidneys can shut down.

5) Menstrual cramps or severe pain that accompanies your period, which fails to be alleviated by medication and gets progressively worse each month, could be a sign of endometriosis. Endometriosis is when tissue that lines and grows inside the uterus grows outside of it instead. So if your periods are excruciatingly painful, there is a high probability that it could be due to Endometriosis.

These are just a few of the most common and severe types of pain that people may experience. As mentioned above, pain is your bodies way of telling you something is not right, and so it should never be ignored if it persists or worsens. Brushing aside pain can sometimes lead to much more serious complications, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

No one wants to go through life worried about why they are hurting, so go see a doctor and fix the issue before it’s too late.

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If You Drink 1 Serving Of THIS 4x Per Week You Will Get Rid Of Your Joint Pain Within 1 Month!

Aches and pains can become chronic ailments that occur in a large portion of the population; common areas include: the legs, back, joints and neck.  These afflictions become much worse with age and the increase in arthritis.  Living on anti-inflammatory pain medications can seriously impact your gastrointestinal tract, making that solution dangerous in resolving chronic pain.

Finding a natural remedy to alleviate pain symptoms that impact your life daily, offers a solution that will not only minimize your experience of pain, but will have multiple areas of impact on your overall health!

As you will hear in the video below, adding  NATURAL EDIBLE GELATIN (brands she has carefully researched) to your daily diet WILL BE LIFE-CHANGING.  To use it in a drink, 5 grams of gelatin peptides can be added to water or juices, or in other forms that “Wellness Mama” explains in the video, if you prefer a jello-like consistency.

She goes on to explain the other vast health benefit impacts of daily consumption of natural gelatin.  It affects your resistance and treatment of serious diseases, digestion as well as contributing to how YOUTHFUL you are from the INSIDE OUT!

You will begin to feel the effects of this drink within one week’s time;  it adds amino acids which build collagen, recover lost tissue in tendons, bones and cartilage and ultimately prevents and/ or alleviates osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Maintaining this SuperFood in your daily diet, can make a substantial difference in how you live out your life.

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Apparently If You Blow Air On Your Thumb THIS Happens To Your Body!

It is really a fascinating phenomenon, that all the parts of the body have interactions with other parts, that are so unexpected.  In actuality, ancient Chinese medicine is based on their knowledge of pressure points that mysteriously are capable of taking away pain in certain areas, that you would never think would be related. These pressure points as well as other unknown tricks, will be discussed.

For instance Dr. Scott Schaffer; an ENT specialist, shared the SECRET TO RELIEVING THROAT PAIN, with “Men’s Health”;  he said the answer is to scratch your ear!  The explanation lies in certain nerves in the ear.  ‘Stimulating them causes a reflex in the throat to cause a muscular spasm, and that in turn relieves the tickle which can be painful’.

Have you ever noticed in movies, that when people are having an anxiety attack, someone will offer them a glass of water?  I’ve always thought to myself, “what in the world is water going to do?”  Well it turns out, according to “WebMD”, that the relationship between water and STRESS RELIEF, is well-documented.  Apparently, splashing ice-cold water on your face when you are anxious has a direct impact on your brain, known as the “mammalian diving reflex”.  The water shocks you into holding your breath, which in turn stops the shallow breathing that accompanies anxiety, and regulates your breathing into a more normal depth; deeper breathing calms you down.  Similarly, if you have the “butterflies” before an event, BLOWING ON YOUR THUMB regulates your breathing and controls the vagus nerve, which will slow down your heart rate.  When this happens it signals your brain that you are not in danger, and you CALM DOWN.

There’s nothing more annoying than a STUFFY NOSE, that just won’t drain.  If you want to relieve sinus pressure caused by Phlegm, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and alternate that with pressure with one finger against each eyebrow.  The mucus gets loosened by the force on the “vomer bone”.

When I was a kid they used to tell you to put butter on a BAD BURN, which was then debunked by icing quickly, to AVOID A SCAR.  Well, it seems that there is a better remedy than ice.  Pressing the pads of your fingers directly on the burned area, lessens the chances of blistering and scarring.  This is because a slower return to normal body temperature for the burned skin is less shocking to the system.

There are nerve pathways in the webbed area between your index finger and your thumb that signal the brain about pain coming from the face and hands.  Applying an ice cube to this webbed area, for instance if you have SENSITIVE TEETH, can block the pain message and the sensation will be alleviated.

In this epidemic of addiction to pain medications, these natural remedies as well as the pressure points illustrated in the video you are about to watch below to relieve MIGRAINE PAIN, can be a much safer answer for pain relief.  Releasing energy in one part of your body by knowing where to press, is the key!

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Doing Foot Acupressure

People do many things in their quest to stay healthy and feeling great. We diet and exercise, visit doctors and specialists, and take all sorts of vitamins and pills in our never ending search for cures and remedies to help treat the medical conditions, or whatever it may be, that affects our health!

However advanced modern medicine may be, sometimes it doesn’t do the job and not everyone wants to have to rely on it. Instead of using costly pharmaceuticals that often have harsh side effects, people turn to alternative homeopathic remedies that naturally balance and heal their bodies and minds.

One such treatment is called acupressure and if you’ve ever held your forehead or massaged your temples to help relieve a headache, then you’ve already engaged in the practice. Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese developed the technique and it remains a popular alternative treatment to this day.

Acupressure is simple, all that it involves is applying pressure to various points on our bodies to stimulate blood flow to the thousands of nerves located mainly in our hands and feet.

The human foot alone has well over fifteen thousand nerves that are all inter-connected and form a network which reaches different areas, like organs and glands, in our bodies. Different pressure points correspond with certain body parts and so they can each be targeted for desired results.

People the world over have found that acupressure works wonders when it comes to alleviating aches, pains, built up stress, and tension. By using simple acupressure techniques at home they have dramatically relieved pain and discomfort caused by common ailments and you can too. All that you need to do is locate the points on the feet that are associated with the area which your issue likely stems from, and massage it!

The LV 3 point, which is also called the Tai Chong, is regarded as being one of the most powerful points. That’s because it’s connected not only to the liver, which helps clean and detoxify our systems, but many other body parts as well. The LV 3 point is located on top of the foot, near the metatarsal bones, and here is exactly how to find it.

Starting at the gap between your big and second toe, move about two finger widths back towards your ankle from there. You should notice and feel a slight depression, which is where the point is located, and if you’re touching a hard bone keep looking because it’s in a soft area. By pressing down gently and applying firm pressure to the LV 3 point on and off for 4-5 seconds at a time, for at least 2 minutes several times a day, it can help to relieve and affect the following:

1. Pain: The point is commonly used to alleviate many types of pain including, but not limited to, menstrual cramps, abdominal and back pain, headaches, stomach pain, and more. It’s believed that because the point is connected to the liver meridian and lower back, it’s very effective at relieving many additional sources of bodily pain, and so if you ever feel achy or are hurting, give yourself a foot massage on the LV 3 point for relief!

2. Depression: Many cases of depression are caused in part by our bodies and minds being overloaded with too much stress and not enough sleep. According to WebMD studies have been done which suggest that by activating the LV 3 point it helps to lessen the negative impacts of depression and anxiety. It’s believed that the point worked for the subjects who were examined by effectively lowering both their overall stress levels and instances of insomnia. This finding alone makes it worthwhile to do and try out at the very least.

3. Stress: It’s common knowledge that a good massage can work wonders at clearing our minds, thoughts, and heads (for most people!). Activating the LV 3 point naturally increases concentration and focus, leading to less stress and better decision making. Furthermore, as mentioned above studies have shown that the point decreases depression, insomnia, and anxiety, and that in turn reduces stress levels.

4. Digestion: A range of digestive issues can targeted by way of the LV 3 point. Upset Stomach, nausea, vomiting, hangovers, and indigestion can be either eliminated or improved so the next time you happen to overindulge and drink too much, try it out!

5. Parkinson’s Disease: A report released by the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation stated that “Acupuncture point LV3 has been historically used to treat tremors such as those associated with Parkinson’s disease.” While that dealt with acupuncture at the point, as opposed to acupressure, it nonetheless shows how the spot has been used for thousands of years to target and treat symptoms, including those associated with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s one more way to help improve people’s overall health and even today it could greatly impact modern diseases.

6. Sleep Disorders and Insomnia: Massaging the LV 3 point has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and it can also help to relax your body and calm your mind. People have used it to fall asleep faster and to reduce instances of waking up during the night. If you wish to achieve better quality sleep by way of the LV 3 point it’s important that you do the massage right before you go to bed at night.

This alternative treatment is incredibly simple, convenient, and easy to do on your own. It costs nothing, has no negative side effects, and will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease. It may sound too good to be true but it might be exactly what your body needs. You have nothing to lose if you give it a try and please pass this information on to others. Learn More: Watch the video below for additional information:

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