The Definitive Stress Test

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Life is filled with stress. What is key are the coping mechanisms or strategies that you use in order to manage stress. No one handles stress perfectly; there is a continuum along which we experience things that contribute to how we feel. What is most important, is how willing we are to use the tools available to us, to reduce the amount of stress we end up experiencing on a regular basis.

The following stress test poses questions that pertain to common life stressors and you choose where you are on the continuum. Additionally it asks questions that pertain to the degree to which you use healthy or unhealthy coping strategies. Based on how you rank yourself both on frequency of life stressors and how often you utilize escapist/addictive vs healthy tools, will indicate the degree to which you are in touch with your inner purpose and sense of peace or turbulence.

Life is filled with ups and downs for all of us. Do you choose to be victimized by stress or are you willing to do what it takes to reduce these stressors by not “sweating the small stuff”. Do you choose to be productive and increase your sense of self worth, or do you stay paralyzed by fear?

This test is remarkably illuminating in revealing the degree to which you live in the light or in darkness. I found it very helpful to answer honestly and see where I am doing well and strategies that would help me to further reduce stress.

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This Guy Pours Flour Inside This Balloon. But The Reason Is Brilliant and I Totally Need This!

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This is a really great project with a very cool end result. Who doesn’t want ninja balls? They make the perfect gift for kids, or adults for that matter, plus they are super easy to make and cost next to nothing. All you need is some flour, a bag of balloons, a couple of appropriately sized plastic bottles and a small amount of time.

Once you are finished, you will have a whole bunch of squishy, fun balls that are durable and perfect for juggling, or anything the kids can think of. First, you need to cut the bottom off of one plastic bottle and put it inside the other, using it as a funnel to fill the second bottle with flour.

Once full, place an air filled balloon over the mouth of the flour-filled bottle and flip it upside down. Shaking it, fill the balloon with flour. Get all the air out of the balloon, then cut off the top. Take another two balloons with the tops cut off and place them over the first, making sure to flip them each time so the holes are covered.

Now for the ninja masks. Cut a balloon as he shows you in the video, then put it around the outside of your flour ball. Tada! You can use any imaginable color combination to make unique and beautiful designs. They are very durable, hold their shape when squished, and are solid enough to make perfect juggling balls.

If I were a kid, I would be so excited if someone made these for me, or better yet, helped me make them myself! What do you think about these awesome ninja balls?

Let us know if you made one and how it came out!

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Doing Foot Acupressure

People do many things in their quest to stay healthy and feeling great. We diet and exercise, visit doctors and specialists, and take all sorts of vitamins and pills in our never ending search for cures and remedies to help treat the medical conditions, or whatever it may be, that affects our health!

However advanced modern medicine may be, sometimes it doesn’t do the job and not everyone wants to have to rely on it. Instead of using costly pharmaceuticals that often have harsh side effects, people turn to alternative homeopathic remedies that naturally balance and heal their bodies and minds.

One such treatment is called acupressure and if you’ve ever held your forehead or massaged your temples to help relieve a headache, then you’ve already engaged in the practice. Thousands of years ago the ancient Chinese developed the technique and it remains a popular alternative treatment to this day.

Acupressure is simple, all that it involves is applying pressure to various points on our bodies to stimulate blood flow to the thousands of nerves located mainly in our hands and feet.

The human foot alone has well over fifteen thousand nerves that are all inter-connected and form a network which reaches different areas, like organs and glands, in our bodies. Different pressure points correspond with certain body parts and so they can each be targeted for desired results.

People the world over have found that acupressure works wonders when it comes to alleviating aches, pains, built up stress, and tension. By using simple acupressure techniques at home they have dramatically relieved pain and discomfort caused by common ailments and you can too. All that you need to do is locate the points on the feet that are associated with the area which your issue likely stems from, and massage it!

The LV 3 point, which is also called the Tai Chong, is regarded as being one of the most powerful points. That’s because it’s connected not only to the liver, which helps clean and detoxify our systems, but many other body parts as well. The LV 3 point is located on top of the foot, near the metatarsal bones, and here is exactly how to find it.

Starting at the gap between your big and second toe, move about two finger widths back towards your ankle from there. You should notice and feel a slight depression, which is where the point is located, and if you’re touching a hard bone keep looking because it’s in a soft area. By pressing down gently and applying firm pressure to the LV 3 point on and off for 4-5 seconds at a time, for at least 2 minutes several times a day, it can help to relieve and affect the following:

1. Pain: The point is commonly used to alleviate many types of pain including, but not limited to, menstrual cramps, abdominal and back pain, headaches, stomach pain, and more. It’s believed that because the point is connected to the liver meridian and lower back, it’s very effective at relieving many additional sources of bodily pain, and so if you ever feel achy or are hurting, give yourself a foot massage on the LV 3 point for relief!

2. Depression: Many cases of depression are caused in part by our bodies and minds being overloaded with too much stress and not enough sleep. According to WebMD studies have been done which suggest that by activating the LV 3 point it helps to lessen the negative impacts of depression and anxiety. It’s believed that the point worked for the subjects who were examined by effectively lowering both their overall stress levels and instances of insomnia. This finding alone makes it worthwhile to do and try out at the very least.

3. Stress: It’s common knowledge that a good massage can work wonders at clearing our minds, thoughts, and heads (for most people!). Activating the LV 3 point naturally increases concentration and focus, leading to less stress and better decision making. Furthermore, as mentioned above studies have shown that the point decreases depression, insomnia, and anxiety, and that in turn reduces stress levels.

4. Digestion: A range of digestive issues can targeted by way of the LV 3 point. Upset Stomach, nausea, vomiting, hangovers, and indigestion can be either eliminated or improved so the next time you happen to overindulge and drink too much, try it out!

5. Parkinson’s Disease: A report released by the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation stated that “Acupuncture point LV3 has been historically used to treat tremors such as those associated with Parkinson’s disease.” While that dealt with acupuncture at the point, as opposed to acupressure, it nonetheless shows how the spot has been used for thousands of years to target and treat symptoms, including those associated with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s one more way to help improve people’s overall health and even today it could greatly impact modern diseases.

6. Sleep Disorders and Insomnia: Massaging the LV 3 point has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and it can also help to relax your body and calm your mind. People have used it to fall asleep faster and to reduce instances of waking up during the night. If you wish to achieve better quality sleep by way of the LV 3 point it’s important that you do the massage right before you go to bed at night.

This alternative treatment is incredibly simple, convenient, and easy to do on your own. It costs nothing, has no negative side effects, and will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease. It may sound too good to be true but it might be exactly what your body needs. You have nothing to lose if you give it a try and please pass this information on to others. Learn More: Watch the video below for additional information:

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If You Drink A Glass Of Lemonade Mixed With THIS You Will Get Rid Of Your Anxiety and Headaches!

Lemonade is one of the most refreshing beverages that you can enjoy in the summer, or really anytime all year long. It’s easy to make and it can be tweaked in all sorts of ways. Some people prefer theirs really sweet, others like it with lots of lemon slices, and some add in iced tea to make a half and half drink.

Now there is a new twist on the classic recipe which has people adding lavender to the mix. Doing this is a wonderful way to make your lemonade into a sort of health tonic. Lavender is not only a flower and a color, but also a fragrant herb that contains properties which help calm people’s nerves and senses.

Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to help heal and relieve symptoms of common health problems. Not only does it detoxify and relieve stress, it has also been attributed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antispasmodic properties as well. It works naturally to help you relax by lowering blood pressure, pulse rates, and reducing overall feelings of anxiety.

Beyond these known health properties are the many other medicinal benefits that lavender has been linked to, including headache, sinus, pain and even hangover relief. The easiest way to harness all the healing power of lavender is to drink it up in a tasty beverage. That way you can both smell and ingest it for your body to further use to its benefit.

All that you need is some quality lavender essential oil and lemonade. Homemade style lemonade made from scratch is the best way to go about this. Take a couple of lemons and cut them in half. Squeeze the juice out of them over a bowl or pitcher and remove any seeds if you’d rather not drink them.

Add in some filtered water, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and a bit of honey, then mix them all together well. You can adjust the amounts of any or all the ingredients to your liking and add in some ice for a delicious, chilled beverage.

Instead of reaching for a glass of wine to help you relax and wind down after a long day, drink to your health and try this all natural, homemade, health tonic. It may just be the perfect drink for your needs right now.

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This Guy Cuts The Top Off These Balloons For An Incredible Reason. I Need Like 10 Of These!

There’s nothing better than new ways of making DIY toys at home.  When you consider the expense of new toys, and how quickly kids either break, outgrow or get bored with them, a DIY toy is a welcome pleasure. In this world that is consistently moving faster and faster with technology and immediate gratification it becoming easier and easier to become stressed out. This brings us to todays DIY project.

For this one, all you need are multicolor balloons, flour and empty plastic bottles.  The video shows you step-by-step, how to make “ninja balls” or stress balls.  They would work great as party favors, toys for games, or even as cool little pieces of art.  Quite frankly, I could see them as stress relievers for both kids and adults.

The colorful balls are not only satisfying to the touch, but really have an appealing look.  Watching them being put together was so much fun.  Enjoy the video and share it with anyone you think would like to try this.  Hope you have a stress-free day!

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5 Ways People Who Are Mentally Strong Deal With Chronic Stress and Stressful Situations Effectively

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From the day we are born until the day we take our last breath, we are forced to deal with stress. It’s inevitable that our entire lives are marked by periods of strain and tension. While some stress is actually good and healthy for us, too much is bad and can lead to health problems.

If you’ve ever experienced the deeply unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and emotions of dread and unease over future situations or things beyond your control, then you have felt the heavy weight of stress dragging you down. Many cases of physical and mental burnout, depression, addiction, high blood pressure and other heart issues stem directly from elevated levels of chronic, out of control stress. In fact, recently the most common type of mental health illness in America was identified by The National Institute of Mental Health as anxiety disorders. Stress is what leads directly to anxiety and it’s often cited as thee number one trigger of people’s generalized anxiety.

If you can’t find a way to balance and deal with all the stuff that gets thrown your way then you could be headed towards a breaking point, if you haven’t already arrived there yet! Instead of allowing things to get out of control and continuing to suffer, there are techniques to properly deal with the daily stresses you come across. Here are some of the ways in which mentally strong people handle and compartmentalize stress. Check them out because some of these could really make a big difference in your life:

1. They Think Positively:
If you tell yourself you can do this or that you’ve got it, then you’re setting yourself up for success. Thinking positively puts you in the right mindset to tackle stressful things head on. When you do the opposite and think negatively, by telling yourself you can’t do something, then you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even given it a try. Telling yourself that you are strong, tough, and nothing can stop you will only help you to overcome what you need to in the end.

2. They Find A Solution:
Rather than just avoiding or running away from stressful events, interactions, or problems, mentally tough people will face it head on and work to eliminate it from their life. Depending on the source of your stress, this could mean a number of different things. You can work towards finding common ground with someone you don’t get along with or stop procrastinating over something know you have to get done but keep pushing off. Solving your issues means not having to deal with or think about them again!

3. They Anticipate Stressful Events:
Mental fortitude is partly built upon knowing that things in life don’t always go as expected and that because of this a back up plan may be necessary. By keeping your options open and being flexible you can get past the bumps and road blocks that pop up along the way, and thus avoid a lot of additional and unnecessary stress. Smooth sailing starts with anticipating the weather, as does a smooth journey in life means anticipating things and events beyond your control.

4. They Think Ahead Time-Wise And Plan Accordingly:
The majority of the daily stresses we encounter comes from balancing our schedules. When you have to be at work, a meeting, dinner, or school to pick up your kids at a certain time, plus do a million other things in-between, it can easily stress anyone out! When you find that you’re overloaded and stretched thin, it’s time to sit down and make a schedule. Allow yourself extra time in-between the places you have to go or things you have to do so that if you’re running late for whatever reason, it’s okay. Schedules help us keep track of all the major and minor things we have to get done and if you stick with them, your life will instantly be all the less stressful.

5. They Employ A Number Of Different Stress Management Techniques:
There are a variety of stress management tools and techniques that people use to help them alleviate stress. Some do yoga or meditate, take a walk, exercise, and just keep moving to stop them from becoming paralyzed by stress. Others make lists, brainstorm ideas, take a break from whatever it is that’s bothering them, talk it out with trusted friends and colleagues, or squeeze a good old fashioned stress-ball. There’s an endless amount of strategies and ways out there to help you overcome stress, you just need to try them out and see what works for you.

Check out the video below for some more stress management techniques

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