The Definitive Stress Test

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Life is filled with stress. What is key are the coping mechanisms or strategies that you use in order to manage stress. No one handles stress perfectly; there is a continuum along which we experience things that contribute to how we feel. What is most important, is how willing we are to use the tools available to us, to reduce the amount of stress we end up experiencing on a regular basis.

The following stress test poses questions that pertain to common life stressors and you choose where you are on the continuum. Additionally it asks questions that pertain to the degree to which you use healthy or unhealthy coping strategies. Based on how you rank yourself both on frequency of life stressors and how often you utilize escapist/addictive vs healthy tools, will indicate the degree to which you are in touch with your inner purpose and sense of peace or turbulence.

Life is filled with ups and downs for all of us. Do you choose to be victimized by stress or are you willing to do what it takes to reduce these stressors by not “sweating the small stuff”. Do you choose to be productive and increase your sense of self worth, or do you stay paralyzed by fear?

This test is remarkably illuminating in revealing the degree to which you live in the light or in darkness. I found it very helpful to answer honestly and see where I am doing well and strategies that would help me to further reduce stress.

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