Girl Runs Out Of Restroom Crying In Mcdonald’s Then Her Mom Notices a Strange Spot On Her Leg!

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When you are a little kid you are always trying to prove to your older siblings and parents that you can do everything they can do. It’s a constant struggle between trying to grow up too quickly and not trying to stay a baby forever. So many kids do need to learn how to be on their own and be independent but, as a parent there is a very thin line between your child’s independence and safety.

This brings us to today’s heartbreaking story about a mother named Nicole and her four year old baby girl Kaya. One afternoon they went to good ol’ Mcdonald’s for lunch. Like many kids her age McDonalds is her favorite restaurant and a treat she always looks forward to. Between happy meals, the toys and the ball pits and slides, McDonalds is like heaven.

They arrived at McDonalds that day, ordered their food, ate it and everything was fine. Then she asked her mama if she could go to the bathroom on her own to prove that she wasn’t a baby anymore. Her mom said yes thinking it should be fine, she will wait right outside and what could possibly go wrong?

Seconds before the young girl went into the bathroom her mom noticed 2 teen girls giggling as they exited the restroom.. It wasn’t a big deal, just some kids being kids and she didn’t really pay too much mind to those teen girls.

Kaya went into the bathroom for a few minutes and everything seemed fine. All of a sudden, Nicole heard a shrill scream and hysterics coming from the bathroom like she had never heard before! This wasn’t the first time Kaya was screaming or crying, but there was something about the sound of fear and panic in her young daughters voice that she knew something was seriously amiss.

Nicole got into the bathroom and looked in horror as she saw Kaya a few feet from the toilet and she her leg was bleeding. Her mom rushed over to her not knowing what was going on.

They would later find out that those two giggling teens were laughing because they put superglue on the toilet so that the next person who sat down would get stuck! The poor victim to the teens cruel prank was Kaya, who somehow got herself off the seat but the top layer of skin on her leg was still stuck to the seat.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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