This Kid Calls 911 and Has The Funniest Conversation With Confused 911 Operator.

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Kids truly do say the darnedest things and if you have a child you can personally attest to this. Children are like sponges that just pretty much absorb anything and everything in their environment. Their little brains and minds are constantly making new neural connections which help them navigate through a very large and confusing world. Sometimes this curiosity and innocence can get them into some pretty sticky situations that while funny can get them into a bit of trouble.

Children are taught to call 911 in case of emergencies from an early age. They learn that the best way to get immediate help in the face of danger or an urgent crisis is by dialing those three numbers. However, what a young child considers an emergency can often be at odds with what is an actual one requiring police or medical assistance. There are many stories of kids who call 911 for problems that fall well short of a life-threatening situation, you may even have one yourself.

While oftentimes they get scolded by the operator for mis-using the line, sometimes the person on the other end is understanding and happy to help them out. That was the case when a four year old boy named Johnny decided to call 911 for help with his math homework.

He was struggling with take aways, aka subtraction, and in his mind this was a homework emergency that could be solved by talking to the police! Realizing his innocence, instead of reprimanding him the dispatcher decided to talk to Johnny and walk him through some of his homework.

Their adorable conversation is suddenly interrupted when Johnny’s mother asks him who he is talking to. He innocently tells her the policeman is helping him with his math problems and that she told him “if I need help to call somebody.”

Naturally his mom is less than pleased with what’s going on and she can be heard in the background exclaiming “I didn’t mean the police.” That’s where the audio clip ends so while we can’t be sure as to what happened next, it’s safe to assume Johnny’s mom laid down the law and told him not to call the police ever again for math or any kind of homework help!

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This Boy Had Disappeared For Two Years. Then Dad Spots Something Underneath The Dresser!

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Divorce and custody battles can bring out the absolute worst in people.  Sometimes parents have such animosity and hate for one another that they simply lose sight of what actually matters, which is what is best for their children.  While we’ve all heard of messy divorces and spiteful ex’s, the story of six year old Richard “Ricky” Chekevdia is one of the more extreme tales to ever arise from a bad breakup.

It all started when Shannon Wilfong and Michael Chekevdia found out they were pregnant back in 2002.  They were excited and happy but had been fighting a lot and the relationship was strained. After their son Ricky was born they decided to break up and share custody of him.  At first things seemed to be going well but that didn’t last long and soon Shannon had reneged on their custody agreement which led to Michael taking her to court for visitation rights.  She never showed up on the day she was supposed to appear and so the judge gave Michael temporary custody. Yet soon after that both Shannon and Ricky just vanished, and no one seemed to know where they had gone.

It soon became apparent that Shannon had run away with their child and a warrant was issued for her arrest.  Things only got worse for Michael when Shannon’s mother, Diane Dobbs, accused him of abusing Ricky and plastered her yard with posters claiming he was a liar and abuser.  Her extreme behavior made Michael suspicious and he suspected that she was somehow in touch with her daughter. The cops ended up searching Diane’s house but found nothing and Michael kept looking for his son.

Two years had passed since his son went missing when an anonymous tip led to the police searching Diane’s house yet again.  They combed through the rooms carefully when they came upon a wood dresser that was pushed up against the wall. They moved it aside and found themselves looking down at a dark hole that led to a small twelve feet long, five feet wide, and four foot tall room.  Down there in the dark room they found Shannon hiding with Ricky, he’d finally been found at last!

It turned out that Diane had hidden her daughter and grandson away for the last 2 years and Michael had been right about his suspicions the whole time.  Despite his ordeal, Ricky seemed to be in good health and was placed with family members while state welfare workers investigated the abuse claims against Michael.  In the meantime, Ricky was just happy to be outside and free again. The cops who found him said that when they let him out of the car, he ran around like he’d never seen outdoors before, it was a bittersweet sight.  

Both Shannon and her mother were arrested, Shannon was charged with felony child abduction, Diane was charged with aiding her.  When freed on bail, Diane tried to make it sound like Ricky had enjoyed his time at her house and wasn’t hidden away inside. However, neighbors refuted this and said they never saw the boy outside, plus he showed signs of isolation.

In 2011 the sad saga finally came to an end.  Shannon pled guilty and got off light with just 2 years probation and a $1500 fine.  Michael finally got full custody of Ricky and looked forward to being the best dad he could be and giving his son the normal life he deserves.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Old Lady Confronts 4 Kids Who Snuck Onto Her Lawn Then Realizes Why and Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

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Neighborhoods all over America are filled with good hard working people who have families to take care of and jobs to go to all week. Sometimes, between taking care of the kids and getting a project done before a deadline at work, it becomes easy to let the little things slide.

For instance, many homes across the country have front or back lawns or both. If you live in an area with it doesn’t rain enough and is prone to droughts the grass can turn brown unsightly and an eyesore to the surrounding neighbors.

On the other hand if you live in a place where it rains a lot, your lawn can become overgrown and have a very unkempt and rather ugly look. Again this will also not be visually appealing to the surrounding neighbors and couldn’t even decrease their property values.

There have been reports of neighbors aggressively walking by and asking people with unkempt lawns if their lawn mower was broken or if they needed to borrow one. Sometimes in the most extreme cases, very aggressive neighbors have been seen mowing a neighbors lawn in the middle of the night not with good intentions!

This is where Home Owners Associations (HOA) or Bylaws come into play. Home owners in neighborhoods want a certain level standard and upkeep of all the surround property and homes. If somebody is letting their grass die or let it overgrow HOA’s and/or Bylaws can intervene.

This brings us to today’s story. It features a 75-year old woman named Gerry Suttle from the town of Rissel, Texas.  Gerry was mailed a summons to come to court about a lot of land she owned across from home.

The lot was in violation of the city ordinances and standards because the grass had grown weigh too high. Her court date came and went and there was no sign of Gerry. She just failed to show up for her court date.

Then an actual warrant was put out for this sweet old lady’s arrest and if she didn’t turn herself in, she risked getting taken from her house in handcuffs and put into a cop car and then placed in jail cell!

The entire time Gerry stuck to her story explaining that the letter never came to her and she did not receive it! This whole situation was quickly snowballing and getting completely out of hand.

One morning she woke up, looked out her window, and saw 4 brothers mowing her lawn! She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes thinking maybe she was dreaming this? Could this really be happening? She went outside and asked the 4 kids what they were doing?

They explained they saw her story on the television, they knew they had the equipment and the manpower so they decided to take matters into their own hands and clean up Gerry’s lot. She was a complete strange to these boys but they felt such empathy for her and couldn’t stand the thought of this sweet old lady going to jail.

As in many small towns, word tends to travel fast about these four strange brothers doing such an amazing thing for a person they didn’t even know. As the news spread Gerry’s neighbors heard that these youngsters were using push mowers and realized these guys were going to needs some help!

Soon neighbors began flocking to the lot to help the four brothers. Within 2 hours the lot was done and it was the most beautiful plot of grass in the whole neighborhood!

But this isn’t where the story ends…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Dad Does When She’s Gone. THIS Is What The Camera Caught

No one wants to give dads a bad rap, but if mom is the primary caretaker, she sometimes is a bit concerned about leaving the kids with him for a prolonged period of time.  Well, anyway, the mom who set up a hidden camera to see exactly what goes on in her absence had some concerns.

I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but one time I left my 2-year-old son home with hubby (many years ago) for a few hours, and came home to find dad asleep and the baby outside taking a walk!  All is well, son has grown up, but that was a scary moment.

The dad in this video has been left in charge with his 3-year-old daughter and her baby sister.  We see the little girl in front of a giant screen tv bopping along to a song with baby in the bouncy chair. Where is dad?  Well, don’t worry, this dad isn’t asleep.  He enters the scene, puts down a laundry basket and what ensues is hilarious!

This mom has nothing to worry about.  Without a self-conscious bone in his body he and his girls enjoy time together that is adorable and heartwarming.  So you think you can dance?  Watch this loving pop in action. His little ones are the apple of his eye and his main priority.  Giggling and fun abound!

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This Girl Was Given Two Different Dolls. Her Reaction To Them Totally Surprised Me!

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Well, it’s about time, isn’t it!? We’ve all known for a long time that Barbie and Ken dolls are an unrealistic representation of woman and man, yet they have continued to be produced and distributed to children world wide.

It can not be denied that the plastic people have contributed to the skewed understanding of beauty that plagues the generations from a very young age. So, finally we meet Lammily. While the doll is still far from realistic, it is a grand improvement when compared to its counterpart.

Second graders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were introduced to Lammily to see what they thought. Their reactions were consistent in welcoming the new doll with open arms and observing the differences between her and the doll they were used to seeing.

It was very evident to the children that Lammily was not only more lifelike, but that because of her features she would be more capable of playing when Barbie would have been inhibited. For example, Lammily has wider hips so is more suited for riding a horse than Barbie. Also, Lammily has normal feet and toes, where Barbie looks like she had her feet bound in four inch heels.

The students in this video responded very positively to the more authentic figurine. They commented that she reminded them of someone they know, and that they liked her soft hair, and natural features. When asked what the two model women would do for work in the real world the children’s answers were candid.

Barbie was seen to be a supermodel, fashion star, make up artist, or a surfer whereas Lammily was viewed to be a teacher, pilot, swimmer, work with a computer or have really any job. The children unanimously stated that between the two dolls they identified more with Lammily and adored her.

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These Children Are Laying Down In an Empty Field Frozen. A Cop Sees THIS and Immediately Begins Running!

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A couple of years ago on Easter weekend in Capel, a small village outside of London, a group of families gathered to hunt for Easter eggs. About 30 children were taking part in the charity event and happily took to a large field to look for chocolate eggs that had been hidden while their parents watched on from the sidelines.

Suddenly the peaceful scene was interrupted by a loud helicopter that appeared in the sky above them and they could see that it was a National Police helicopter circling overhead. A few moments later, some of the kids spotted a man running along the edge of the field. He was a stranger no one recognized and as they watched him, he took off his shirt and wrapped it over his head. The kids put two and two together and realized the police must be looking for this strange man, but from where the helicopter hovered over the trees, the cops wouldn’t be able to spot him.

Wanting to help, the children jumped up and down, waved their hands, and pointed towards the man but the helicopter didn’t seem to notice or respond to their actions. If they didn’t act fast the man was going to get away and so the kids suddenly began to all drop down to the ground. The quick thinking kids had laid their bodies out to form a human arrow that clearly pointed the way towards the suspect and there was no way the pilots could miss them!

Up above in the helicopter the pilots were somewhat unsure about what they were seeing down below. At first, they assumed the kids were trying to trick them but then decided to check out the unexpected tip anyways. They flew over the woods where the arrow pointed and switched on the thermal imaging cameras, that’s when they saw a person moving erratically through the dense thicket of trees. They had their man and after relaying the information to police on the ground he was soon captured and brought into custody.

As it turned out, the Surrey police had received reports of a break in at an old abandoned factory nearby and had called the helicopter to aid in their search for the suspects. They ended up arresting two men on suspicion of burglary charges.

Once the search was over, the helicopter team landed nearby so they could thank the kids for their help. Everyone was excited and happy that it had turned out so well and some of the children even shared the chocolate eggs they had found with the officers. When the Surrey police shared a picture of the children forming the human arrow, it quickly went viral. The kids still can’t believe how much attention their clever action has received and are just happy to have been able to help.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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