This Girl Was Given Two Different Dolls. Her Reaction To Them Totally Surprised Me!

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Well, it’s about time, isn’t it!? We’ve all known for a long time that Barbie and Ken dolls are an unrealistic representation of woman and man, yet they have continued to be produced and distributed to children world wide.

It can not be denied that the plastic people have contributed to the skewed understanding of beauty that plagues the generations from a very young age. So, finally we meet Lammily. While the doll is still far from realistic, it is a grand improvement when compared to its counterpart.

Second graders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were introduced to Lammily to see what they thought. Their reactions were consistent in welcoming the new doll with open arms and observing the differences between her and the doll they were used to seeing.

It was very evident to the children that Lammily was not only more lifelike, but that because of her features she would be more capable of playing when Barbie would have been inhibited. For example, Lammily has wider hips so is more suited for riding a horse than Barbie. Also, Lammily has normal feet and toes, where Barbie looks like she had her feet bound in four inch heels.

The students in this video responded very positively to the more authentic figurine. They commented that she reminded them of someone they know, and that they liked her soft hair, and natural features. When asked what the two model women would do for work in the real world the children’s answers were candid.

Barbie was seen to be a supermodel, fashion star, make up artist, or a surfer whereas Lammily was viewed to be a teacher, pilot, swimmer, work with a computer or have really any job. The children unanimously stated that between the two dolls they identified more with Lammily and adored her.

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