This Grandma Starts Running In The Rain. When I Found Out The Reason I Broke Down

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When you’re young and innocent playing in the rain is a fun and enjoyable experience. When you grow older, getting caught in the rain is oftentimes an annoying inconvenience. The once spontaneous and refreshing feeling of being outside under falling skies fades for most people, as they age and take on more and more responsibilities.

We often forget the fact that getting a little wet really isn’t all that bad and before you know it you end up drying off. This incredible short film, “Light Rain,” is based on a true story written by Bob Perks. It serves as a simple and symbolic reminder for people to put things into perspective and to not be so scared of life.

The film, uploaded to YouTube channel imageynation, was directed by Neil Horner and produced by Stephanie Wrate. In the creator’s own words, they sought to remind us “of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis.”

In the video all the people are huddled together out of the rain, waiting for it to end so they can resume their days. A mother and her child are among the group and the little girl wants to run in the rain, but her mom is against the idea.

Then the girl says something that makes everyone stop and listen, it gets them thinking and puts whatever thoughts that may have had running through their minds into a new perspective. Moments later the somber scene suddenly changes and everyone breaks free.

Watch to see what happens and take a moment to think about the message the film conveys.

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