Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Dad Does When She’s Gone. THIS Is What The Camera Caught

No one wants to give dads a bad rap, but if mom is the primary caretaker, she sometimes is a bit concerned about leaving the kids with him for a prolonged period of time.  Well, anyway, the mom who set up a hidden camera to see exactly what goes on in her absence had some concerns.

I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but one time I left my 2-year-old son home with hubby (many years ago) for a few hours, and came home to find dad asleep and the baby outside taking a walk!  All is well, son has grown up, but that was a scary moment.

The dad in this video has been left in charge with his 3-year-old daughter and her baby sister.  We see the little girl in front of a giant screen tv bopping along to a song with baby in the bouncy chair. Where is dad?  Well, don’t worry, this dad isn’t asleep.  He enters the scene, puts down a laundry basket and what ensues is hilarious!

This mom has nothing to worry about.  Without a self-conscious bone in his body he and his girls enjoy time together that is adorable and heartwarming.  So you think you can dance?  Watch this loving pop in action. His little ones are the apple of his eye and his main priority.  Giggling and fun abound!

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Her Baby Began Acting Very Strange. Then Mom’s Hidden Camera Caught The Babysitter Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

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Hiring a babysitter is an arduous task and one that most mothers have to deal with. Maybe mom is returning to work or wants to go on a date night. She has to find someone who she can entrust with the safety of her precious child. For one couple, this proved more difficult than normal.

Arizona couple Chris and Whitney were happily raising their baby Raley. Chris was working full time and Whitney wanted to go back to law school. They knew that they would need to hire a nanny so Whitney could pursue her dream. They looked and looked but repeatedly came up short in the search for a suitable nanny.

Then, a voice from Whitney’s past reached out. Melissa, a fellow high school classmate of Whitney’s, reached out after seeing Whitney’s post of Facebook. Whitney did a background check on Melissa and saw only positive things. They met and the job was arranged

A few weeks later, Whitney and Chris noticed a change in their child’s behavior. She seemed more skittish and anxious. She also would hide behind Whitney whenever Melissa came over. The couple sensed something was wrong but couldn’t prove it.

Chris and Whitney decided to hide a secret camera to check in on the nanny. They left one night with the camera hidden. When they came back, they dismissed Melissa and checked the camera. It had clearly been moved as it was now facing the wall.

Whitney took the camera and began to review the footage. She was shocked by what she saw. The couple watched in horror as Melissa violently shook and pushed their daughter on the screen. Quickly, they formulated a plan. They called Melissa over to watch their kid that night. When she arrived, she was greeted by the local police.

Thankfully, she was now in custody. It’s hard to imagine that these horror stories could actually happen to you, but it only goes to show careful we need to be when letting strangers into our lives.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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They Heard Strange Noises Coming From The Attic. They Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS

When it comes to ghosts and spirits people are generally split into two categories; those who believe in them and those who do not. Many people say “seeing is believing” but that doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to paranormal activity. A lot of people view whatever evidence there is of spirits, ghosts, and apparitions with preconceived notions that it’s all not real.

It is too easy to write off the many photos, documents, first hand accounts, and videos as either forgeries, lies, or doctored images and tapes. In this day and age people need to rationalize and explain everything, and since paranormal activity is not truly understood, any possible proof of it is quickly disregarded as manipulated, set up, or photo-shopped.

One thing that is for certain is that strange things seem to happen in home basements or attics. It seems like spirits and ghosts prefer those spots over any other rooms in the house. Maybe the dark, quiet spaces are better suited for paranormal needs.

Regardless of whatever the reason is, those places are scary enough on their own, especially when you have an overactive imagination. However, when you notice that something strange is indeed happening in your attic, you naturally want to get to the bottom of it. After all, it’s very disconcerting to hear noises or activity coming from a part of your home that should be empty.

Plus, what if there is an animal living up there, you can’t just ignore it. When Donna and Revan Smith noticed that something strange was happening in their attic they naturally checked it out. Seeing no evidence of animals or any obvious signs that could point to the source of the noises they kept hearing at night, they assumed it was perhaps a ghost.

So they set up a camera in the attic in hopes of catching whatever it was in action and placed what they termed “3 trigger objects” in view of the lens to see if the spirit would interact with them. You can see the items in the clip, they are a ball, a flashlight, and a creepy looking doll.

With everything set up and in place the Smith’s switched the camera on and retreated to their bedroom which is located right below the attic. They’d set up the camera feed so that it played live through their TV and they could see everything happening in real time.

Seeing if they could get a reaction, Donna asked any spirit that may be present to give them a sign. Unbelievably, a spirit or ghost or something responded by switching on the flashlight they’d left. The ghost then turned it off, and Donna asked if could do it again.

You can see the flashlight turn back on a second time and then off. According to the video comments, the flashlight was an LED type, which do not turn on and off by themselves. Thus, a force that cannot be explained appears to be turning the flashlight on and off!

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this video evidence is too good to simply ignore. Check it out and decide whether or not you think the event captured is the work of a ghost or something else…

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Sneaky Twins Don’t Know They’re On Hidden Cam. They Notice Mom’s Watching Then An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

The special bond that twins share has been well-documented, beginning with their time shared in the womb and continuing throughout their lives.  They are so fortunate to experience a lifetime of closeness; from the moment they enter the world they are blessed with a best friend.

We have watched many movies, in which twins come up with all kinds of fun secrets and plans, as they romp through their childhood together.  You expect to see that kind of behavior as they mature.  In this video, two adorable twin girls in cribs, are being watched by their mom on the baby monitor.

Standing in their cribs giggling and “baby bantering” past bedtime, Miya and Keira, are suddenly surprised by mommy Judy’s voice coming through the monitor.  These tiny “partners-in crime”, immediately have an identical response, that made me laugh out loud!  Enjoy this adorable moment.

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Hidden Cameras Caught Her Leaving Her Place, The Guy Following Her Never Expected Her To Do THIS

We, who can hear without a problem, take our ability to communicate in this world for granted. Imagine what it would be like to hail a taxi and not be able to tell the driver where you want
to go; to see your sister be able to say hello to acquaintances on the street and have them greet her back and you can’t. There are a multitude of instances where the hearing impaired face interpersonal barriers on a daily basis.

Then, one particular day you walk into the world of the hearing, and everyone you encounter can sign. Without his knowledge, Muharrem who is hearing impaired, got to experience the world without communication barriers.

This was because his devoted sister teamed up with Samsung, to have seemingly random strangers around his neighborhood, sign to him as if this were nothing unusual. They set up cameras everywhere to catch his bewildered yet very pleased reactions to these unusual greetings.

At the end, Samsung’s camera people reveal themselves and you must watch to see the joy and overwhelming emotion of Muharrem. The video is a reminder of how small acts of kindness can be so important in people’s lives; how taking the time to help the handicapped in whatever deficiency they have to grapple with, can not only improve their day but your own. Nothing is more gratifying than service. Enjoy this heartwarming video.

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They Had a Weird Feeling The Dog Walker Was Up To No Good. So They Placed Hidden Cam and Caught This

Dog walkers are hired to do one main thing, walk the dog, and yet for one Florida woman even that proved to be too much. According to WFTS Tampa Bay, the area’s local ABC News station, a South Tampa couple caught their dog walker not holding up her end of the deal.

Eight months ago Shelly Scamardo and her husband hired a woman to walk their two rescue dogs once a day while they were at work. They agreed that the woman would come to the house at around noon-time to bring the couple’s adorable little Yorkies outside for some fresh air, a nice walk, and a chance to relieve themselves.

At first everything seemed to be working out well and there were no issues. However, a few months later they noticed a change and their dogs started having more and more accidents than usual inside the house. This naturally concerned the Scamardos because the two little dogs were like their children and if something was wrong, or they weren’t feeling well, they wanted to know so they could help them.

That’s why they decided to set up a surveillance camera, to get to the bottom of it all and see what was really going on while they were out. What the video revealed was eye opening to say the least and shed some much needed light on why their pets were messing inside more than usual. It turned out that the dog walker wasn’t even walking the poor dogs. Instead, she would come to the home, turn off the alarm, and write a few notes on a dry erase board. Then she’d dilly dally around for a few minutes, take the leashes out of the kitchen drawer and place them on the counter top, before re-setting the alarm and leaving. Not once did she place a leash on either of the two little dogs, nor did she even let them out in the yard so they could relieve themselves.

When the Scamardo’s saw the footage they were shocked and hurt, with Shelly telling the news that “We feel really taken advantage of.” When her husband confronted the dog walker about the video, the woman ended up admitting to all of it and not walking the dogs. However, she has not been formally charged with any crime and so the news station has chosen to not identify her name or what her dog walking business is called. A reporter did go to her house to ask her some questions but she turned them down and refused to go on camera.

In the end, the Scamardo’s just want to get their story out so that others in their position don’t end up getting scammed how they did. They suggest getting a pet cam or some other type of security camera installed, as well as taking other precautionary measures, to ensure that any person you hire to care for your pets is indeed doing their job. After all, you’re giving someone complete access to not only your pets, but also your house and schedule. A little extra attention in regards to what that person is up to can make a huge difference not only for your life, but for your pet’s well-being too.

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