They Had a Weird Feeling The Dog Walker Was Up To No Good. So They Placed Hidden Cam and Caught This

Dog walkers are hired to do one main thing, walk the dog, and yet for one Florida woman even that proved to be too much. According to WFTS Tampa Bay, the area’s local ABC News station, a South Tampa couple caught their dog walker not holding up her end of the deal.

Eight months ago Shelly Scamardo and her husband hired a woman to walk their two rescue dogs once a day while they were at work. They agreed that the woman would come to the house at around noon-time to bring the couple’s adorable little Yorkies outside for some fresh air, a nice walk, and a chance to relieve themselves.

At first everything seemed to be working out well and there were no issues. However, a few months later they noticed a change and their dogs started having more and more accidents than usual inside the house. This naturally concerned the Scamardos because the two little dogs were like their children and if something was wrong, or they weren’t feeling well, they wanted to know so they could help them.

That’s why they decided to set up a surveillance camera, to get to the bottom of it all and see what was really going on while they were out. What the video revealed was eye opening to say the least and shed some much needed light on why their pets were messing inside more than usual. It turned out that the dog walker wasn’t even walking the poor dogs. Instead, she would come to the home, turn off the alarm, and write a few notes on a dry erase board. Then she’d dilly dally around for a few minutes, take the leashes out of the kitchen drawer and place them on the counter top, before re-setting the alarm and leaving. Not once did she place a leash on either of the two little dogs, nor did she even let them out in the yard so they could relieve themselves.

When the Scamardo’s saw the footage they were shocked and hurt, with Shelly telling the news that “We feel really taken advantage of.” When her husband confronted the dog walker about the video, the woman ended up admitting to all of it and not walking the dogs. However, she has not been formally charged with any crime and so the news station has chosen to not identify her name or what her dog walking business is called. A reporter did go to her house to ask her some questions but she turned them down and refused to go on camera.

In the end, the Scamardo’s just want to get their story out so that others in their position don’t end up getting scammed how they did. They suggest getting a pet cam or some other type of security camera installed, as well as taking other precautionary measures, to ensure that any person you hire to care for your pets is indeed doing their job. After all, you’re giving someone complete access to not only your pets, but also your house and schedule. A little extra attention in regards to what that person is up to can make a huge difference not only for your life, but for your pet’s well-being too.

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