Mommy Asks Her Baby A Question. The Little Girl Responds and Dad Can’t Stop Laughing.

Baby talk should be called something else because the sounds that come out of a baby’s mouth aren’t really words, so they really are not even talking! The stream of random goo-goo-ga-ga-ba-da-da noises that babies love to chirp out is virtually impossible to understand. Man has yet to figure out a way to translate or interpret their gibberish and it’s anyone’s guess as to what meanings or words they may be trying to convey.

This language barrier doesn’t stop young children from holding full length, animated conversations from time to time! The baby in this video is at that stage in life where she’s just starting to talk and find her voice. Check out the weird, mini-conversation of sorts that she had with her parents in the car after a party. At one point her mother asked her “do you remember who was all there?” and lets’ just say the girl had a lot to say!

The video’s title is spot on, aliens may have indeed been communicating through this little girl’s body! So if you love happy little children and all their joyful gibberish, this babbling baby’s for you!

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