He Scatters Tea Bags All Around His Vehicle. The Reason Why Is Brilliant.

Riding around in smelly car is never fun. Some odors can even give you a headache, especially if you’re sensitive to smells. From old spilled food and beverages to moisture trapped inside, a wide variety of causes can make a car stinky. On top of that, gross odors usually stick around much longer and smell ten times worse in small, hot, enclosed spaces like car interiors.

When your car smells, you have to act and do something to eliminate it or else the stench will only stick around and get even worse. Instead of reaching for aerosol sprays or air fresheners and spending a bunch of money, try using tea bags!

Tea bags are perfect for making your car smell fresh and clean. Their natural deodorizing effects make them the most inexpensive and easy way to combat nasty smells. Rather than just temporarily mask odors, they effectively absorb them, which makes them great for freshening up damp, dank spaces. Lots of people toss a few in trash bins and shoes to help cut down on the stink and as YouTube’s OnePotChefShow explains, tea bags work just as excellent in cars!

The only thing you need to do is pick up a box of flavored tea if you don’t already have some on hand. Place a few of the dry tea bags around the interior of your car and the smell will quickly disappear. The One Pot Chef recommends cinnamon and vanilla flavored teas since they work great and smell pleasant. The bags will absorb any moisture in the air, which is often the cause of stale smells, and last for months. In fact, one box of tea will easily last you at least a year or more!

This simple trick just goes to show that you don’t have to drink your tea to enjoy it! If you have some tea bags that have been sitting in your kitchen go grab them now and toss a few under your car seats. That way the next time you drive both you and any passengers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the car ride!

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