She Sticks An Old Rose Stem Inside a Potato. 2 Weeks Later It Completely Transforms.

There is nothing that can lift your spirits, than when unexpectedly, you receive a fresh bouquet of flowers!  Whether it’s for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, or just an “I care about you day”; it’s simply wonderful.

While cut flowers, when fresh, make your day special, their freshness is unfortunately short-lived.  By day 3 the dreaded wilting begins, and you desperately try to savor the ones that still seem to be standing.  Tips like recutting the stem, adding vodka, a penny or even sugar are some tricks of the trade…but they are very temporary solutions to saving cut flowers.

The video you are about to watch below, offers an ingenious way to actually REGROW the ROOTS of ROSES…using a POTATO!!!  This prolongs your ability to savor your pleasure from your bouquet of roses for far longer than ever before. You will need: One or several CUT ROSES you want to REGROW; A FLOWER POT in which to grow it; a POTATO;  PLASTIC BOTTLE and SOIL.  

As you will see illustrated in the video, removing the dead rose head, leaves, and cutting the stems of the flowers you want to revive on a 45 degree angle, will prepare them for placement in the potato.  Cutting a hole in the spud that will fit the stem exactly, and then completing the process with good potting soil and the plastic bottle, will prepare you for this great tutorial, in which you will be shown how to create your own little greenhouse, that will SPROUT FRESH ROSES!

Within a couple of weeks if all goes well you will have a nice batch of fresh roses! 🙂

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