These Children Are Laying Down In an Empty Field Frozen. A Cop Sees THIS and Immediately Begins Running!

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A couple of years ago on Easter weekend in Capel, a small village outside of London, a group of families gathered to hunt for Easter eggs. About 30 children were taking part in the charity event and happily took to a large field to look for chocolate eggs that had been hidden while their parents watched on from the sidelines.

Suddenly the peaceful scene was interrupted by a loud helicopter that appeared in the sky above them and they could see that it was a National Police helicopter circling overhead. A few moments later, some of the kids spotted a man running along the edge of the field. He was a stranger no one recognized and as they watched him, he took off his shirt and wrapped it over his head. The kids put two and two together and realized the police must be looking for this strange man, but from where the helicopter hovered over the trees, the cops wouldn’t be able to spot him.

Wanting to help, the children jumped up and down, waved their hands, and pointed towards the man but the helicopter didn’t seem to notice or respond to their actions. If they didn’t act fast the man was going to get away and so the kids suddenly began to all drop down to the ground. The quick thinking kids had laid their bodies out to form a human arrow that clearly pointed the way towards the suspect and there was no way the pilots could miss them!

Up above in the helicopter the pilots were somewhat unsure about what they were seeing down below. At first, they assumed the kids were trying to trick them but then decided to check out the unexpected tip anyways. They flew over the woods where the arrow pointed and switched on the thermal imaging cameras, that’s when they saw a person moving erratically through the dense thicket of trees. They had their man and after relaying the information to police on the ground he was soon captured and brought into custody.

As it turned out, the Surrey police had received reports of a break in at an old abandoned factory nearby and had called the helicopter to aid in their search for the suspects. They ended up arresting two men on suspicion of burglary charges.

Once the search was over, the helicopter team landed nearby so they could thank the kids for their help. Everyone was excited and happy that it had turned out so well and some of the children even shared the chocolate eggs they had found with the officers. When the Surrey police shared a picture of the children forming the human arrow, it quickly went viral. The kids still can’t believe how much attention their clever action has received and are just happy to have been able to help.

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