Watch This Baby Moose Come Face To Face With a Soldier In The Woods

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Last year Estonia was holding the country’s largest ever military exercises to help train and test their troops.  Soldiers were stationed all across the country with allies from NATO taking part as well. The war games went off without a hitch and bolstered Estonia’s defenses, they also led to a chance encounter of a lifetime for a few soldiers out in the field.

One unit had been stationed by the shores of Lake Võrtsjärv, the largest lake located in the middle of the country, when a soldier came across a baby moose.  Erich Jyri Prikko, a conscription member of the Estonian Defense Force, had gone into the woods to use the bathroom when a strange noise caught his attention. 

He described it as sounding like a cat or baby, and when he looked up, he saw a small animal ahead in the dense brush. At first, he thought it was a dog but when the animal moved towards him, he could see that it was actually a little baby moose calf.  

The calf seemed to be alone as there were no other moose in the area and its cries were heartbreaking.  Prikko assumed it must have been lost and separated from its mother somehow which wasn’t good because it was so small and clearly very young.  Hoping that the baby moose would wander off in search of its mother, he decided to sit on the ground and make himself appear as non-threatening as possible.  

His plan backfired because the calf wandered over to him instead and began to nuzzle his face and neck, it even nuzzled under his armpit!  The calf must have been hungry and was trying to nurse thinking perhaps Prikko had some milk. After that the little moose had won him over and he knew he couldn’t just leave the poor baby all alone in the woods.  

He walked off and called a veterinarian to ask about what he should do and was told to leave the calf where it was found and monitor the situation.  He was also advised to bring a bottle of milk in case he needed to feed the calf if its mother didn’t come back. For the rest of the day Prikko and his unit laid low and did their best to not disturb the area, they didn’t want to risk scaring off the mother.

That night they heard a moose call in the distance and the very next morning large moose tracks were spotted in the mud.  The baby calf was gone, it had more than likely been reunited with its mother. The memorable interaction made a lasting impression on Prikko and his unit. 

They went above and beyond their duty to protect and even though they were on a training mission, it didn’t mean they couldn’t have a heart and act with compassion towards those who need it most, like the small defenseless moose.    

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TSA Heard Someone Yell Don’t Let Him Onboard! Then They See THIS Soldier On His Phone In Tears!

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Most of us can’t really understand or appreciate the complete magnitude of what the soldiers in our country sacrifice day in and day out for us. These great men and women truly deserve to be celebrated for what they do. Not only do they all leave their family and friends when they are on active duty, but they miss out on the important events in life, such as their child’s first steps, their wedding anniversary, their jobs or even the little things like a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

They are out there in the trenches sacrificing their bodies and m,any of these men and women never make it back home alive. Many are permanently wounded physically and mentally and suffer from all sorts of mental illness such as anxiety and PTSD.

Today we focus in on a great story featuring an active duty soldier named Brooks Lindsay. At the time he was deployed, his wife was pregnant and the date was set for their baby girl’s birth. Brooks set up his schedule that he could fly back home from deployment 14 days before her actual due date just to make sure he didn’t miss the big moment when his daughter would be born!

Like most stuff in life, things tend to not go exactly how you plan them. As the due date drew closer, his wife began to realize something didn’t feel right. She went to her doctor who did an exam and realized she and her soon to be daughter were suffering from preeclampsia under a heavy load of stress! This set off a domino effect of changes, which would ultimately lead her to an induced labor 14 days before the planned date.

Remember, Brooks was thinking ahead and wanted to make sure he didn’t miss this moment and also be there to hold his wife’s hand, breathe and just support her during the whole birthing process. So as the doctors were inducing his wife’s labor, Brooks was trapped at the airport! When he got the news that she was in labor now and the birth was going to happen within the next hour or two he was completely devastated. Luckily his mother jumped into action and was their the whole time giving his wife support during the entire birth.

Not only that, his lovely mother, who happens to be quite tech savvy got him on FaceTime video chat on her phone so Brooks could be their at least in digital form. As the birth proceeded, it began to look like there was a snowball effect of complications compiling on each other. Brooks watched helplessly from the airport wishing he could just jump through his phone and be with his wife and soon to be daughter in the flesh.

Then over the loudspeaker the announcement called for his flight to begin boarding. Feeling even more down now that he would miss the finale of the birth and he wouldn’t even be sure if his wife or baby would be fine until he landed. He grabbed his carry on and began walking towards the line to get into the terminal. Then suddenly a voice pierced through the entire airport, “Don’t let that man board this flight!”

Upon hearing this obviously the TSA and Airport security and staff immediately went into high alert. But they quickly realized where the strange voice was coming from. It was emanating out of the man’s smart phone through FaceTime! It was his wife’s doctor who was in charge of her pregnancy and birth. The doctor knew it would only take 2-3 more pushes and the baby would be born, but if Brooks got on that plane he would miss the moment he waited so long to see and experience.

When the Airport Staff realized what was happening and that there was no threat, just an incredible miracle about to unfold. The amazing staff and TSA at the airport did something that is pretty much unheard of in the airline industry…. They delayed the flight to let this soldier watch his baby daughter be born. Word quickly traveled through the airport and soon pretty much everyone who was boarding everyone on the surround flights and pretty much all humans in between were watching Brooks as he stood seated glued to his FaceTime on his phone!

A fellow passenger on the flight named Tracy Dover quickly pulled out her phone and began to record the soldier watching his baby be born. Just as the doctor promised within the next 3 pushes and only a few minutes later the soldier’s daughter was born and he boarded the flight.

As soon as the plane landed, he ran to the terminal, grabbed his bags, flagged a taxi and head directly to the hospital! When he got there he was so filled with joy and happiness seeing his wife and new princess healthy, safe and sound.

Around the same time, Tracy Dover the girl who filmed the soldier watching his wife give birth on his FaceTime uploaded it to social media. Within just a few days, the video spread like wildfire and becoming an instantly viral!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS U.S. Soldier In Line At Taco Bell Stops Dead In His Tracks After He Hears 2 Kids Talking Behind Him!

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Soldiers sacrifice a lot to keep our country safe.  They train tirelessly and are sent on deployments all over the world in some of the toughest, most dangerous places on Earth.  That’s why they’re taught to be disciplined, self-sufficient, and strong. Sometimes they even go beyond the call of duty when looking out for others and Lt. Col. Robert Risdon Jr., a U.S. Army Ranger, happens to be one of those men.  

The father of two is stationed in Georgia where he’s the head coach of the Columbus Lions, the Fort Benning football team.  He had been travelling through Alabama after watching a practice for an upcoming Senior Bowl game on a cold, rainy day with his co-coach Jason Gibson when the pair decided to stop off for a quick bite to eat at a local Taco Bell.  After ordering their food they sat down at a booth to eat when two young boys came into the restaurant.   

The boys looked tired, cold, and were soaking wet after being out in the storm.  They had come to Taco Bell to try and sell homemade desserts to raise money for their church and had figured the dinnertime rush was the ideal time to so.  They went up to Lt. Risdon’s table and asked him if he’d like to buy any of the treats that they had for sale but since he only had a credit card and no cash on him, he politely declined.  

However, seeing that the boys were clearly cold and hungry, he asked them if they’d eaten dinner yet.  The nine and twelve year old kids told him they had not and so he told them he’d buy them some tacos and sodas.  Upon hearing this awesome news the boy’s smiled and immediately perked up. They all went to stand in line and after they got their food they sat down together to eat and have a nice little chat.  

Lt. Risdon didn’t know that while he was in line with the boys, his co-coach Jason Gibson had been recording the good deed.  He thought it was wonderful that his friend was looking out for the kids and being so thoughtful. When they got back to the base, he posted a clip online and soon people everywhere were sharing it and loving the simple act of kindness.  

As for Lt. Risdon, he was taken aback by the reaction and told the Huffington Post “I’m kinda embarrassed and humbled by the praise and don’t need it.  I am a believer that we live in the best country in the world with the best people and that acts of kindness happen every day.” As a father of two, his heart naturally went out to the young boys and he simply wanted to help them out .  Since he couldn’t buy their homemade desserts, he bought them dinner instead.

Watch the video below to get the entire story:

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Video: This Hero Soldier Throws Himself On a Grenade To Save His Friend and Gets a Medal Of Honor

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When someone enlists in the armed forces, they can never truly know where the future will take them.  Once basic training is over many find themselves far away from home overseas and some end up in combat. 

William Kyle Carpenter was a soldier who had been deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.  He had joined the US Marines after graduating high school and knew full well the risks and danger his job and position entailed.  William and his squad had been sent to Helmand Province, Afghanistan’s most dangerous area due to high insurgent activity, with orders to set up a patrol base in a small village.  

On the morning of November 20, 2010, the group was attacked by the enemy who used rockets, small arms and sniper fire, as well as grenades against the soldiers.  William had taken position on a corner rooftop along with a fellow marine when a grenade was suddenly tossed onto the roof right near them. Having only a split second to react, William threw his body over the grenade to shield his friend from the blast.  

When the grenade went off it tore through Williams body and wounded him severely.  He suffered multiple face fractures and fragment injuries, a third of his lower jaw was missing, his lung collapsed, and his skull was fractured to the point he needed brain surgery.  His brave action ended up saving the life of his fellow marine, and he was immediately evacuated to the nearest hospital.  

When he arrived at Camp Bastion, he had been declared PE, patient expired, meaning that doctors didn’t think he’d survive his horrendous injuries.  Though all the odds were against him, William did survive. He had lost his right eye and most of his teeth, he had scars all over his body, but he had saved a friend’s life and somehow pulled through.  After over 40 surgeries and countless hours of rehabilitation it was only through sheer willpower and determination that he overcame his injuries.  

On June 19, 2014, President Barack Obama awarded Corporal Carpenter with the Medal of Honor at a White House ceremony.  It’s the highest personal military honor that anyone can receive and is only given to those who have acted with extraordinary bravery and valor.  When he threw his body on the grenade and sacrificed himself for a fellow marine, he went above and beyond the call of duty that day. 

The fallout from his injuries meant that William could no longer serve as a soldier.  He was medically retired from the army and moved on with his life. He attended the University of South Carolina where he received a degree in international studies in 2017. 

Despite his physical and emotional scars, he tries to see the positive side of life. The very fact that he is alive and can walk around freely today is reason enough for him to be okay with what happened.  Rather than live with regret, he lives with acceptance of what happened and is just happy that both he and the friend he saved that fateful day are alive and well.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Soldier Became Best Friends With 3 Strays But After A Bomb Went Off No One Expected THIS! I Have Chills!

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It is hard to imagine what it is like to be a soldier serving our country in Afghanistan.  The daily anxiety of whether you will make it through each day, in an area where your life is constantly under threat, is truly unimaginable.

Although the men and women who serve are at another level of bravery, anything that can give them comfort to say sane and balanced is most welcome.  For Sgt. Chris Duke this comfort came in the form of three stray dogs who provided company and the warm feeling of home.

Sgt. Duke befriended these dogs, whom he named Sacha, Rufus and Target.  One night as he and the other 50 soldiers in the barrack were asleep, they were awakened by the three dogs barking loudly.  A suicide bomber had made his way into the camp, with the intention of setting off a bomb and killing all the men.

The dogs heard the intruder and then attacked him before he could enter the barracks, saving all 50 men.  Sadly, he set off the bomb, and Sacha was so badly hurt that he had to be put to sleep; Rufus and Target survived. After his tour was over Sgt. Duke returned home but couldn’t stop thinking about his pals Rufus and Target.

The video below tells the rest of this incredibly heartwarming story. Let us know what you think about this incredible story!

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