Watch This Baby Moose Come Face To Face With a Soldier In The Woods

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Last year Estonia was holding the country’s largest ever military exercises to help train and test their troops.  Soldiers were stationed all across the country with allies from NATO taking part as well. The war games went off without a hitch and bolstered Estonia’s defenses, they also led to a chance encounter of a lifetime for a few soldiers out in the field.

One unit had been stationed by the shores of Lake Võrtsjärv, the largest lake located in the middle of the country, when a soldier came across a baby moose.  Erich Jyri Prikko, a conscription member of the Estonian Defense Force, had gone into the woods to use the bathroom when a strange noise caught his attention. 

He described it as sounding like a cat or baby, and when he looked up, he saw a small animal ahead in the dense brush. At first, he thought it was a dog but when the animal moved towards him, he could see that it was actually a little baby moose calf.  

The calf seemed to be alone as there were no other moose in the area and its cries were heartbreaking.  Prikko assumed it must have been lost and separated from its mother somehow which wasn’t good because it was so small and clearly very young.  Hoping that the baby moose would wander off in search of its mother, he decided to sit on the ground and make himself appear as non-threatening as possible.  

His plan backfired because the calf wandered over to him instead and began to nuzzle his face and neck, it even nuzzled under his armpit!  The calf must have been hungry and was trying to nurse thinking perhaps Prikko had some milk. After that the little moose had won him over and he knew he couldn’t just leave the poor baby all alone in the woods.  

He walked off and called a veterinarian to ask about what he should do and was told to leave the calf where it was found and monitor the situation.  He was also advised to bring a bottle of milk in case he needed to feed the calf if its mother didn’t come back. For the rest of the day Prikko and his unit laid low and did their best to not disturb the area, they didn’t want to risk scaring off the mother.

That night they heard a moose call in the distance and the very next morning large moose tracks were spotted in the mud.  The baby calf was gone, it had more than likely been reunited with its mother. The memorable interaction made a lasting impression on Prikko and his unit. 

They went above and beyond their duty to protect and even though they were on a training mission, it didn’t mean they couldn’t have a heart and act with compassion towards those who need it most, like the small defenseless moose.    

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Family Spots and Films a Moose In Their Backyard. But Watch His Antlers Very Closely.

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Out of all the many animals in the world that you don’t want to mess with, moose should rank high up on the list. As much as they may seem like giant, gentle deer that graze all day long on shrubs, mosses, and plants, don’t let their vegetarian diet or appearance fool you.

An adult moose can do a whole lot of damage if it feels threatened or in danger. Males in particular are very territorial and aggressive, especially during mating season. That’s why if you ever stumble upon one in the wild, it’s recommended that you avoid looking it in the eye or stomping your feet. In fact, it’s best to not make any noise and quietly back off to a safe distance if you’re able to because they can run at speeds as fast as 35 mph and won’t hesitate to use their antlers to fight!

The bony paddle racks that males sport are one of their most impressive physical features and rightly so. Bull moose depend on them during mating season to both attract a lady moose and dominate younger rivals. The larger the rack, the more intimidating, the sight alone is usually enough to scare a less endowed bull moose off.

Towards the end of the year, as mating season comes to an end, males begin to shed their antlers and what you see in the accompanying video occurs. This is an extremely rare sight that was captured on home video by a lucky family who live near Laramie, Wyoming. As you can see, the moose was wandering around in the snow outside their house foraging for food to graze on. He stopped to have a look around and shook his head while standing with his back to the camera.

That was when one of his antlers literally fell off his head and dropped to the ground. According to Kim Eberhart, who lives at the cabin and witnessed the rare event in person, “The moose shook his head and his paddle fell off right in front of us! It was amazing.” It really is something special and you simply have to see this for yourself because it’s so cool.

Check it out and hopefully you learned some new moose facts that you can use from this!

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THIS Rare Video Of a Giant Moose Was Caught. But When He Shakes His Head The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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The Eberhart family were at their cabin just outside of Laramie, Wyoming in November of 2015. Out of their window, in a picturesque snowy field, they witness the peaceful scene of a moose sauntering along.

They immediately start to film the beautiful animal, when it suddenly shakes his head, and they literally can not believe their eyes. In the video below you will see what the family witnessed. Kim Eberhart relayed the moment to “National Geographic”, saying, that as the moose shook his head one of his antlers fell off!

You will hear the astonishment of the family in the background, as they keep the camera rolling. As they utter their worst fears for the animal, you will see the actual facts about moose pop up, alerting us that this usually painless occurrence is part of the male moose’s mating season!

This short footage is mesmerizing; despite the fact that we find out that this shedding of the antlers is normal, actually catching the moment that it occurs is very rarely seen. I found that getting a glimpse into such an unexpected moment in the life of a moose, was an awesome thing to behold.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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