THIS U.S. Soldier In Line At Taco Bell Stops Dead In His Tracks After He Hears 2 Kids Talking Behind Him!

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Soldiers sacrifice a lot to keep our country safe.  They train tirelessly and are sent on deployments all over the world in some of the toughest, most dangerous places on Earth.  That’s why they’re taught to be disciplined, self-sufficient, and strong. Sometimes they even go beyond the call of duty when looking out for others and Lt. Col. Robert Risdon Jr., a U.S. Army Ranger, happens to be one of those men.  

The father of two is stationed in Georgia where he’s the head coach of the Columbus Lions, the Fort Benning football team.  He had been travelling through Alabama after watching a practice for an upcoming Senior Bowl game on a cold, rainy day with his co-coach Jason Gibson when the pair decided to stop off for a quick bite to eat at a local Taco Bell.  After ordering their food they sat down at a booth to eat when two young boys came into the restaurant.   

The boys looked tired, cold, and were soaking wet after being out in the storm.  They had come to Taco Bell to try and sell homemade desserts to raise money for their church and had figured the dinnertime rush was the ideal time to so.  They went up to Lt. Risdon’s table and asked him if he’d like to buy any of the treats that they had for sale but since he only had a credit card and no cash on him, he politely declined.  

However, seeing that the boys were clearly cold and hungry, he asked them if they’d eaten dinner yet.  The nine and twelve year old kids told him they had not and so he told them he’d buy them some tacos and sodas.  Upon hearing this awesome news the boy’s smiled and immediately perked up. They all went to stand in line and after they got their food they sat down together to eat and have a nice little chat.  

Lt. Risdon didn’t know that while he was in line with the boys, his co-coach Jason Gibson had been recording the good deed.  He thought it was wonderful that his friend was looking out for the kids and being so thoughtful. When they got back to the base, he posted a clip online and soon people everywhere were sharing it and loving the simple act of kindness.  

As for Lt. Risdon, he was taken aback by the reaction and told the Huffington Post “I’m kinda embarrassed and humbled by the praise and don’t need it.  I am a believer that we live in the best country in the world with the best people and that acts of kindness happen every day.” As a father of two, his heart naturally went out to the young boys and he simply wanted to help them out .  Since he couldn’t buy their homemade desserts, he bought them dinner instead.

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