Soldier Became Best Friends With 3 Strays But After A Bomb Went Off No One Expected THIS! I Have Chills!

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It is hard to imagine what it is like to be a soldier serving our country in Afghanistan.  The daily anxiety of whether you will make it through each day, in an area where your life is constantly under threat, is truly unimaginable.

Although the men and women who serve are at another level of bravery, anything that can give them comfort to say sane and balanced is most welcome.  For Sgt. Chris Duke this comfort came in the form of three stray dogs who provided company and the warm feeling of home.

Sgt. Duke befriended these dogs, whom he named Sacha, Rufus and Target.  One night as he and the other 50 soldiers in the barrack were asleep, they were awakened by the three dogs barking loudly.  A suicide bomber had made his way into the camp, with the intention of setting off a bomb and killing all the men.

The dogs heard the intruder and then attacked him before he could enter the barracks, saving all 50 men.  Sadly, he set off the bomb, and Sacha was so badly hurt that he had to be put to sleep; Rufus and Target survived. After his tour was over Sgt. Duke returned home but couldn’t stop thinking about his pals Rufus and Target.

The video below tells the rest of this incredibly heartwarming story. Let us know what you think about this incredible story!

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