THIS Pup Is Terrified To Walk Into His Dad’s Room. The Solution He Comes Up With Is Unexpectedly HILARIOUS!

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Dog’s personalities are as varied as those of human beings. Certain characteristics are innate to particular breeds, just as human beings are born with certain predispositions. It’s the old nature-nurture combination that makes for the complexity of our dog’s behaviors. You might choose a particular breed because they are known to be good guard dogs…but your particular pal may have other ideas.

We all know that not all dogs are brave, and some have some quirky fears, as you will see in this adorable footage of this pooch, below. Maybe something happened that traumatized this dog when he had to cross through a doorway? This seemingly irrational ‘fear of doorways’ is not uncommon in rescue dogs, according to “All Experts”.

Though they are now in a safe environment, they continue to display this phobic behavior. The pup in the footage you are about to watch, has come up with a really adorable way of coping with his fear…it will make you go Awwwww!

Watch the video below and turn your frown upside down!

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