Guy Just Moved Into a New House But He Is Completely Stunned By This Strange Surprise Underneath His Basement!

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You never know what you’re going to get when you buy an old house.  You can hire experts, appraisers, and inspectors in to evaluate it, but even they can easily miss stuff.  When it comes down to it, old houses only reveal their secrets after you move in and start poking around.

One man found this to be true after he bought an old home and noticed something strange.  He was on his way down the cellar stairs when he noticed something that just didn’t seem to fit off to the side.  Where the wall should have been was a piece of plywood and when he pulled at the corner of the wood it lifted slightly off the wall. 

He caught a glimpse of a gap behind it and decided to investigate further. Once he had removed the plywood, he found himself staring into an old room that had been sealed off years ago by the previous owner.

Inside the room were a bunch of boxes and a locked safe.  Inside the boxes he found ammunition and live rounds. Box after box he went through and found so much ammunition that it could have easily taken out a small army!  Working carefully, he tried to get into the safe but was unable to and so he kept sorting through all the boxes.

That’s when he spotted a grenade laying in the corner of a metal box that was packed with bullets.  As the man examined it, he noticed something that made the hair stand up on his arm; there was no pin in the grenade!

Before he ran out of there and called the bomb squad, the man decided to take a closer look.  He realized that the powder had been emptied from the grenade via a small hole that had been filed in the bottom.  At this point the man needed to know everything that was in the hidden room in case it posed a threat to his life and health.  The next box he opened wasn’t nearly exciting, it contained a bunch of pennies and loose change, which was fine by the man.

After going through the rest of the boxes he turned his attention to the safe that he couldn’t crack open.  He decided to at least give it one more try and this time around he used heavy duty tools to help him out. When that didn’t work, he had no choice but to cut the door off it.  When he finally peered inside, he found a space containing no money, weapons, or jewels, it was empty. All that there was, was a lone spider hanging from its web!

Even though he was disappointed at his lack of an exciting find, the man didn’t let the hidden room and safe go to waste.  Instead, he cleaned it all out and converted the space into a storage room for his own stuff. Now it’s more of a wine cellar than a bunker and he keeps beer and liquor down in the cool dark room. 

While he’ll never know what the previous owner was really up to with all that ammunition, at the very least he should be glad he didn’t find a dead body down there.   

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Tiny Kitten Was Terrified and Nervous In Her New House. Until The Dog Did THIS

We have all watched many cute videos of animals on the internet, but the only word for this one is blissful. This tiny little kitten, Rosie, found solace after her first shaky night in her new home. Usually that first night of transition is very stressful, particularly for baby animals, and so it was for Rosie.

Her owners noticed that she was sluggish and not responding to their attempts to comfort her. They came up with a unique idea, hoping to turn her around. They had a full grown husky, Lilo, who despite the fact that she had never had any puppies, had always displayed a strong maternal instinct.

It is probable that Rosie had just been taken from her mother, and had been nursing, so her instinct to snuggle up to Lilo is far less surprising than Lilo’s reaction. It is always a bit of a gamble when an adult animal of another species is approached for comfort and care.

It certainly is not uncommon to see adult animals nurture across species, but Lilo’s immediate tender and loving care taking of darling little Rosie is just so special. The music set to their interaction in this beautiful video makes it all the more heartwarming. Sit back and enjoy these four minutes of sheer bliss!

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