This Kitten Was Abandoned By It’s Mother But Then This Crow Does Something I’ve Never Seen Before!

This is an incredible tale of two natural enemies in the wild who somehow formed a bond and became best friends.  This story may sound like a fantasy but the video has been seen over 10 million times and it documents the unusual relationship between Moses the Crow and Cassie the Cat.

Wally and Ann Collito from North Attleboro, Massachusetts found a tiny kitten in their backyard who was abandoned by it’s mother.  Then they noticed something quite strange, a crow looked like it was taking care of the helpless kitten.  The crow was feeding the feline worms and bugs and keeping watch over the little thing.  The Collitos were shocked by what they saw.

Years past by and the Collitos continued to document the relationship between Moses and Cassie.  Everyday they would eat together and play for hours.  Then one day Cassie started eating actual cat food and sleeping inside the house with Wally and Ann.  However, each morning the crow would peck his beak against the door until they let the cat out to play.

This real life story inspired children’s book author Lisa Fleming to write the book Cat and Crow: An Amazing Friendship.  This story has touched the hearts of millions and it proves that if two natural enemies can become best of friends then absolutely anything is possible.

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