Bored Lion Shows Off His Skills.

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Full grown adult male lions are formidable large and imposing cats with majestic manes and powerful body builds. Just being in their presence you can feel them commanding respect. They have a wild, noble air about them that has fascinated people for centuries. When you think of the large carnivores you often think of them prowling around, fighting for dominance, hunting, and of course sleeping away the hot days and relaxing with other lions in the pride.

One thing you don’t imagine is seeing one playing with a soccer ball. However, there is a beautiful adult male lion who loves nothing more than doing exactly that! Triton is an eleven year old white lion who comes to life when a soccer ball is thrown his way..

Whenever he sees his caretaker about to toss him the ball he immediately jumps up, lets out an excited roar, and runs over to inspect it and then lets his paws speak for themselves with his fancy footwork. That’s when the playtime fun begins. He likes to swipe the ball with his huge paws and pass it around to himself while chasing it around the enclosure.

He even follows after the soccer ball when it rolls into the water, not hesitating for a second to jump into the pond and get soaked. It seems that nothing can stop him or get in the way during his football practice. He won’t even pay attention to or play with the female lionesses when his soccer ball is around!

Triton’s caretakers are always giving him new balls because he wears them out so quickly with all the chewing and batting around. He lives at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa where caretaker Agnes Maluleke looks after him and all of the other large carnivores.

Out of the ten lions at the zoo in her care, she says that he is the only one who ever takes an interest in the ball. She also says Triton is the best soccer player and that the professionals could learn a thing or two from him..

After watching this lion’s skills in action, I have to agree with her. It seems that he is most likely the one and only soccer playing lion in the entire world and a clear natural at the most popular sport worldwide!

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Everytime I went to my best friends house it smelled incredible. But then she showed me This Trick:

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It is wonderful to have our homes smell good, and scented candles became very popular over the last decade.  That is, until it was discovered that many of these candles and scented sprays contain really dangerous chemicals, that can cause permanent lung damage.

I, myself, have stopped using those candles that I used to love, because of the inherent health hazard they carry.  I’m always looking for natural alternatives that are chemical free, to provide a nice fresh smell in my home.  When I came upon this DIY video for creating a natural air freshener I was intrigued.

The video below is a great tutorial for how to easily, inexpensively and quickly make your own fresh and chemical-free deodorizer.  Two alternative versions are demonstrated, which differ slightly in how they release the fragrance.

For both versions, all you will need are: a MASON JAR WITH A TIN LID, HAMMER, FORK, EMPTY CANDLE CONTAINER, SCREWDRIVER, BAKING SODA AND SOME ESSENTIAL OIL.  The DIY is easy to follow, and gives you a great means to slow-release a pleasant scent into any room in your home.

Watch the video below for the full simple, easy and cheap DIY air freshener life hack:

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Check out this Awesome Vinegar Shower Head Cleaning Life Hack everyone should know:

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Vinegar is arguably one of the most useful substances on the planet, at least when it comes to making life in your home easier, less expensive and safer! Why use nasty chemicals that cost an arm and a leg when you can use something that has been proven by time and countless mothers and grandmothers? I personally use vinegar for more things than I can count, and I have known about the wonderful liquid since before I can remember because my mom used it for literally everything. We are going to thoroughly run through some of the best little known vinegar life hacks that will make your life so much easier.

Is your drain clogged? Try pouring baking soda, followed by vinegar, down the drain and watch the magic. Something gooey sticking to your wall? Grab the vinegar and give it a squirt, then easily wipe it away.

Does your trash can smell like garbage, even when it’s empty? Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and leave it in the garbage can overnight, and voila, no more stank. It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner: just fill up a spray bottle with one third vinegar and two thirds water.

Too many fruit flies? Fill a glass with apple cider vinegar, cover it with plastic wrap, and poke a few holes. The flies enter, but cannot escape. It can even be used to straighten clothes if an iron isn’t available. A few other uses include keeping cats off the furniture, helping cut flowers stay fresh longer, getting tough stains out of pots and pans and cleaning glasses for a smudge-free sheen. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hopefully you find these helpful tips and tricks over the next few weeks and months.

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Check out this Awesome Vinegar Shower Head Cleaning Life Hack everyone should know:

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When it comes to cleaning just about everyone loves learning new simple ways to get the same old things done. It can be fun and interesting to discover what nifty and quick solutions people have come up with to solve common problems. This video, from YouTube channel Outdoors and Gear Review highlights a helpful trick for dealing with a common and difficult problem you’re likely to encounter when tidying and cleaning your bathroom up; hard water deposits and stains.

Hard water can be a real pain in the neck and the nasty looking stains and blemishes that it leaves behind on bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be extremely hard to fully remove. The ugly spots and stains are caused by water that contains large amounts of minerals such as limestone, calcium, and magnesium.

These metals and minerals are naturally occurring, most often in areas with low water tables and mountainous regions, and water that contains them is perfectly safe to use and drink. The biggest downside to it is the crusty, whitish colored mineral deposits and stubborn stains it leaves behind. Over time these gradually build up on stuff, especially faucets and shower heads.

Many people struggle to remove these stains and often think that they need strong, harsh chemical cleaners to get rid of them effectively. However, there’s a better and more affordable way to go about cleaning a shower head with crusted on mineral build up. All you need is apple cider vinegar, a Ziploc bag, and a rubber band.

Simply pour some apple cider vinegar into the plastic bag and place it over and on the shower head. Use a rubber band to secure it in place and then leave it on overnight. Remove the baggy the following day, wipe the shower head clean, and it should be restored to its former glory!

Check out the video for more information and to see just how shiny and spotless looking it turns out. This may be the fastest, easiest, and most natural way to clean hard water stains. It requires minimal effort or exertion on your part so try it the next time you’re stuck cleaning the house!

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Check out These 5 Awesome Vaseline Life Hacks Everyone Should Know:

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While you may only think of Vaseline as an integral part of your grandmother’s home remedies and go to solutions, it actually really is a product that can seemingly do it all. People use the petroleum based, gooey, slippery substance for all sorts of things. There are countless household and beauty tricks that involve it, whether it’s loosening stuff up or smearing some on minor cuts and burns to help them heal. This article and video focuses on several beauty related uses for the product that may prove useful and come in handy, and will definitely save you time and money.

If you love to paint your nails then you likely have encountered polish bottles with their tops stuck on them. It takes almost superhuman strength to loosen and get them them of when they dry on and stick like that. To prevent this, take a cotton swab and dab some Vaseline around the base of the bottle opening and on the threads where the cap twists on, now it won’t stick the next time you go to open it.

Another nail polish trick is to coat the skin around your nails with some Vaseline before painting them. This will keep the polish from sticking to your skin, cut down on the clean up, and make your paint job look all the more professional.

If you have rough, dry skin on your feet rub a little Vaseline on them before you go to bed. Slather some all over your feet, then put on a pair of socks, and wake up to smooth soft skin. For those of us with sensitive ears that act up and become sore when wearing earrings, try rubbing Vaseline on the metal stud part that goes through your ear.

By coats the earring it helps them slide through and lessens any negative reaction or sensitivity you may have. If the scent of your perfume disappears way too quickly take some Vaseline, apply a thin coat to the area where you plan to spritz it on, then spray the perfume over that area. This works great at holding the fragrance and makes it last much more longer, plus it won’t alter the perfume’s scent.

If you haven’t already, toss a small jar of the wonder product in your bag so it’s always on hand close by. Use it to touch up makeup, soften rough skin, loosen stuck tops and lids, or as a lip gloss/chap-stick stand in when you inevitably lose or misplace them.

Besides being versatile, it’s also widely available and can be found in practically any pharmacy, health, convenience or grocery store around the world. Best of all, Vaseline is relatively cheap and costs only a few dollars, with a jar of it easily lasting a year or two before running out. With Vaseline, the possibilities may just be endless!

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The Next Batch of Life Hacks are some incredibly useful winter life hacks that will make your life so much easier this winter:

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Along with the cold weather, there are a number of special challenges that winter brings along with it, and we all have to just deal with them! Dry skin, chapped lips, stuffy noses, darkness at 4PM, winter storms, the list goes on and on. One of the most annoying things by far is clearing walkways and driveways of snow and ice. The same goes for cars, but while you can often drive through a little bit of snow, you can’t with an ice-covered windshield. Not only is it illegal to drive with an obstructed view, it’s also insanely dumb and extremely dangerous!

While defrosting the car and scraping ice off the windshield seems like a necessary evil, it doesn’t have to be. You really don’t need to wake up extra early just to stumble around in the freezing cold darkness so that you can drive to work. Instead, you can save yourself some time and energy by doing the following:

In a spray bottle container mix together 2 parts isopropyl alcohol with 1 part water and then add in 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Shake it up, spray it directly onto an icy windshield, and watch the ice literally melt away right before your very eyes!

This rubbing alcohol spray is the perfect thing to have on hand for freezing cold mornings and icy windshields. You can leave the bottle in your car and it won’t even freeze, unless it gets well under zero. That’s because the freezing point of isopropyl alcohol is -128.2 degrees Fahrenheit, so when you spray it on the ice, it doesn’t freeze up. Instead, it helps to melt the ice and keeps it from re-freezing. Since all you have to do is mist it on, it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to clear a windshield that’s coated with a thick layer of ice.

Don’t forget to check out the video to see exactly how well this works in action and be sure to pass it along to those who could use the smart tip. If it can make someone’s life a little bit easier this winter, then it’s worth it!

This is super helpful for those rough winter months.

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Winter is tough. Along with the cold, dry weather comes a number of challenges that we all have to deal with. Cars need to be cleared of snow and ice and the same goes for walkways and driveways. Traveling often becomes way more difficult than usual and to top it off our health also takes a tumble for the worse.

Many of us are plagued by dry itchy skin, sore chapped lips, and stuffy noses that just won’t go away. These things quickly add up and can make it seem like winter is dragging on forever, especially when problems pop up outside on top of the health issues we may be facing.

Which is why these simple winter hacks, covered by the Millennial Moms YouTube channel, are perfect for right now. The video features some of the most clever ways to solve common winter woes and it might offer a solution to a problem you’re currently dealing with. These are some of the best hacks shown in the clip, but there are a total of fifteen, so be sure to check it out for all of the rest.

1) Winterize Boots- This trick does the job to keep feet warm and dry inside of boots that aren’t waterproof. After putting on your socks take two large plastic Ziploc bags and stick a foot in each. Grab a couple of rubber bands and slide them on over the bag to secure it in place and seal the top off around your leg. Pull on your boots and say goodbye to cold, wet feet.

2) Prevent Static Build Up In Hair- Pull a dryer sheet on over the bristles of your hair brush so that they poke through. Brush your hair as normal to eliminate the static, plus it’ll smell clean and great.

3) DIY Boot Inserts- Maintain the shape of tall boots by cutting a foam pool noodle into thirds or fourths, then stick a piece in each boot and they’ll stay upright, making them easier to organize and wear later on.

4) Stop Wipers From Freezing to a Car Windshield- Take an old pair of long cotton socks and slide them over each wiper, puling it down as far as it can go or reaches. This will prevent wipers from freezing and/or sticking to the windshield, and makes life all the more easier.

5) Organize Winter Gear- Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, hand warmers, neck warmers and all other winter accessories can be neatly stored in one accessible place with a shoe organizer. Hang it over a door and never search for lost gloves again.

6) Windshield Treatment- This one is the best! A combination of vinegar and water works wonders at preventing frost and ice from building up on car windshields and windows. Mix the two liquids up in a spray bottle, spritz it on car windows, then wipe off with a soft cloth.

7) Boot Tray- Keep floors safe, clean, and dry by making your own boot tray. This one is much more appealing than commercially available ones and works even better. Fill a large metal cookie sheet with a layer of decorative rocks and put it near the door so that when people enter they can immediately place wet boots on the rocks. The water will drip through the rocks to the bottom and soon evaporate. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tips covered in the clip and be sure to pass it along to those who could use these smart hacks to make their own lives easier.

These are just really helpful.

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Having your car professionally detailed can easily end up being quite expensive. While it’s always nice to have a sparkling clean car, it’s even better when you can have it without spending a small fortune. Thankfully there are all sorts of cheap ways to clean your car with common items that you probably already have around the house. They can do the job just as well, if not even better, than what professional cleaners use.

These are just a few of the handy tricks covered in the accompanying video so be sure to check it out for even more:

Clean your headlights with toothpaste. Use regular toothpaste, not the gel type, to polish up car headlight lenses by rubbing it on evenly with a cloth. Move in quick circular motions to then buff it off and you should notice the grime and fogginess disappear.

Remove stubborn old bumper stickers cleanly and completely with WD-40. Simply spray the sticker with WD-40 and let it sit for a while, the sticker will absorb it, then you can peel it right off.

Remove pet fur from carpets and seats with a spray bottle, water, and a squeegee. Spray the water on the seat and then move the squeegee over the area, it will gather and lift up the hair so you can easily pick it up.

Clean air vents with small foam brushes. They can easily fit in even the smallest vents and pick up all the dirt and dust inside them.

Use coffee filters to dust your car dashboard. Unlike cloth towels and paper towels, coffee filters won’t leave behind lint or just push dust around. Instead they work great at picking up dust and you can toss a few in the glove compartment for whenever you might need one to freshen up the dash.

Get streak free windows by cleaning them with newspaper. It’s the cloths and paper towels that leave streaks when you clean your windows so don’t even bother using them. Instead, spray down the window with cleaner and wipe it off with a piece of newspaper as you normally would.

Get rid of stubborn, lingering odors by sprinkling baking soda on car seats and carpets. Let it sit for a couple of hours before vacuuming it up. The baking soda should absorb the foul odors, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean.

There are even more clean car tips covered in the video and it might just have the solution you’ve been looking for so be sure to check it out!

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Criminals Kidnapped This 12 Year Old Little Girl. But The Thugs Never Expected THIS Surprise To Jump Out And Save Her!

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Bride kidnapping is a real thing in some parts of the world.  It occurs when a man abducts and captures a woman who he wishes to marry.  In Africa, it is most prevalent in the country of Ethiopia and even though it’s criminalized, and the legal marriageable age is 18 years old, many cases involve forcing a minor child into a marriage.

When a 12 year old girl from Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, was abducted by seven men, her family knew she was the victim of bride kidnapping.  They contacted the local police and began searching all over for her, but when a week went by, she was still missing. They knew the odds of them finding her were against them and were growing more hopeless and worried by the day.

The young girl had been secreted away to a hiding place by her captors who beat her repeatedly.  Since their plan was to force her into a marriage with one of them, they knew the girl’s family and authorities were looking for them, so they chose a very remote place well off the beaten path.  However, it proved to be one of the worst spots to hide out at because they were actually encroaching on a pride of lion’s territory.

When the lions nearby heard the young girl crying, they responded to the sound and came right over to her.  A group of three big cats showed up and when the men who were holding the girl captive saw them, they got scared and ran off!  The lions seemed to stand guard over the girl and protecting her from harm. They didn’t try to attack or hunt her down, rather they simply sat nearby and kept watch.  

While many people who heard about the lion’s behavior think it was a miracle of sorts that the girl wasn’t attacked, there is a reasonable explanation for the seemingly odd occurrence.  According to wildlife experts, the lions most likely heard her crying and mistook it for that of a lion cub mewing. That triggered an instinctual response to protect her and is why they approached her to see if she was okay and didn’t try to eat her.  It’s also why the men were scared off. While just the sight of three lions would be enough to send them running, the lions would have also seen them as the threat they were and attacked them.

Whatever the reason may truly be, the lions saved the little girl’s life.  They stayed by her side guarding her for half a day until her family and police arrived.  Once they saw that she was safe, it’s like they knew their work was done and they simply walked back into the forest and disappeared.  

According to police, four of the men who kidnapped her were captured and arrested, they are still searching for the remaining three. Though the girl was obviously traumatized by her ordeal and taken to the hospital to be treated for cuts and bruises that she sustained from the beatings, she was found and reunited with her family.  If not for the lions, that probably would never have happened.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Very Depressed and Unhappy Lioness Has The Most Amazing Reaction When She Realizes Who Her New Neighbor Is!

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Lions are one of the world’s most powerful, majestic, and beautiful animals.  The big cats are second in size only to tigers and can run up at speeds of up to 50 mph in short bursts.  Besides having physical prowess, they are also highly social and intelligent animals.

They live in prides often consisting of several adult females, their cubs, and one or a few adult males.  Each member has an important job to do, with the lionesses hunting and the male lions defending the pride and their territory.  

That is the way lions have operated for thousands of years in the wild.  These days that natural order has been interrupted and messed with by greedy people who wish to exploit lions for entertainment and money making schemes.  Whether lions are forced to perform in circuses or used at petting zoos before being killed in canned hunts, when they’re forced into captivity, they suffer regardless of the reason why.  

The lucky ones are saved by big cat rescue groups who do their best to rehabilitate the often abused, neglected, and malnourished lions that come into their care.  One such place, Texas based In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center, ended up rescuing a beautiful light haired lioness named Sheila from her abusive owner.  Because of her good looks, Sheila had been forced to take part in movie and photo shoots, perform tricks, and attend parties and events where people posed with her.  

When Sheila fist arrived at her new home she was not in good shape.  Years of forced labor, abuse, and living in a confined space all alone had left her weak and underweight.  She could hardly stand up and refused to eat or drink, when she did eat, she’d usually throw it up. She was obviously depressed, but it seemed as if she wanted to die and had lost her will to live. 

Sensing something else was wrong with her, the rescue center ran tests on Sheila and finally had an answer as to why she was so sick; she was suffering from toxoplasmosis.  The diagnosis was grim, most cats die from the parasite, but vets decided to treat her anyways.

Shortly after her first treatment, Sheila showed marked signs of improvement.  In fact, she was looking and acting so much happier and better that her caretakers wondered if perhaps her new friend could have something to do with her new lease on life.

As it turned out, a new male lion named Khan had been brought to live at In-Sync and he was housed right next door to Sheila.  He had been abused by the same man who mistreated Sheila but was much livelier and feistier than her. The two got along great and seemed to really like each other so they were given time to play together.

It wasn’t long before Sheila and Khan recovered from their malnourishment and health problems.  They were eventually moved into the same enclosure where they spend their days cuddling, grooming each other, and relaxing.  As for their former owner, he lost his license which means he can no longer own or neglect lions.

Thanks to the volunteers and everyone at In-Sync who makes stories like this possible, Sheila and Khan get to have a happy ending!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Big Lion Was Bored So They Tossed Him a Toy. They Were Baffled By What He Did THIS With It!

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Okay soccer lovers, this is really wild!  Here’s a big guy who really comes alive, when he even sees a soccer ball, let alone has it thrown his way for play.  This spirited animal has more beautiful hair than Beckham himself, and he could give him a run for his money. Bred in captivity at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, Triton the lion is definitely happy in his habitat.

He was hand-raised with adoration by his keepers at the zoo.  Although it would have been preferable for this incredible animal to have been free in the wild, the unfortunate truth made the zoo a safer place.  Due to poaching and habitat loss, lions of his kind have suffered a rapid decline in the wild and their natural habitats

Other than humans, the greatest population of mammals on planet Earth used to be lions.  That is no longer the case, according to the World Wildlife Fund.  In fact they now list them as “vulnerable” (to extinction), which is only a step away from being labeled “endangered”.  The work that organizations like the Johannesburg Zoo do, help to ensure that lions like Triton continue to exist.

According to those, like the woman who narrates this upcoming video, the hardest part of maintaining a great life for the big cats, is keeping them moving, active and entertained.  Boredom can literally be a killer. Whereas in the wild, hunting and stalking prey is a big part of the action, without that key part of their existence they can become bored.

This would not be good for their overall health and survival. Triton, the star of this footage, was finding his daily routine boring, according to the zookeepers in charge of his care.  They threw him a soccer ball one day, and a star was born!  It was just pure luck that they found the key to his passion.

This isn’t particularly a “lion thing” as his four other pals weren’t interested at all.  Watch this big beautiful animal’s skills as he receives the soccer ball! Enjoy this entertaining video below! It will totally make your day!

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THIS Family Went to See The Lions But Instead Got The Scariest Surprise When The Lion Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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Going on an African safari would be a dream come true for me and many others. The sight of beautiful wild animals roaming free in the wild in their natural habitat is a bound to be full of adventure and a once in a life time experience! It can also be very dangerous and scary whenever anyone ventures out freely into a safari park they need to follow all of the rules, stay alert, not tempt their fate, and lock all their car doors!

One group of tourists on safari in South Africa learned this lesson the hardest way ever. They were going through a drive-thru nature park, taking in all the sights and sounds the reserve had to offer, when they come across a pride of lions. The magnificent big cats were casually lounging in the shade and resting in order to escape the mid-day heat when the family pulled up next to them!

The tourists started doing what tourists do best and they began to gingerly snap pics and record a video of the rare encounter. That is when one interested lion decided to check them out. The curious cat got up and slowly walked to the back car door to take a peek inside the vehicle, only the window and door separated these two.

The family was naturally ecstatic and more than excited to capture the rare moment on film and video, and a little nervous as well. They were also completely oblivious as to what was about to happen next. They pulled forward a little and the lion followed. She approached the rear car door, bit down on the handle and pulled back, causing it to instantly swing wide open!

The occupants screamed in surprise and scrambled to quickly slam the door shut. Only after making sure it twas locked did they begin to breathe again. Thankfully, the smart lion’s attempt to get in the car was stopped and what a scary and crazy tale these park visitors caught on their video camera.

Who knew lions were so adept at opening things? Apparently the operators and park rangers know all too well that animals, lions especially, seem to have a knack and special skill for opening doors. That’s why it is a rule that all tourists must stay in their cars with the doors locked the entire time. It’s smart, easy, and very effective but apparently some people just don’t listen and put their lives in grave danger!

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think!

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