At First It Was Odd When He Wrapped Duct Tape Around a Jar Lid But The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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It happens to everyone. There comes a time in life when you just cannot seem to open a jar. No matter how hard you try, it just won’t budge. The lid may be stuck or twisted on too tight, and so your hands just slip hopelessly and ineffectively around the top. While the experience isn’t really that jarring, it’s a real pain to have to deal with, especially when you really need that specific jar opened for a recipe or snack.

There are several different ways to get around a stuck lid. Some people bang on one end of the jar or slam it down on a counter top to try and loosen it. Another approach is to run the top under hot water for a short while. Many others, myself included, stick a butter knife under the lid edge to pry it open and break the vacuum seal.

Then there are those who use something, such as duct tape, to really grip the lid good with and that’s the method we are focused on here. This video shows you how to use a small strip of duct tape to quickly and easily open a stuck jar, without hurting yourself!

Simply tear off about a foot long strip of duct tape and place it on the lid so that it wraps around and covers the side of it. Press it firmly into place and then fold the first few inches or so down on the top of the lid. Take the remaining portion of tape and fold it in half, this will make it sturdier for the next step.

Hold the jar securely with one hand while simultaneously pulling the folded duct tape with the other hand. At this point, the lid should loosen and open up. Some jars may be very, very stuck and so your tape may break. If this happens just double the amount of tape you’re using, or triple it in the rare occasion that it becomes necessary.

Watch the video to see exactly how it is done and the next time you run into a stuck jar, break out the duct tape!

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