No One Understood How This Puppy Kept Escaping Her Kennel. So A Hidden Camera Revealed This Footage.

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Who let the dog out?! That was the question one owner was asking herself when her little Maltese kept escaping from its kennel. The woman would place the one year old white puppy in the cage and moments later the dog would be running around the house freely alongside her other dog, a big German Shepherd named Twitch.

The woman was sure that she always latched the kennel door shut, and so she just couldn’t figure out how her Maltese was breaking free. Determined to find out what was really going on, she set up a camera to record any suspicious activity.

With the lens trained directly on the kennel she placed the puppy inside, covered it with a towel, and latched it securely closed. Twitch was right beside her the entire time and he stayed behind when she left the room. He stood over the cage and glanced towards where his mom had gone a few times before getting to work.

First, the smart German Shepherd pawed at the towel and moments later he pulled it completely off. Then he finagled the latch, headbutting and pawing at it, until the kennel door popped open and little Sophie came strutting out.

Mystery solved! Twitch is quite the crafty dog and his canine ingenuity was all caught on camera so check it out.

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