THIS Grandma Vanished From The Nursing Home. Where They Found Her Is Such An Unexpected Surprise!

This almost eighty year old great-grandmother had her son concerned when he found she was missing from her nursing home. Upon arriving for his daily visit to Daleview House in Londonderry, United Kingdom, Tony Sellers noticed his mother Sadie’s room was empty.

After searching the garden, TV room and dining area for his mother, his suspicion increased, despite his efforts not to worry. In her year at the home, his mother had only left the building twice. Both times were with the man’s daughter, Samantha.

The attendants of the home confirmed that Samantha had in fact visited that day and that the two ladies had gone into town. Little did Tony Sellers know, his mother was out getting her first tattoo! The elder woman had seen her granddaughter’s ink and decided it was time for her to have some of her own.

Sadie chose a small outline of a heart to have drawn on her left upper arm by an artist at Tattoo Studio 76, and was thrilled with the result.¬†When asked what her family would think of her rebellious adventure, the granny simply replied, “I don’t f***ing care.” She also explained that when you are her age, you start to see that it is important to live life to the fullest every day.

What an incredible story of open-mindedness and excitement for an elderly woman to venture out of the ordinary and do something unexpected. Samantha is a lucky girl to have a special bond with a granny like Sadie.

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VIDEO: Grandpa Kept Wandering Off Till His 15 Year Old Grandson Came Up With THIS

Holding his hands, fifteen year old Kenneth Shinozuka sings as he guides his grandfather’s steps. Due to his alzheimer’s, he is no longer able to walk, eat or carry out day to day activities unassisted, something that most of us take for granted.

One night, Kenneth’s family was awoken by a knock at the door. A police officer had brought the elderly man home after finding him on the freeway. Concerned for his grandfather’s safety, and unable to find a suitable solution, the youth decided to come up with one of his own.

The result of his hard work has the potential to improve the lives of innumerable people suffering from the disease, and will allow their caretakers to rest easy knowing they are safe. The device consists of a small sensor that is able to be placed on a sock and links to a smartphone.

When pressure is detected, as would happen when the wearer steps on the ground to get out of bed, the linked smartphone sounds an alarm. Caretakers could then use the accurate tracking to find their lost love one and return them to safety.

At the nursing home, where Kenneth has been fine tuning his device with the help of some of the residents and staff, he places a sock with the device on one of his helpers, Ida. He explains to her that she has been very helpful in the development of the device.

Staff members chime in, stating that the device is very accurate and makes their lives easier. Kenneth hopes that one day he will find a cure for alzheimer’s, but until then, he will be improving the lives of countless patients and their caring families and caretakers.

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