THIS Dog Holds Bread Under Her Mouth At The Lake. What She Pulls Out Of The Water Is UNTHINKABLE!

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There are lots of smart dogs out there in the world and one of them is named Rani. She is a lovable Golden Retriever who happens to also be a service dog in training. She was undoubtedly picked for the profession because of her intelligence, as she’s clearly one smart puppy. Beyond brains, Rani also possesses a few other key qualities that will make her a great service dog one day, patience and focus.

Those two things are on display in this awesome footage of her fishing. Yes, that last line is correct. She enjoys fishing and, as you can see in this video clip, she’s really good at it! According to the information provided by her owner on the post, she has “caught dozens of fish as well as some turtles.”

That’s quite an impressive feat for a dog who can’t even use a pole or net. Instead, Rani uses bread as bait to lure unsuspecting fish closer to her. She wades chest deep into the water and then sits completely still and as motionless as possible. The bread floats soggily on the surface all around, right under her nose and mouth, as she intently stares down into the water below.

Then, when the time is just right, she expertly snatches a fish right out of the water with one lightning quick move. She is a better fisherdog than any of the fishermen I know!

In this clip she ended up catching a bluegill and she is pleased as punch about it. Right after she snagged it a woman’s voice can be heard in the background saying “She got one, it’s a big one.” Then Rani walks back along the dock, proudly swishing her fluffy tail as she goes, with her catch securely held in her mouth. What a sweet, smart, beautiful dog!

Have you ever seen a dog fish before? Watch the awesome pup do his thing in the video below!

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