When Reporting On Global Warming Don’t Park Your SUV On A Frozen Lake. The Reason Wait For IT..

image via – youtube.com

There is nothing funnier in life than a moment of pure irony. There are some percentage of people who believe that global warming is a fiction. They have rationalized their disbelief in the notion, that it is a concept made up by a certain portion of people on Earth who have some vested interest in it’s being true.

Despite substantial scientific evidence to the contrary, this argument wages on. Whether you believe that global warming is a threat to our future or not, your funny bone will be tickled by the footage you are about to view below.

In a Northern European country, somewhere in Scandinavia, a reporter is doing a piece on Global Warming. I’m unclear as to what he is saying, since I don’t speak the language…that is except for two distinct words in English; sh*t and ok. I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying…you will too.

Enjoy this ridiculous footage below! Let us know what you think!

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