Their Pitbulls Were Barking Non-Stop At The Bushes. Then Granny Realizes Why Picks Up Her Grandkids and Sprints!

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Of all the dogs in the world, no breed has worse more of a bad rap than Pitbulls. The dog’s that were initially known as the “Nanny Dogs” because they were so good with young children and were the best family dogs in the United States way back in the early 1900’s. However, over the years these Nanny Dogs soon became notorious as the most ruthless, feared and scary attack dogs that could snap on anyone at any moment including their owners.

This stigma that has followed them like a dark cloud over the past few decades truly doesn’t reflect the nature of the breed. The problem is, many Pitbulls were trained by humans to fight and be aggressive since they were wee little pups. The dogs that were brainwashed early on have made negative headlines every year for snapping, attacking, hurting and in some cases even causing fatalities to other pets and people.

Like many stereotypes, a few bad seeds have set the precedence for the rest of the breed even though they are still wonderful dogs at heart and are only aggressive and mean if they are trained to be. People who own these dogs love them and try to spread the good word about them, however many people are set in their beliefs and changing people’s minds about Pitbulls has been near impossible to accomplish. There are even neighborhoods where laws have been passed banning the breed from living or even stepping foot on these properties. With all this being said today we will focus on the positive as we tell the tale of two Pitbulls who are actual heroes.

In this story we will be featuring two Pitbulls named Paco and Slayer. These dogs have lived with their family since they were puppies and were brought up with love and compassion and turned out to be wonderful dogs. They are members of the Butt family who have young children and never once have they snapped or been aggressive to any of the kids. However they have been amazing, extraordinary loving companions to the whole family.

One afternoon grandma and her grandchildren were outside on the lawn playing, when Paco and Slayer ears perked up and their noses lifted as they sensed that there was some sort of danger lurking nearby. They began to bark uncontrollably at the bushes as grandma tried to reign them in, they just wouldn’t let up! That’s when grandma saw what the two dogs were barking at, she grabbed her grandchildren and ran for the hills…

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3-Year-Old Spoiled Little Brat Wouldn’t Listen To His Grandad. But What He Did In The Parking Lot STUNNED This Stranger!

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Going to the store with a young child can be very stressful.  While many kids are oftentimes well-behaved for the most part, everyone has their moments.  Sometimes younger children become restless and act up, which seems to be especially true while out grocery shopping.  There is so much to do and see at the supermarket that they get easily wound up and excited. They wander off, run around, grab food they want and throw noisy tantrums if they don’t get their way. 

Such was the case when one man stopped off at the supermarket with his 3 year old grandson to pick up some groceries.  The young boy who was acting very bratty, crying and screaming as they made their way up and down the aisles. When they passed by the candy section the boy grabbed all sorts of chocolates and demanded that he be allowed a treat.  In the cereal aisle the boy cried over all the sugary cereals he wanted, but his grandfather told him he could not have any.  

While the pair were perusing the aisles a fellow shopper happened to be nearby them the whole time.  She couldn’t believe the way in which the older man was handling his grandson, he was so calm and composed, and kept saying “Easy William, we won’t be long.  Easy boy.” Most parents or adults would have eventually lost it and grown fed up with the kid, but not this man.

When they went to check out the little boy spotted all the candy bars and sodas near the register and of course he demanded some.  After hearing that he couldn’t get any, his behavior worsened, and he began throwing things out of the cart. The man simply told the boy to take it easy in a calm, relaxed tone and paid for his things.  Everyone nearby could not believe that he wasn’t disciplining the screaming child as they stared on in disbelief.  

Once the man and his grandson got outside, the child seemed to immediately calm down a bit.  The woman who had been behind them the whole time passed by in the parking lot while the grandfather was loading his groceries in the car and felt that she had to say something.  She went up to the man and said that while she knew it wasn’t any of her business, she was impressed with how calm he was able to stay. Then she said that William was very lucky to have a grandfather like him who could remain so cool and composed.

Upon hearing this, the older man started to laugh, which baffled the woman.  When he finally stopped laughing, he thanked the woman and told her that his name was William, the little boy’s name was actually Kevin.  It turned out that he had been telling himself to keep calm and that it would all be over soon while Kevin threw his noisy tantrum. He explained that he needed to tell himself this as a reminder that home sweet home was within reach and then he’d no longer have to deal with the bratty kid because his parents would take care of him.

The woman burst out laughing once she heard this and told the grandfather that even though he had been talking to himself, she was nonetheless still impressed at how calm he’d been throughout the whole thing!

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