VIDEO: The Best Man Accidentally Does THIS At The Wedding and The Bride and Groom Totally Lose It

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It’s your big day and the tension is high. You have planned for months, are wearing the most formal outfit you will probably ever wear in your life, and all of your family and friends are here and watching. You are surrounded by the sanctity of your chosen church and a very holy man is gracing you with his power and presence. You have thought through every detail and rehearsed the procedure to perfection. The room is silent and you’re sweating through your uncomfortable attire, eager to get through your vows. Out of nowhere, the man who you have selected to be the most important aside from yourselves, drops trow mid-ceremony.

Did he forget to buckle his belt? Did one big breath pop the button off his drawers? All you can see is his classic white and blue striped boxer shorts, black pants dangling at his knees. Quick! Help him! He clearly needs your assistance in pulling up his slacks. The minister stands stone faced as the three of you resolve the debacle, and once everyone is appropriately adorned, he continues as if nothing happened.

What now? Forget the incident and carry on with your nuptials as you have planned? Yes, yes that is the best idea. But the giggles won’t stop coming from deep inside you. Accentuated by nervousness, the absurd event pushes you close to the edge of hysteric, and you can’t keep a straight face long enough to say “I do.”

Luckily, your voice is being amplified by a microphone and the entire church echoes with your lovable chuckle, so your guests can’t help but join in the laughter with you. Never will you forget your special day!

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