Pregnant Mom Gives Birth To 3 Black Babies. The Father Sees Them and Immediately Breaks Down In Tears!

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For married couples everywhere having children is usually the next step after the wedding. Some couple are able to conceive and have children right away with no problem at all while others try everything and still can’t get pregnant. However in today’s world there are so many options from adoption, to surrogacy, to artificial incemination exc. So even for couple who are having issues there are so many different paths they can take to successfully have children and raise a family.

Rachel and Alan Halbert are featured in today’s beautiful story. This amazing couple was looking to start a family and adopted two wonderful african american babies. One boy and one girl who needed a home, love and a safe place to grow up and mature. The 4 of them were one happy family but this couple didn’t feel like their family was complete just yet. They were told about something called embryo adoption which for them would be the perfect way to go to complete their family.

Knowing that embryos were sitting around frozen, they decided to go this route and Emily would be inceminated so she could experience the wonders of pregnancy and child birth. She had twin embryos implanted and it took. She was finally pregnant and the couple was so happy that they could complete their beautiful and loving family. A little bit after the procedure, she went to her doctor who examined her and noticed something a bit odd.

The doctor asked if they were sure twin embryos were implanted and they told him yes thats what said. A sense of panic took over the room as the couple thought that maybe one of the babies didn’t make it or possibly had genetic mutations. Their doctor assured them that the babies were perfectly fine and healthy however, he had quite the surprise for them. She wasn’t going to give birth to twins, it was going to be triplets!

Somehow 1 out of the 2 embryos split after they were inseminated and this early split led to another baby and the miracle of a new life. After the doctor told the couple instead of freaking out, they were unbelievably grateful, filled with love and super excited to upgrade from twins to triplets. They believed that everything in life happened for a reason and this third child was a beautiful blessing.

When it came time for mama to give birth the doctors didn’t think she would be able to successfully give birth to 3 babies in the standard way so she would need an emergency C-section….

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Mother Just Gave Birth To Triplets. But 30 Minutes Later The Doctor Walks Into The Room and Tells Her ‘I’m Sorry’

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When Amy and Michael Howard from Center Moriches, New York found out they were expecting triplets, the couple was over the moon. The new parents to be were excited and while they knew generally what to expect, they were totally unprepared for just how much their lives were about to change.

As soon as Amy gave birth in October to the three boys, both she and Michael could tell right away that something was wrong with them. The newborns, Hunter, Jackson, and Caden, all had misshaped heads due to a condition known as craniosynostosis. Infants born with the condition have skulls where the bones have been prematurely joined together inside the uterus, which can lead to an underdeveloped brain and misshapen head. If not corrected early on, the malformation can possibly lead to limited brain function. The Howards thought that since the triplets were crowded in the womb, it had led to the problem, and that now the boys were out they would begin to develop normal head shapes.

Doctors who examined the babies were baffled and astounded by what they found. On average, 1 in 2,500 babies are born with craniosynostosis, but for all three triplets to have it the odds are seemingly impossible at 1 in 500 trillion! Nevertheless, the babies had it and doctors broke the bad news to the couple that all three needed surgery to correct the condition.

When the boys were just nine weeks old, they all underwent the first ever craniosynostosis operations performed on triplets. Thankfully all of them turned out well with no complications and after two days in the hospital the boys were able to go home. They still had a long road to recovery ahead and had to wear special helmets 23 hours a day, seven days a week, for six months to ensure proper skull development.

By the time Hunter, Jackson, and Caden were over a year old, they had all developed normal shaped heads. They had also reached important developmental milestones without any issues and were normal, healthy babies who had managed to overcome the condition they were born with. While the odds were astronomical and never seen before, the outcome was thankfully better than anyone could have expected!

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