Instead Of Tossing Her Old CDs In The Trash, She Paints Them Black. But, When She’s Done? STUNNING

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It is simply amazing how rapidly technology changes; who would have thought that CD’s would already be virtually obsolete!  We all have a multitude of old CDs lying around our homes collecting dust.  Leave it to the creative people on the internet, to come up with a really unique way of turning them into artwork, that you’d be proud to hang on your walls.

It is always a wonderful thing to be able to decorate your house with your own artwork; it adds that quality of “hominess” that really transitions a house to a home.  The video you are about to watch below offers a tutorial, that simply requires CD’s, BLACK LATEX PAINT, and a SCREWDRIVER!  You can add a pencil to your tools, if you want to sketch your design before the “SCRATCHING” begins.

You will be enthralled with the beauty of this unique creation.  After coating the CD well with the black latex paint, let it dry fully.  If you want to be more in control of your design you can pencil it onto the disc before you begin scratching.

If you’re not that OCD about it, just pick up your screwdriver, as she does in the video, and create to your hearts delight!

The results are just gorgeous; if you choose to place your objet d’arts where sunlight catches them, you will get a beautiful glistening effect.

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This Car Is Going To Be Wrapped In Blue Vinyl. You’ll Be Hypnotized When You See How They Do THIS

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I’ve never heard of car wrapping until I watched this amazing video. A large vinyl graphic or decal is placed over an existing car, and can with incredible speed completely change the look of the car right before your unbelieving eyes. A real perk is that the car can be unwrapped without ruining the original paint job.

Why do this? Not only does the vinyl protect the car from the elements as well as a new paint job, but it does so at a fraction of the cost. So you get to enjoy the great feeling of having a brand new car without having to buy one! Technology these days never ceases to amaze. I mean seriously what will they come up with next?

In this video you will get to view a time lapsed wrapping of a pretty dull car, which magically transforms it into a beautiful blue version of it. The precision of the process is mesmerizing and may offer you a less expensive way to update your automobile.  Watch and enjoy!

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This Woman Stuck Paint Brushes On Her Pregnant Stomach. The Reason Just WOW!

In underdeveloped countries in Africa, thousands of babies do not survive their own birth. This is due to many different reasons, such as lack of proper resources for delivery, malnutrition of the mother and child, or untreated diseases.

A Belgian project called Unborn Artists has been formed in order to support the organization SOS Kindergorpen to help reduce the number of children dying at birth. Unborn Artists raises funds in a very relevant and heartwarming way.

As you see in this video, women who are almost full term in their pregnancy, from 32 to 39 weeks, donate money to have their womb become an Unborn Artist. Paintbrushes are lathered in a variety of colors and then gently taped to numerous places on the pregnant belly, all in contact with a small blank canvas.

The mother sits and lets the baby paint its first picture as it moves the brushes to create beautiful abstract markings. To witness a child moving in the womb is nothing less than remarkable. The skin of the belly bulges and shifts in a way that is not unlike some alien creature.

To know what’s happening inside, to imagine the little bundle of joy practicing movement and making itself comfortable, as you would in your most lofty sleep, is an event to be cherished, especially for the parents to be.

By having this movement recorded as the image of a painting, not only can it be remembered forever, but other babies are given a chance at a life which they might not otherwise have had.

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This Guy Starts Pouring Hot Water On His Car. The Result Is Unexpectedly STUNNING!

Technology seems to be getting crazier by the day. The exponential advances we see all around us are changing at a staggering rate, and nothing is left unaffected. People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the new opportunities that arise, finding new ways to express themselves. In this video, German graffiti artist Rene Turrek is using advanced paint technology to bring us a very unique Bimmer for his “XSCLUXIVCAR” project.

At first glance, it just looks like a blue BMW X6 with the hint of something looming below the surface. But when Turrek pours hot water on the SUV, a transformation takes place, revealing our favorite super victim of uncontrollable rage: the Incredible Hulk. For a brief moment, the calm blue gives way to raging angst, reverting almost immediately to its previous blue hue.

The technology that makes this art project possible lies hidden within the blue “thermochromatic” paint, which goes through chemical changes in response to changes in temperature. Thermochromism is utilized in many technologies, from mood rings to baby bottles.

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They Sprayed This Bicycle With a Special Paint. When The Sun Went Down It Transformed Into THIS

LifePaint is a new technology developed by Volvo to keep the roads safer for bikers at night. It should be used by everyone and has the potential to save 1,000’s of lives. LifePaint is a special reflective safety spray that is invisible during the day, but at night will light up and glow from a cars headlights.

Finally all the invisible bikers and pedestrians at night will be seen by oncoming traffic. Also, the paint washes off and will not change the color of the surface it is used on. Usually a layer of LifePaint will last for about a week.

Although it was initially designed for bikers, it can be used in many different ways. For instance, kids backpacks, clothes, wheelchairs, dog leashes and collars. This is truly a revolutionary idea. Would you use LifePaint? leave a comment below

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He Begins By Placing 4 Spots Of Paint Into Water. But When He’s Done It’s STUNNING!

Paper marbling is a fun and incredibly easy way to create beautiful works of art. The print technique used captures a colorful image filled with the swirling types of patterns that certain stones, like marble, naturally feature. Each piece comes out totally unique and you don’t need any specific kind of preexisting artistic skill to make your own awesome looking marbled pictures. To top it all off, it’s relaxing and therapeutic to both do and watch. It’s definitely something you should try once in your life if you haven’t already done so yet!

The art’s practice is ancient and can be traced back centuries to Central Asia and Turkey, where it’s referred to as Turkish marbling and commonly called “ebru” in the country’s language. A large, shallow, rectangular tray is filled with water and paints are dripped onto the water’s surface.

The paints are treated with a few drops of ox-gall liquid, which is what gives them the ability to float on the water because it lowers their surface tension. An assortment of brushes, needles, and other pointed tools are then used to drip the paints onto the water and move them around. By gently manipulating the paints you can create all sorts of specific shapes, swirling patterns, spirals, and wildly spectacular marbled designs.

Once the painting part is complete, a large piece of paper is slowly and carefully laid over the water’s surface and the paint is then transferred onto the paper. After a short while, the paper is peeled up and upon its removal the image comes to life and the work of art is finally revealed.

To see how the art of Turkish marbling in done, check out this video. It was captured by Mike Powell as part of his travel blog when he visited Istanbul for three months. He ended up taking a class on it and filmed his teacher giving a demonstration on how to paint on water.

The man knows what he is doing as he goes about deliberately placing certain colors and drops of paint on the water. Then he moves a stick or needle across the surface and through the paints, which leaves behind a cool pattern. It’s oddly hypnotic to watch and when the paper is finally pulled up to reveal the painting, it’s like nothing you’d ever imagine it to be!

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