This Woman Stuck Paint Brushes On Her Pregnant Stomach. The Reason Just WOW!

In underdeveloped countries in Africa, thousands of babies do not survive their own birth. This is due to many different reasons, such as lack of proper resources for delivery, malnutrition of the mother and child, or untreated diseases.

A Belgian project called Unborn Artists has been formed in order to support the organization SOS Kindergorpen to help reduce the number of children dying at birth. Unborn Artists raises funds in a very relevant and heartwarming way.

As you see in this video, women who are almost full term in their pregnancy, from 32 to 39 weeks, donate money to have their womb become an Unborn Artist. Paintbrushes are lathered in a variety of colors and then gently taped to numerous places on the pregnant belly, all in contact with a small blank canvas.

The mother sits and lets the baby paint its first picture as it moves the brushes to create beautiful abstract markings. To witness a child moving in the womb is nothing less than remarkable. The skin of the belly bulges and shifts in a way that is not unlike some alien creature.

To know what’s happening inside, to imagine the little bundle of joy practicing movement and making itself comfortable, as you would in your most lofty sleep, is an event to be cherished, especially for the parents to be.

By having this movement recorded as the image of a painting, not only can it be remembered forever, but other babies are given a chance at a life which they might not otherwise have had.

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