Blind Guy Put a Cam On His Dog’s Harness. Then His Wife Watches What The Camera Caught In Horror!

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Many of us who have no eye problems take our vision for granted. While the blind will never get to see all the beautiful wonders of our incredible planet earth. The blind will never get to see all the amazing shades of the color spectrum, the beauty of nature, the tender face of a loved one, the beautiful wonders and architecture of the world, the silvery light of the moon and the twinkling of the stars.

Can you for a second imagine what your life would be like in complete darkness? Can you picture yourself navigating to work without the help of your vision? Life is already difficult when all your senses are in working order. I can’t even begin to fathom what a blind person experiences everyday of their life.

There are people who are born blind and learn from day one how to function and live in a world of darkness. Then there are others who had their sight and went blind either in childhood or adulthood leaving them in a dark void where they must figure out and re-learn how to function in a world that was once so vivid, colorful, full of life and vibrance.

This brings us to today’s story where we are featuring a blind man named Amit Patel who at the age of 32 went blind after being able to see for his entire life. He got a disease called Keratoconus which cause changes in the shape of the cornea in your eye and if it’s a bad enough case can leave you completely blind. This is what happened to Amit, luckily for him he had an angel of a wife named Seema who was there with him every step of the way giving him much needed care, love and support.

After Amit tragically went blind he got a special seeing-eye-dog named Kika who would be his main source of vision as he navigated around his new dark environment. Before Kika arrived, Amit was so scared to go out on his own and be an independent person. He was completely dependent on his beautiful wife Seema anytime he needed to go from one place to another.

At first his Amit and his new pup Kika were a bit awkward together stumbling around as they would slowly get used to each other. Then after a few weeks of practice and bonding they blossomed into best friends that could work together as one cohesive unit. Amit was ecstatic because now he was no longer timid and trapped alone in a dark corner. He could go out as he pleased just like any other human on earth.

This happiness began to fade a bit because he had noticed something strange and unexpected happening every time he was out with his seeing-eye-dog. He thought people would be kind, helpful and at the very least not mean.

However, he quickly realized the reality of being blind, as people would openly mock him as he walked by. He couldn’t believe it and neither could his wife so they decided to place a Go-Pro Camera on Kika so that others could visualize what a day in the life of a blind person was truly like.

The next day Amit and Kika went out into the world like any other day to do a little shopping and run a few errands. They were out for a few hours and when they returned Seema took the Camera off Kika and began watching the footage that had been captured. Seema was absolutely horrified and disgusted with what she saw on the video…..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Blind Man Drew Pictures Of What He Thought Different Things Looked Like But The Results Are UNTHINKABLE!

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Tommy Edison, a huge presence on YouTube where his average video gets more than 1 million views, is a film critic.  What attracts so many viewers to him is his lovely nature which is exemplified through his sense of humor, his chatty style and self-deprecating reflections.  But that’s not all…he has been blind since birth!

Born with an undeveloped optic nerve, Edison can’t literally “watch” films, but he indeed loves them. He brings an unbelievably unique point of view to his movie reviews, from a blind person’s perspective.  He “views” films through an aid for blind people known as “audio description”.

Edison is particularly discerning about how sound and music convey information. In the video below, this charming man shows us what it is to draw objects, that he only knows through his tactile experience  of them.  He talks about the difficulty of even conceptualizing something in 2D when you have never been able to see, and know everything through touch.

He is such a wonderful example for us all about how to live life to the fullest, within the constraints of our limitations.

Let us know what you think of this!

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This Blind Guy Has A Winning Lottery Ticket And Asks This Lady If He Won. Now Watch Her Response!

What determines whether a person will be honest?  Does it matter whether other people will be aware of their dishonesty, or is there something more intrinsic that determines a person’s character?  I think it can be said that first impressions are often based on people’s outside appearance and circumstances.

We often trust people who may not deserve that trust, and conversely we sadly make assumptions that people are untrustworthy due to superficialities. The assumptions we make about strangers are often unconsciously made, and thus we are often wrong.  Johal, the YouTuber, in the following video, decides to do a social experiment regarding honesty, and gleaned some surprising results.

He pretended to be a blind person who was told he had a winning lottery ticket (that in fact was a winner).  He stopped people on the street to verify whether the ticket was, in fact, a winner. What Johal varied in who he approached to help him verify his ticket, was whether the person’s outside appearance and the area they were in reflected wealth or poverty.

Would a person’s means determine their honesty, in being approached by a blind man wanting to know if he had come upon some good fortune.  Get ready for the results!  Let us know if what was revealed leads you to any conclusions.

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This Guy Went Blind Because He Made A Simple Mistake Many People Make Every Night!

Contact lenses are a hugely popular alternative to wearing eyeglasses. Most people wear them in order to see better and to correct their vision. However, countless others choose to wear colored contacts to change up their eye color or to achieve a certain look. The CDC estimates that in the United States more than 30 million people wear contacts, which are considered medical devices and are regulated by the FDA (

When a person goes to apply the tiny, thin, round, clear plastic lenses, they place them directly onto the surface of their eye. This application method requires users to have clean hands and sanitary conditions around the lenses since bacteria, dirt, and any other contaminants can easily be transferred to the eye when putting them in or taking them out.

It’s common knowledge among contact users that you should always take them out before bed and never wear them overnight. Failing to do so puts you at a risk for infection, irritation, and even blindness. It’s simply a risk no one should take, but sometimes people forget or brush it off and leave them in anyways.

Also, some “extended wear” contacts are labeled as safe to leave in for multiple days at a time. Those were the type of contacts Chad Groeschen had been wearing for several days when he started to lose vision in his left eye.

At first Chad’s eye was itchy and watery so he assumed it was allergies acting up. But when he awoke one night with a massive headache, sinus pressure, and cloudy vision, he decided to get medical attention. Doctors checked out his eyes and told him that Pseudomonas bacteria had built up under his contact and damaged his eye.

This type of bacteria is most commonly found in the eyes of people who wear or leave in contacts for extended periods of time and if left untreated it can cause blindness. Doctors were able to halt and control the infection in Chad’s eye, but it had progressed too far and he ended up becoming blind in his left eye.

Chad is currently waiting for the open sores in his eye to heal to see if he may qualify for a corneal transplant. Such an operation could potentially restore some of the vision he has lost, but only time will tell. He’s decided to use his story and experience as a way to warn and remind others of the dangers and risks associated with leaving in contact lenses for too long.

Even if the packaging claims it is safe to do so, don’t jeopardize your health and eyesight. Take the lenses out, clean them, give your eyes a break, and if you notice changes or irritation in your eye have it checked out immediately.

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