Sketchy Clerk Says To Guy His $600 Lotto Ticket Is Worth Only $5 Not Realizing He’s An Undercover Agent.

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People play the lotto to win, it’s that plain and simple.  Even if the prize is just enough to break even and cover the ticket cost, or you hit the mega jackpot, it feels good when you win something.  If you ever do play and win, a good rule of thumb is to always make sure you sign the back of the winning ticket right away. That way if it is lost or stolen no one else can legally claim the prize for themselves, only the person who signed it can.  Think of it as if you are receiving a check from someone and if you want to cash it you have to sign the back first.

Signing a ticket is the first line of defense against lotto fraud and protecting your winnings, but there are many other types of it out there that you should be aware of.  If people can make a quick dollar by ripping someone else off, then they will do just that.

While there is a small minority of people who play the lotto religiously regardless of how much money is up for grabs, the vast majority of people play sporadically.  They’re the ones who buy tickets when they are feeling lucky or when the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot is approaching record numbers. They also are less likely to know the game rules and many check to see if they won anything by going to a store that sells lotto tickets and having the cashier scan it.  

That’s exactly what one man did recently at a Winn Dixie in Fort Meyers, Florida.  He gave the ticket to the clerk on duty at the time, Crystelle Yvette Baton, who scanned it and told him he won $5.  She paid it out, kept the ticket, and the man went on his way. A couple hours later, the man came back and arrested the clerk for grand theft larceny, but why?

Apparently, the cashier was engaged in a scam that has become more common whereby customers who come in to cash their winning tickets are told they are not winners or that they won much less than the actual amount.  First the cashier scans the unsigned ticket, if it is a winner for $100, they might say that the customer won $5, pay them the money, and throw the ticket out. The customer then leaves, the cashier fishes the winning ticket out of the garbage and cashes it in, netting themselves $95 in the process.  

Which leads us back to Crystelle Baton who was running this exact scheme.  Her luck ran out when the man walked in the store that day because he happened to be an undercover agent working for the Florida Lottery Commission’s security division.  He knew he had a winning ticket in the amount of $600, so when she scanned it and told him he’d won $5, she sealed her fate. After paying him the $5 from her own wallet she then slipped the winning ticket in a notebook she had nearby and would have undoubtedly cashed it in later if she hadn’t been arrested.

This particular scam appears to be on the rise and while undercover stings catch some perpetrators, many more go unnoticed.  As mentioned before, it’s always best to sign any winning ticket you buy and check the numbers yourself. Also, there are electronic checkers on the counters of businesses that sell the lotto, so you can scan the ticket yourself and avoid being lied to.

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Couple Hit The $288Mil Powerball Ticket! They Try To Collect But Are Stunned By The Lotto’s Response!

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We’ve all asked ourselves the same question at least once before; what would I do if I won the lottery?  Many people would be over the moon to have a sudden influx of money and already have all sorts of uses for it in mind.  They could pay off debts, save for the future or retirement, travel and go on wild vacations, buy a house or new car they’ve always wanted, donate to charity, help friends and family, the list is endless.  

While we all dream of hitting it big one day, winning the lottery became a reality for one couple when they won $250,000 in the Illinois state lottery.  Susan Rick and her boyfriend, Danny Chasteen, thought they had caught a break and that things were finally looking up financially. They knew exactly what to use the money for, Susan wanted to cut back on her 7 day work week and Danny planned on fixing up the house.  Unfortunately for them, the timing could not have been worse.

When they won the $250k the state of Illinois was in the middle of a crises in that no state budget had been passed or approved of yet.  Lottery officials announced that they would not be paying off any winning lottery claims over $600 until the state budget crises was resolved.  According to Illinois state law, for any lottery winnings over $25,000 the state comptroller must issue a check, but because lawmakers failed to pass a budget, the comptroller’s office did not have the legal authority to release the funds.    

In effect, an estimated $288 million worth of lottery winnings could not be claimed by people who had bought winning tickets.  Even though the state lotto would not pay out anything over $600, they still wanted people to play the lottery and didn’t suspended or restrict ticket sales.

While the state seems to think the IOUs they handed out to winners like Rick and Susan were good enough, Rick thought otherwise.  He made an excellent point when he said that if the roles were reversed and he owed the state that money, they would undoubtedly take it any way they could even if it meant selling off his property in order to collect.  The couple’s attorney agreed and released a statement saying that if it were a private business doing what Illinois had done in this situation, the state would quickly shut it down and charge the people running it with fraud.

All the people want is what they rightfully deserve, which is the money they won by purchasing a ticket and playing the lottery!  Whether or not the state has passed a budget should not matter and Illinois needs better laws and protections for their citizens because what happened here is evidence of much bigger issues at play.  In the end, Susan and Danny eventually got paid what they won, albeit months later and after they filed a lawsuit.

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This Blind Guy Has A Winning Lottery Ticket And Asks This Lady If He Won. Now Watch Her Response!

What determines whether a person will be honest?  Does it matter whether other people will be aware of their dishonesty, or is there something more intrinsic that determines a person’s character?  I think it can be said that first impressions are often based on people’s outside appearance and circumstances.

We often trust people who may not deserve that trust, and conversely we sadly make assumptions that people are untrustworthy due to superficialities. The assumptions we make about strangers are often unconsciously made, and thus we are often wrong.  Johal, the YouTuber, in the following video, decides to do a social experiment regarding honesty, and gleaned some surprising results.

He pretended to be a blind person who was told he had a winning lottery ticket (that in fact was a winner).  He stopped people on the street to verify whether the ticket was, in fact, a winner. What Johal varied in who he approached to help him verify his ticket, was whether the person’s outside appearance and the area they were in reflected wealth or poverty.

Would a person’s means determine their honesty, in being approached by a blind man wanting to know if he had come upon some good fortune.  Get ready for the results!  Let us know if what was revealed leads you to any conclusions.

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