This Blind Guy Has A Winning Lottery Ticket And Asks This Lady If He Won. Now Watch Her Response!

What determines whether a person will be honest?  Does it matter whether other people will be aware of their dishonesty, or is there something more intrinsic that determines a person’s character?  I think it can be said that first impressions are often based on people’s outside appearance and circumstances.

We often trust people who may not deserve that trust, and conversely we sadly make assumptions that people are untrustworthy due to superficialities. The assumptions we make about strangers are often unconsciously made, and thus we are often wrong.  Johal, the YouTuber, in the following video, decides to do a social experiment regarding honesty, and gleaned some surprising results.

He pretended to be a blind person who was told he had a winning lottery ticket (that in fact was a winner).  He stopped people on the street to verify whether the ticket was, in fact, a winner. What Johal varied in who he approached to help him verify his ticket, was whether the person’s outside appearance and the area they were in reflected wealth or poverty.

Would a person’s means determine their honesty, in being approached by a blind man wanting to know if he had come upon some good fortune.  Get ready for the results!  Let us know if what was revealed leads you to any conclusions.

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