This Creepy Guy Came Up To A Girl At The Bar But When She Turns Away He Slips THIS In Her Drink!

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Women everywhere know that they have to watch their beverages when they’re are out at a bar drinking and having a good time with friends. They know to keep bottles and glasses close by and to have a friend hold or watch their drink if they need to use the restroom or leave for a minute.

But how closely do women actually keep an eye on their drinks? Enough to notice, and thus prevent, anyone from slipping something into it? The answer to that question is what Joey Salads decided to find out. He set up an informal social experiment at an ocean side bar and taped his interactions with various patrons.

The bar wasn’t crowded at all and it took place during daytime hours. The first couple, a man and woman, were sat at the bar with drinks in front of them. Joey engaged them in small talk and was next to the woman. She left to use the restroom and asked the man to watch her drink.

That’s when Joey slipped a pill into her cup, even stirring it around to hide it. The woman’s friend didn’t see a thing and when she returned Joey immediately told her not to drink it, explaining that he’d managed to drug her beverage. The woman appeared speechless for a moment and then kind of annoyed that her friend hadn’t watched her drink and allowed this to happen.

The next couple were at a table, once again Joey engaged them in small talk and commented on the sunset to get their attention focused on it. While they were gazing off into the distance he slipped a pill into the woman’s cup without either of them noticing.

Again, he explained what he’d done and the woman seemed upset that he’d been able to do that so easily, but also thankful for the lesson. The last woman was alone at the bar, waiting to meet a friend, when he slipped a drug into her drink that was right next to her.

She too reacted with disbelief and concern about the fact that someone was able to slip a drug into her cup even though she thought she was keeping a close eye on it. The lesson from all this is that women everywhere need to keep an extremely watchful eye on their drinks and friends when out at a bar.

Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can try to slip drugs into your dink and if you fail to notice, potentially the worst could happen. If possible, try to place a lid or cover on your drink and ask the bartender if they have any, or get creative and improvise a napkin or coaster cover on the fly. Pass on this video to help raise awareness and remember to stay vigilant, alert, and safe.

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This Blind Guy Has A Winning Lottery Ticket And Asks This Lady If He Won. Now Watch Her Response!

What determines whether a person will be honest?  Does it matter whether other people will be aware of their dishonesty, or is there something more intrinsic that determines a person’s character?  I think it can be said that first impressions are often based on people’s outside appearance and circumstances.

We often trust people who may not deserve that trust, and conversely we sadly make assumptions that people are untrustworthy due to superficialities. The assumptions we make about strangers are often unconsciously made, and thus we are often wrong.  Johal, the YouTuber, in the following video, decides to do a social experiment regarding honesty, and gleaned some surprising results.

He pretended to be a blind person who was told he had a winning lottery ticket (that in fact was a winner).  He stopped people on the street to verify whether the ticket was, in fact, a winner. What Johal varied in who he approached to help him verify his ticket, was whether the person’s outside appearance and the area they were in reflected wealth or poverty.

Would a person’s means determine their honesty, in being approached by a blind man wanting to know if he had come upon some good fortune.  Get ready for the results!  Let us know if what was revealed leads you to any conclusions.

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This Guy Volunteered To Be Locked In a Hot Car But He Never Expected THIS

It seems like every other day there are news stories about children and pets being left in hot cars. The lucky ones are spotted and rescued by concerned strangers who happen to pass by or their parents remember and rush to free them.

Others are not so fortunate and end up trapped and suffering in extremely hot vehicles. With all the media attention and tragic stories you’d think the point would get across, yet every week at least one child ends up dying from heatstroke due to being left alone in a car.

It’s never excusable to leave any animal, pet, child, or dependent person alone in a car, even for just a minute or two, on a warm or hot day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the temperature inside a car can quickly climb to 110° F or higher when the outside air temperature is in the 60s.

On an 83 degree day the interior temperature can reach 109° in just 15 minutes, even with the windows rolled down a couple of inches. These temperatures are enough to cause heatstroke, where your body temperature rises to 104° or higher, and this can be deadly.

Some individuals are more susceptible to heat stroke and so are pets. For example, dogs can only cool down by panting or sweating through their paw pads, so once their body temps rise it’s hard to get them back down.

If you know you are going someplace where you can’t bring your pet, leave them at home. If you have little kids and drop them off in the morning at daycare or something, set a reminder and always check the backseat when you lock and leave your car. Being aware and vigilant about this can only help save lives.

To put this issue into perspective Kars4kids decided to conduct a social experiment where they invited any passerby to take part in the “Hot Car Challenge.” The volunteers were belted into the back seat of a car parked in the sun with the windows rolled up.

If they could sit in the car for only ten minutes they would pass the challenge and receive $100. Watch to see if anyone made it ten minutes and then take a moment to reflect on what this all means and if you would’ve been able to last that long.

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