He Puts A Coffee Filter Over This Mug For 24 Hours. When He Removes It I’m DROOLING!

Here’s a great one for all you DIY foodies out there, who would like to make something that a lot of expensive, “fancy shmanzy” restaurants out there, charge a lot for.  The more pedestrian term for Creme Fraiche is sour cream.  Technically, this might be the case, but the taste of real creme fraiche is a long way from the sour cream you buy in the supermarket.

The guy in the video has a really relaxing voice to listen to as he gives us the simple step-by-step instructions for making this delectable treat.  If you’re like me, you like finding do-it yourself ways to make items that you rarely get to enjoy at home.  With a mason jar, real buttermilk and a coffee filter you will learn how to make this slightly nutty tasting super creamy delicacy.

I hope the video encourages you to try this at home, and share it with your foody friends who like to learn new ways to make things on their own.  This is an absolutely delicious tasty treat. Enjoy, Bon Appetit and Good Luck impressing your friends and family!

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This Woman Was In So Much Pain That She Couldn’t Get Out Of Bed. But Then Her Sister Noticed Something..

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Rhonda Gessner began writing a blog about her sister’s mysterious illness in 2001.  She was suffering from severe muscle and stomach spasms.  She went from doctor to doctor over the course of the following year; multiple biopsies did not find any results to explain her symptoms.  They threw prescription drugs at her in an effort to find some solution.

There was some suspicion that she might have Multiple Sclerosis. Nothing definitive could be deduced as the cause for her terrible suffering, and as her health continued to decline she was certain she was dying.  She was getting her affairs in order, and was planning a final trip.  Gessner was on the phone with her one day, when something occurred to her.

She remembered an article a friend had sent her, and asked her sister if she had been drinking Diet Coke.  Oddly enough, she was just about to open one, and said she drank it all the time.  Eureka!!  What was found was that Gessner’s sister had Aspartame poisoning!  Commonly sold as NutraSweet and Equal, the amount of Aspartame she was consuming was lethal!  She quit drinking diet soda and was given a medication to treat the effects of the Aspartame.

Eventually her pain receded, and she recovered.  “Fortune” linked the overuse of aspartame to health problems.  However, there has been no credible research evidence of it’s link to cancer, according to the US National Cancer Institute.  Given the fact that there have been many reports of the kinds of symptoms and illness that are almost identical to what Gessner’s sister suffered, it should give us pause.

The following video you are about to watch, is just such a story told by a woman who nearly died from consumption of Aspartame.  Let us know what you think after you hear her story.

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This Creepy Guy Came Up To A Girl At The Bar But When She Turns Away He Slips THIS In Her Drink!

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Women everywhere know that they have to watch their beverages when they’re are out at a bar drinking and having a good time with friends. They know to keep bottles and glasses close by and to have a friend hold or watch their drink if they need to use the restroom or leave for a minute.

But how closely do women actually keep an eye on their drinks? Enough to notice, and thus prevent, anyone from slipping something into it? The answer to that question is what Joey Salads decided to find out. He set up an informal social experiment at an ocean side bar and taped his interactions with various patrons.

The bar wasn’t crowded at all and it took place during daytime hours. The first couple, a man and woman, were sat at the bar with drinks in front of them. Joey engaged them in small talk and was next to the woman. She left to use the restroom and asked the man to watch her drink.

That’s when Joey slipped a pill into her cup, even stirring it around to hide it. The woman’s friend didn’t see a thing and when she returned Joey immediately told her not to drink it, explaining that he’d managed to drug her beverage. The woman appeared speechless for a moment and then kind of annoyed that her friend hadn’t watched her drink and allowed this to happen.

The next couple were at a table, once again Joey engaged them in small talk and commented on the sunset to get their attention focused on it. While they were gazing off into the distance he slipped a pill into the woman’s cup without either of them noticing.

Again, he explained what he’d done and the woman seemed upset that he’d been able to do that so easily, but also thankful for the lesson. The last woman was alone at the bar, waiting to meet a friend, when he slipped a drug into her drink that was right next to her.

She too reacted with disbelief and concern about the fact that someone was able to slip a drug into her cup even though she thought she was keeping a close eye on it. The lesson from all this is that women everywhere need to keep an extremely watchful eye on their drinks and friends when out at a bar.

Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can try to slip drugs into your dink and if you fail to notice, potentially the worst could happen. If possible, try to place a lid or cover on your drink and ask the bartender if they have any, or get creative and improvise a napkin or coaster cover on the fly. Pass on this video to help raise awareness and remember to stay vigilant, alert, and safe.

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Scientists Are Warning People That This Type Of Milk Is Linked To Causing Cancer. I Had No Idea.

Do you remember those old “Milk. It does a body good” commercials and advertisements that used to be everywhere in the 80s? Back then milk was milk, it came from a cow and even if you hated it your mother forced you to choke a glass of it down!

These days milk is anything but straightforward and there are many different types beyond the traditional cow or goat’s milk on the market. People now have almond, hemp, rice, coconut, and soy milk varieties to choose from. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, whether it’s the taste, price point, or the health benefits they provide. However, none has been more controversial than soy milk.

Soy milk is the number one most consumed type of soy-based food. Many lactose intolerant people use it as a milk substitute, vegans like it because they don’t want to drink milk produced by an animal, and some like it because it’s low in fat. While there are undoubtedly some nutritional benefits to soy milk, the negatives outweigh the positives.

Below is a sampling of the harmful effects soy has on your body and Dr. Josh Axe covers more points in the accompanying video. While you are free to decide what to put in your body, consider the reasons why soy milk is bad for your health before you drink another glass of it:

1) The majority of soybeans are genetically modified organisms (GMO)- According to statistics kept by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on the adoption of genetically engineered crops in America, 94% of soybeans were genetically modified in 2014 and 2015. This means the plants have had their DNA altered to make them herbicide tolerant so that they can be sprayed with Monsanto’s RoundUp, a pesticide product that kills weeds, and not be affected by the super toxic chemicals.

In effect, this has also made soybeans one of the most pesticide contaminated foods out there. There are many serious health risks posed by pesticides and herbicides to people, if you ingest them they can make you very sick.

2) Soy contains high levels of aluminum- Aluminum is believed to be a contributing factor to many degenerative brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, because it produces immense oxidative stress on our bodies. The toxic metal is absorbed and accumulates in our bone, liver, brain, and kidney tissue, which negatively impacts our entire body and the nervous system overall. In addition, soy based infant formula has been found to be worryingly high in aluminum and should be avoided whenever possible.

3) Soy contains isoflavones, biologically active compounds called phytoestrogens which look like estrogen and can thus activate estrogen receptors in the human body. Phytoestrogens can disrupt and depress thyroid function, alter normal estrogen levels, and interfere with endocrine function. They have also been causally linked to breast cancer in animal studies and an increase in levels of carcinogenic breast cells.

4) Soybeans contain anti-nutrients, including phytic acid- Anti-nutrients bind to minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc and makes them unavailable, or completely unusable, to our bodies. Phytic acid also inhibits digestive enzymes in our stomach and intestines, which may lead to problems and disruption.

5) Raw soybeans are poisonous- Soybeans must be cooked before eaten to eliminate the poisonous compounds found within them!

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If You Drink A Glass Of Warm Salt Water For 7 Days With An Empty Stomach THIS Happens!

If there was a simple, low cost, effective way to improve your overall general health wouldn’t you do it? There just so happens to be such a thing and all that it involves is warm water enhanced with sea salt. When you drink a glass of salt water your body starts to immediately benefit from it and in just 7 days your health is vastly improved. The solution quickly starts to remove toxins throughout the body and that in turn makes cells grow back stronger.

To harness the healing properties of salt water simply add 2 teaspoons of sea salt (**not table salt) to 1 quart of lukewarm water and stir or shake until you no longer see any salt granules in the glass or jar. Drink all of the solution on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, for seven days straight.

After one week you should stop for the next week, and then you can repeat it every other week thereafter. It may taste a bit too salty for your palette, but your body will thank you in the end! There are many additional benefits beyond the detox aspect of the drink.

The most obvious being hydration, and when all natural sea salt is added to filtered water you’re feeding your body even more nutrients and minerals. Salt water also works to stimulate digestive enzymes in your saliva and stomach that help to break up food and thus speeds up the entire process.

Salt contains many healthy minerals which create an alkalizing effect that neutralizes acidity in the bloodstream. This benefits and improves bone health, especially in individuals with osteoporosis issues.

Another reason to drink salt water is that unrefined salt is known to reduce both adrenaline and cortisol levels. These stress hormones are a factor in relation to insomnia and besides keeping people up at night they also make you feel jittery.

By reducing their levels salt helps to calm and soothe the nervous system and that helps you get a better night’s sleep. Finally, salt water contains a variety of minerals that all greatly benefit your skin. For example, iodine increases the metabolic rate and oxygen consumption of the skin.

Chromium does wonders to alleviate dry scalp and reduces the prevalence of skin infections. Sulfur makes skin appear more radiant and glowing by keeping it smooth and clean. And lastly, zinc regulates oil glands and helps wounds heal quickly.

NOTE: If you have hypertension or any preexisting medical conditions consult your doctor before beginning the cleanse.

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Apparently This Is The Reason You Should Always Be Drinking Out Of A Copper Cup!

Copper drink-ware is one of the hottest trends right now. The shiny metal cups, mugs, and pitchers have been steadily showing up on store shelves and at bars across the world. The copper cup resurgence is due in part to the renewed popularity of a cocktail that was all the rage back in the 1950s called a Moscow mule.

The alcoholic beverage is made up of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, and is traditionally served in a copper mug. However, most people unaware of the fact that copper cups can provide our bodies with numerous health benefits. In fact, there is a long list of all the natural and positive ways it impacts health, and you can gain them simply by drinking out of a copper cup!

When water is placed into a copper vessel it not only takes on the metal’s positive charge, but also all of the other positive properties inherent within it. Copper is known to scientists and the medical community as having anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties which can help in first aid to speed up recovery times and heal wounds.

Copper is also a necessary part of our diet and our bodies use it to produce new cells and to thrive. It helps strengthen our immune systems and if you drink water which has sat in copper for several hours it can greatly improve, and heal, parts of your digestive system.

A few of the basic points you should know are that it is most beneficial to store water overnight in a copper pitcher or bowl. If the water sits for less than four hours in the copper it may not take on all of the positive qualities and won’t be as good for your health.

Also, to get the most out of copper infused water you should aim to drink it directly from a copper cup as soon as you wake up and before you eat or drink anything. Check out the accompanying video for more information and keep reading.

Other benefits that have been touted are that it slows aging, makes skin glow, fights and prevents cancer, stimulates our brains, regulates our thyroid, reduces the risk of heart disease and hypertension, helps or bodies absorb iron and thus helps prevent anemia. These benefits are not new age psychobabble, there is scientific evidence and studies backing them.

One of the more interesting and consequential findings had to do with the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial aspects of copper in conjunction with contaminated water. Scientists measured the number of harmful microbes found in the water before it was placed in copper, then again 16 hours later, after it had been placed in copper.

They found that the level of harmful microbes was greatly reduced just because of the simple fact that the water was in the copper. Another study was equally promising and found that in one hospital with copper surfaces, infection rates were reduced by 40%. The drop was attributed to the copper surfaces alone, and researchers found that it also killed 97% of the harmful bacteria which can cause infection.

This article only touches on most of the benefits that copper can provide our bodies with. There is a lot more details, studies, research, and information available on the topic and the accompanying video covers a good amount as well. What it all comes down to is simple. If you want to harness the healing power of the golden amber metal, start storing and drinking water out of copper cups and mugs.

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