This Woman Was In So Much Pain That She Couldn’t Get Out Of Bed. But Then Her Sister Noticed Something..

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Rhonda Gessner began writing a blog about her sister’s mysterious illness in 2001.  She was suffering from severe muscle and stomach spasms.  She went from doctor to doctor over the course of the following year; multiple biopsies did not find any results to explain her symptoms.  They threw prescription drugs at her in an effort to find some solution.

There was some suspicion that she might have Multiple Sclerosis. Nothing definitive could be deduced as the cause for her terrible suffering, and as her health continued to decline she was certain she was dying.  She was getting her affairs in order, and was planning a final trip.  Gessner was on the phone with her one day, when something occurred to her.

She remembered an article a friend had sent her, and asked her sister if she had been drinking Diet Coke.  Oddly enough, she was just about to open one, and said she drank it all the time.  Eureka!!  What was found was that Gessner’s sister had Aspartame poisoning!  Commonly sold as NutraSweet and Equal, the amount of Aspartame she was consuming was lethal!  She quit drinking diet soda and was given a medication to treat the effects of the Aspartame.

Eventually her pain receded, and she recovered.  “Fortune” linked the overuse of aspartame to health problems.  However, there has been no credible research evidence of it’s link to cancer, according to the US National Cancer Institute.  Given the fact that there have been many reports of the kinds of symptoms and illness that are almost identical to what Gessner’s sister suffered, it should give us pause.

The following video you are about to watch, is just such a story told by a woman who nearly died from consumption of Aspartame.  Let us know what you think after you hear her story.

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