She Took Their Baby Through The Bra Aisle. What The Little Guy Does Made Me Spit Out My Drink!

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Devin is a little toddler out shopping with his parents.  Some objects grabbed his attention, and he was relentless in his interest and tactile exploration.  You might think that it was the stuffed animal aisle, or some toy trucks…but you would be wrong.

He was behaving very nicely as his parents went through the store, binky in mouth, when suddenly to his parents amazement and great amusement, he became entranced with the bra section!  They were hanging down at his level, and many of them were of the padded variety.

His enthusiasm for these squishy objects, in the following footage, is hilarious.  Who knew that this male fixation could start at such a young age?!  Thankfully his parents don’t scold him, and just let him go through the display, delighted by his cuteness and curiosity.

This is so funny! Enjoy!

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