He Was In The Woods When He Noticed A Strange Door On The Ground. When He Saw What Was Inside WOW!

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Treasure hunting has long captured the hearts and minds of people all throughout the ages. The thought that there could be buried treasure anywhere in the world is exciting and many have gone on adventurous expeditions in search of it. In the past people would follow tips, clues, maps and hunches while prospecting for gold and other rumored hordes said to contain precious metals, gems, and other such riches.

Buried pirate gold and chests of money and jewels popularly come to mind, but really anything can be considered treasure, it all depends on the individual and what they value or are looking for. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can easily be flipped, and one man’s treasure could turn out to be another man’s trash.

These days modern treasure hunters depend on a number of high tech gadgets and tools. Above all, metal detectors are the main instrument they use to scan the Earth’s surface with. The metal rods allow people to cover much more ground without having to dig through it all, making their searches exponentially faster, easier, and smoother.

Now when a person heads out to discover long buried treasure, or anything that’s been hidden in the ground, they never know what they’re going to find. That was the experience of one man when he was out in the woods with his metal detector.

He uploaded his strange find onto the YouTube channel he operates, DigRing, which is filled with videos of his other searches and finds. However, this discovery was different and completely unexpected.

He had been scanning the forest floor with his metal detector near his home when it started going off, indicating that something large and metallic was underfoot. Upon further inspection he found a hatch door and when he opened it up a small bunker type space was concealed behind it.

In the clip he explains that he has returned to the bunker and is filming it further to show everyone exactly what it looks like inside. He goes down inside and explains that it’s a very small, cramped space. There are old rusted chains and a gas tank in it, as well as a bunch of stones.

While it may not seem as exciting as finding silver or gold, it’s nevertheless a very unique and interesting find. Many people who have viewed the footage have speculated that there is likely more than meets the eye to this bunker. One user claimed that the rocks are probably there to hide actual treasure or something valuable and that he should move them around and take a closer look.

Others said that Nazis would often construct tunnels like this where they’d hide gold and money, then they’d demolish them to bury the goods. Overall, the consensus is that there is more than meets the eye with this strange hole in the ground and that DigRing should excavate it further to see what it may be hiding.

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