Scientists Just Scanned The Mona Lisa And Revealed A Strange and Bizarre Truth About The Iconic Painting!

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Without a doubt, The Mona Lisa, stands as the great master, Leonardo daVinci’s most famous work.  Perhaps it’s importance is due to the fact that there has always been a great deal of mystery surrounding this painting, of this woman, with the “Cheshire smile”.  Da Vinci, according to many scholars, had been hired to do the portrait by Lisa’s husband, and yet her true identity has always remained an uncertainty.

People love a mystery, and for centuries art historians and scholars clearly have had more questions than definitive answers concerning this great work, that is a centerpiece at the great Louvre Museum in Paris.  What has come about recently, due to new research and advanced technology that has been applied to this important masterpiece, is that an even more serious and shocking question has come to the fore!

The bigger mystery that has arisen is the question:  IS THE MONA LISA IN THE LOUVRE ACTUALLY THE ORIGINAL?!  As you listen to the experts in the video you are about to watch below, discuss new and shocking findings, you will be amazed to hear the evidence that, in fact, the Mona Lisa on display may not be the original.

You will be even more surprised to hear where it is, according to the analysis.  Let us know what your impressions are of this newly discovered evidence!

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