This Kitty Was Just Hanging Out On His Porch When This Flew In. But Seconds Later WOW!

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Animal odd couples are constantly popping up and surprising us humans. Oftentimes, the quirky pairings are composed of two completely different animals who would naturally never meet in mother nature. We have seen cheetahs and chipmunks that have bonded with dogs, a lion, tiger, and bear are all best of friends, and countless other strange combinations of animals.

Some are natural enemies, in the wild they would likely clash and be strongly opposed to one another, maybe they’d even try to kill each other. However, as the animal odd couples around the world have shown us time and again, animals are unpredictable and not all of them fit their species stereotypes.

Take for example the eagles in this video, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Pam Aus. In the clip her black and white coated cat named Gizmo is chilling right outside her house on the porch railing. Keeping the kitty company is a pair of large wild eagles, one of which seems very interested in his new found feline friend.

When the cat tries to get some space, moving away further down the railing, the curious eagle follows. Soon after, the eagle tries to get a better look and pokes his head in closer towards Gizmo’s adorable face. The kitty does not like that and she lets the space invading eagle know this by firing off a warning meow.

That does the trick and the suddenly bashful eagle backs off a bit, he clearly doesn’t want to scare Gizmo off or make her mad. The amazing footage was fittingly captured near Dutch Harbor in the Unalaska area, which is located amid the Aleutian Island chains off the coast of Alaska.

That location places it in one of the wildest places left in both the United States and the world. The islands there are home to a large population of eagles since their main food source, fish, is plentiful. If you’re worried that the eagle may have been trying to make a meal out of Gizmo, don’t be.

The eagles in Alaska are used to the human presence and often come in close, landing and resting near people, pets, and wild animals. According to Gizmo’s owner, in the eight years that she’s had cats there has never once been a problem between them and any eagles.

While the large birds of prey could, if they wanted to, make a meal out of a cat, they have no need or desire to so and instead of acting aggressively they are friendly and non-threatening. Be sure to check out the wildly unbelievable footage and see for yourself how well behaved and gentle the eagle acted.

Watch the incredible footage below and let us know what you think!

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