THIS Is The One Secret Ingredient That Will Transform Those Gross Yellow Pillows Back To Looking New!

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I have to admit that I have thrown out many a pillow, well before it’s time, due to really gross yellow stains.  I have bought pillow protectors, which get yellow, and don’t seem to prevent it seeping through to the pillow itself.  Jillee from the “One Good Thing” YouTube channel explains why this happens.

In the video below, which you are about to watch, she explains that the yellow is due to the sweating we do while we are sleeping, to regulate our body temperature.  Once again, she has found a great cleaning remedy to restore our pillows to a sparkling white, instead of chucking them and having to constantly spend money on new ones.

I have found that the tips Jillee has offered in the past are simply the best; they really work and she explains the process in an easy-to-follow method.  I tried her method out to fix the “yellow pillow syndrome”, before writing this, and can testify that my pillows are bright white and fluffy!

Her secret potion requires: turning your machine to the hottest setting and adding laundry detergent, powdered dishwasher detergent, bleach and Borax.  She will give you amounts and washing tips, as well as the best way to dry the pillows so they are as good as new!

Let us know if this awesome life hack worked for you!

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